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Found 1 result

  1. Pre-battle dialog FOX: YOU! KRYSTAL: Fox? FOX: Krystal, you're too late. KRYSTAL: What happened? FOX: You abandoned me. That's what. KRYSTAL: Sniff... Fox... I'm sorry... I’m so sorry… sob… sob… FOX: It's too late for that. Now, I rule this system. FOX: You betrayed Star Fox and left me stranded. FOX: I was forced to work on planet Kew and you never came back for me. FOX: All that's left in my heart is misery and despair... FOX: And now, you must pay! KRYSTAL: Fox, joining Star Wolf was a mistake. I shouldn’t have been so… bitter… FOX: I saved you, but you fell in love with Panther Caroso. KRYSTAL: That's not true, Fox! I love you! KRYSTAL: Please Fox, this isn't you! Star Fox defeated the Anglars, not Star Wolf! FOX: LIES!!! KRYSTAL: No, really! It was Xehanort who did this. He changed the ending! KRYSTAL: Please, Fox! I’m sorry!!! FOX: STOP LYING!!! KRYSTAL: I’m not! I was supposed to rejoin Star Fox, not betray you. KRYSTAL: Please Fox, you have to remember! I need you back! FOX: I... can't...... I’m… too… weak……. Help…. Me……. KRYSTAL: Fox? FOX: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!! FOX: FOOL! I will never forgive you. I am the new Andross! Now, I will destroy you!!! KRYSTAL: Fox… Sniff... Please... forgive me... Post battle dialog FOX: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! FOX: Ugh… what happened? FOX: Oh, no… what have I done?... What have I become? KRYSTAL: FOX! You’re okay! FOX: Who are you!?! KRYSTAL: Fox, it’s me, Krystal. FOX: I don’t… know you… KRYSTAL: Fox, please! You got to remember who I am! You saved me from being trapped inside a giant crystal. FOX: I... don’t... remember anything... like that... KRYSTAL: Fox, please! I’m really sorry that I joined Star Wolf. KRYSTAL: I should never have had that relationship with Panther. KRYSTAL: I love you, Fox. Please, remember. FOX: I... I... I....... * Fox’s memories of Krystal returning * FOX: Krystal...? Is that you? What happened? * Fox sees what he did to Lylat as Dark Fox * FOX: Oh, no... I killed everyone… how did this happen!?! KRYSTAL: Fox, that wasn’t you. It was Xehanort. KRYSTAL: He poisoned your mind and your heart with darkness. KRYSTAL: Forget what he told you, Fox. Xehanort made you into a new Andross. It wasn’t your fault. It was mine. FOX: Did we… really… use that… device to…. make Venom more… beautiful? KRYSTAL: Yes. FOX: Then, how did that… creep in black… make it so we… didn’t? KRYSTAL: I… don’t know. He came out of nowhere and… altered the future. FOX: Krystal… I’m sorry for not believing you. It’s just… KRYSTAL: No, Fox. I’m sorry. For breaking our bond. For being stupid and joining Star Wolf. FOX: What?! You’re… apologizing? KRYSTAL: Yes, Fox. Because, I love you. FOX: Sniff… Thank you... I love you, too. FOX: Krystal… If we survive all this... I want to... just... take things... easy… KRYSTAL: What about Star Fox? FOX: I can't... do that anymore... especially after... all this... KRYSTAL: If you want to take things easy, let's fight Xehanort together! FOX: Okay… FOX: Wait, did you dye your hair purple? KRYSTAL: Oh… yeah. I dyed it when I called myself Kursed. I better wash it off. FOX: Don’t. It looks good on you. KRYSTAL: Really? You like it? FOX: Yeah… * Fox slides his mother’s ring with a sapphire gem onto Krystal’s finger * FOX: You like the ring? KRYSTAL: I love it! FOX: Good, I had the gem put in right after the Aparoid invasion... FOX: I knew back then you were going to be my wife someday. KRYSTAL: You had it this whole time? FOX: Yeah, waited for the perfect time... to give it to you. KRYSTAL: It was worth the wait, wasn't it? FOX: Yeah, it was... you're going to make a beautiful bride. KRYSTAL: I can't wait to see you in a tux. FOX: I can't... wait till you become my... wife... KRYSTAL: I am already yours, Fox... and you ain't going to lose me... not now... not ever! FOX: Okay. C'mon, Krystal! Let's make one last run. Our final mission… together. KRYSTAL: Then, we can retire and settle? FOX: Yeah. You’ve always been a part of my heart and just yours was. KRYSTAL: Those Star Wolf goons aren’t my friends… Star Fox is. FOX: I guess we both made a mistake. KRYSTAL: Don’t worry, Fox. We’ll always be together. I promise. FOX: Really? Thank you. *Fox and Krystal kiss as ROB gives Fox a Star Fox Keyblade* ROB: Fox, I have something for you. FOX: What’s this? KRYSTAL: A Keyblade. I asked ROB to forge it for you. Hopefully, it will give us the power to defeat Xehanort and it will be all over. FOX: For me? Thanks, ROB. FOX: Now, let’s go beat Xehanort for good! Then we can retire.