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Found 48 results

  1. Krystal Becomes Infatuated with Cheese So we all know the story, it had something to do with cheese, and how with cheese Fox was easy to please. But there's more to it than that as this new tale shall prove, for this is when Krystal caught on to the groove. It started out a day like any other, but Krystal had moved on! Fox was away from her life, yes indeed gone. Mocked for having been part of Star Wolf briefly, she took up residence on the delightful Planet Kew. But her true feelings were just like her fur...very blue. So she joined a coven of fox girls just like her, hoping that for her sadness this would be the cure. But it wasn't you see, Fox wasn't gone, deep down in Krystal's heart Fox still lingered on. "I'm delighted to attend this meeting as you can see. I'm not the least bit lonely, I feel quite free!" said Krystal. "Good," said Fay sitting to the right of Krystal. "Let's do a conciousness raising session, with trees made of nettle!" "Sorry to interrupt but she takes cheese to each session. She has some Chedder and Feta right now, I have the most distinct impression" said Fara. "No, no, no, I'm not up for that. Why is everyone staring at me and Katt?" asked Krystal. "It's the cheeses behind your backs," said Fay with a smirk. "Why not share some with us? Might be a nice perk!" "No, I won't" said Katt. "I like cheese too much, cheese I must never lack. My only true boyfriend is Monteray Jack" Krystal sighed. She had never been a fan of cheese. But see, Fox was, and his soul was something Krystal just had to appease. "This cheese reminds me of someone I loved. Someone I cared for, kissed, and hugged" said Krystal, embarresed. She ran away. "She takes that cheese to every meeting here!" said Fay. "AND SHE NEVER EATS IT!" she added. KRYSTAL JUMPED IN HER ARWING WITH THE CHEESE IN TOW, SHE WASN'T FEELiNG TOO GOOD, THIS WE ALL KNOW "So they don't like me clutching on to cheese, do they? I wasn't about to convince them it was my baby, I need Fox Mccloud back, he's the mashed potato to my gravy" said Krystal. Feeling sad, with dejected eyes, she flew herself into a black hole. She got warped to Planet Earth, London UK to be exact. Krystal sounded like she came from there, we'll never know why. Perhaps it's past life stuff, but for now, gotta fly! Her arwing crashed and she jumped out with a parachute. She brushed dust off her legs and frantically searched the wreckage for cheese. She pulled out some cheese and got down on her knees. "Oh, cheese, you'll always be special to me. My one reminder of whom I love, Fox if you're still out there, please show me a dove" said Krystal. A dove flew down and stole her cheese. Krystal ran towards a policewoman. "You look rather blue," said the policewoman. "I am blue, my name is Krystal, yes it's true. A dove flew off into the sky with my cheese, he did not even ask first, nor did he say please!" replied Krystal. "I can't help you this instant, I think it's been too long a shift. I've never seen a fox person, if you get my drift. But cheese? Yes, it's delicious when spread over fresh mana. Krystal, has anyone told you that you sound just like Princess Diana?" said the cop. Krystal broke down in tears and yelled out to the Krazoa to take her away to Fox. So they gave her a test. A taste test of cheeses, conducted by them. The Krazoas loved cheese. With cheese they were easy to appease. So they brought her to where Fox was...sitting in a London pub, eating cheese and drinking wine, while helping Falco flick away a bug. "Fox," said Krystal tapping Fox on the back. "You know I'm the only one that can understand you, I just have a knack!" "Do I know you, blue lady? Oh, Krystal, that's right. It's called a rivalry okay? Let me get back to my rivalries!" said Fox, who then proceeded to chat with Falco. "That bird can buzz off, he's bloomin' pissing me off. Now Fox, look at me! We were a team, like Mcnee and Dianna Rigg. Would you forgive me if I handed you a fig?" "Figs are old school and I'm just as depressed as you. My nose is stuck to this table like glue!" said Fox. "Fox, I have cheese!" said Krystal. Fox looked at the cheese. "Get that away!" said Fox violently slapping away the food. Krystal's dress came undone, leaving her in a bikini. All the onlookers looked, Krystal, she was damn pretty! "Terrific, everyone's staring at me and my rack. Fox won't you please come back?" said Krystal. "Can't right now!" said Fox. "Oh, please, Fox, let's go right now! Repair to our Arwings, with that food made from a cow" said Krystal. "Food made from a cow?" asked Fox, with a twinkle in his eye. "You mean cheese right?" "Yes, Fox. Cheese!" said Krystal. "To heck with cheese!" said Fox. Krystal started to cry. "No, no, hear me out, you must know the reason why!" said Fox. Brushing away a tear, Krystal listened. "Krystal I realize I love you more than anything in the universe. You're the greatest gift ever, this I now know, let's rise from the pits where we sunk so low" said Fox. Fox looked into Krystal's eyes, so sweet and sublime. He saw the cheese in her hands, and realized she was one hundred percent divine. "I can't believe how foolish I was!" said Fox with a teary eyed grin. He hugged Krystal, and they both shared a kiss. The crowd was confused, but to Fox and Krystal, this was bliss. "Falco, just admit my boyfriend's a better pilot than you. Go home to your cat, she'll repair your beak like new!" said Krystal. Back in the Arwing: "You were actually going to change your name to Kursed?" asked Fox. "Yes, yes, yes I was. But now we have each other and a cargo hold full of cheese. And our beautiful sets of furs, free of all fleas!" replied Krystal. THE END
  2. Stuck with a Frog

    Stuck on a ship with Slippy! "Well Krystal? We've gotta leave in a jiffy. But sadly, we've gotta leave behind Slippy" said Fox. "Slippy? He's so dippy! Why must you leave in such a jiffy?" asked Krystal. "We're leavin' you with the frog! It's hilarious and we're all for it!" said Peppy. "Why? Why? Why is this? Surely you realize we don't at all mix" said Krystal. "It was my idea," said Falco with a chuckle. "Just laugh it off, it won't strain a knuckle" "I'm an icon of skill, great beauty, and brains, Slippy's slimey and wimpy, and a bringer of pains!" shouted Krystal. Slippy looked like his feelings were hurt, but Krystal just scoffed, as if he were dirt. "It won't be so bad, you'll see. We're off to get some space groceries, just Falco and me" said Fox. "Peppy, won't you stay? Please, please Peppy I implore you, I'll PAY!" said Krystal. "I'm goin' too, so don't hold your breath. I'm sick of being responsible for Slippy's certain death" said Peppy. Krystal and Slippy were alone. "Okay, Slippy, well this will have to do. Want to play Checkers or jump on the trampoline of goo?" asked Krystal. "I'm gonna go repair Fox's arwing!" said Slippy. "No, Slippy wait, I'm sorry I said all those things. When it comes to frogs of talent, um, you're among KINGS!" said Krystal. "You really think so?" asked Slippy. "Yes, yes, yes I do. A toad who builds spaceships? Most can't build a shoe!" said Krystal. "Oh, alright, I'll play Checkers" said Slippy. Krystal won. "Well, well, Slippy that sure was fun, but don't go just yet, I want something done" said Krystal. "What's thaT?" asked Slippy. "I want you to come over now and kiss my feet, you're bloody well cute and I've just noticed it" said Krystal. So Slippy did so, much to Krystal's amusement. "You won, oh queen of checkers" said Slippy. "Yes, yes, yes, please no applause" said Krystal. Later... Slippy was reduced to a puddle of slime, but Krystal caught him in a bucket, then looked at the slime confused. She poked it with a stirring apparatus then backed away. "Don't worry, it was something I ate, and also I regenerate!" said Slippy, in an assuring tone. Later...after he regenerated... "You shot me!" said Slippy as he was playing Call of Duty. "Oh really? I think I'll shoot you again, right in your frog booty!" said Krystal. Later... "TABLE TENNIS IS SCARY!" said Slippy. "I know, I know" replied Krystal, laughing. Later, on a water bed... "That was strange," said Slippy. "I know, I know" said Krystal, taking a puff from a cigarette. "Table tennis is a peculiar thing," Slippy's eyes widened. Later... "Look, Slippy you're wonderful but this isn't going to work. I'm sorry if I've been a bit of a jerk. You're a frog I'm a fox and its my natural response, but now that we've been together, we've had some jolly good romps" said Krystal. "Thanks Krystal" said Slippy, wiping away a tear. Krystal and Slippy held each others hands, and they looked like they were about to kiss, my that was a scene Fox would want to miss. The others came back. "Krystal, don't steal our soldier, he won't turn into a prince, he'll just whimper and wince" said Peppy. "It's a prank, trust me" said Fox. "It's nothing really, nothing at all. Just helping him feel better, for being green, slimey, and small" replied Krystal, turning red. "Stealin' our soldier. What should we do Fox?" asked Peppy. "It's a joke, TRUST ME, I know both of them all too well!" said Fox. "It ain't no joke, I think we should have em both court martialed!" said Peppy. "UGH! This is why I hate fanfiction! Of all possible pairings, UGH!" said Krystal storming off in a huff. "Told ya. Court martialing time!" said Peppy. The End
  3. The Krystal Lovers Association forum and site have officially announced they are permanently shuttering, for good this time, on March 16, 2018. Yes, they did announce doing it before years ago, but apparently they only delayed what has been deemed inevitable. Current forum/site owner "eggman9713" largely lost faith and interest in the Star Fox series, and believes message boards are a dying breed of community interaction anyway. It does not help that Krystal's character has not made a significant appearance in a Star Fox title since 2006's Star Fox Command. Looks like the end of an era for yet another piece of fandom community among Star Fox enthusiasts online. What do you guys think of this situation?
  4. Hello, everyone. If you are reading this topic, then you have no doubt noticed the overly long and unorthodox title and have had your curiosity piqued. I honestly have been thinking about this idea for quite a while and I feel I should explain why I came to it in the first place. Please forgive my long-winded speaking in advance. I look up Celtic Mythology in my spare time, and have a keen interest in the Arthurian Legends in particular, and I find many parallels between certain traits in the myths and various factors in Krystal's part in the Star Fox Universe, including the character herself, her role in the story, her mystical staff, and lastly, her planet of origin, the mysterious and elusive Cerinia. So, without further ado, let us begin. Beginning with Krystal's character and role, I can connect her with three separate women of Celtic and Arthurian Legend. They are Scathach, the Lady of the Lake, and Morgan le Fay. 1. Scathach. Scathach was a Scottish warrior woman that appeared in the Ulster Cycle, in particular, the Tochmarc Emire. She trained the Irish hero Cu Chulainn and his friend Ferdiad in all she knew of war and magic, and gave the Son of Lugh her own weapon, the Spear of Mortal Pain, Gae Bolg. As Scathach had done with Ireland's Child of Light, so too did Krystal do with Fox early in Adventures, telepathically communicating to him in how to properly wield the Staff, and understand it's nature as a weapon. Granted, this connection is more stretched and thin than the other two. 2.The Lady of the Lake. Whether you call her Viviane, Ninianne, Nyneve, or the name I prefer, Nimue, the Lady of the Lake is one of the most, if not the most important plot point in Arthurian Legend aside from Excalibur, having given the aforementioned sword to the King of Knights himself. She is an inhabitant (if not ruler) of the isle of Avalon, in possession of inhuman beauty and tremendous and mysterious powers. This parallel with Krystal is self-explanatory. The two character roles overlap quite well, but for two points: 1. Arthur was actively looking for Nimue and Excalibur in particular quite deliberately, while Fox had stumbled upon the Staff quite by accident, and 2. While Nimue was quite free in her actions and willingly helped Arthur in person, Krystal was at this point imprisoned and only able to barely contact Fox through telepathy. Otherwise the stories align: both heroines have supernatural capabilities of unspecified extent, both relinquish a weapon they have in their possession to the hero to use in his quest (Nimue gives Excalibur, Krystal her Staff), and both are of some status on their homelands (Nimue rules Avalon, and it is generally agreed that judging by her clothes and equipment, her family was high-ranking or even nobility on Cerinia). 3.Morgan le Fay. Oh, Morgan. Angry at her brother for perceived slights, she goes out of her way to make the King's life miserable however she can. Where to begin? While the reasons vary across the legends, she feels slighted by either Arthur (in proxy of his father Uther who killed Morgan's father Gorlois and impregnated his wife Igrayne with Arthur), Guinevere (for banishing her from Camelot for varied reasons, mostly adultery), or even both. She seeks revenge in many ways, but the two that tie to Krystal the most are her theft and loss of Excalibur's Scabbard, and her aid in exposing the affair between Lancelot and Guinevere. These two actions both personally screw Arthur over royally (no pun intended) and shatters the Round Table in one fell swoop. However, she reconciles with Arthur in the end and in some legends even helps escort her mortally wounded brother to Avalon, going so far as to proclaim him "The Once and Future King" in one version. Her story probably aligns best with Krystal's later roles, during Star Fox Command. Like Morgan, Krystal feels betrayed and slighted by Fox drumming her out of the team out of paranoia over her safety, and at this point she seems to channel all the anger, scorn and downright stubbornness that Morgan was also known for. Depending on the route you take in the game, she joins Star Wolf and books up with Panther to stoke Fox's jealousy, and even steals his chance to kill the Anglar King, while publicly proclaiming her allegiance to Star Wolf and Panther, which screws the Star Fox team over and crushes Fox's spirit entirely. However, she is vilified for her actions and runs away, assuming a new identity, the jaded bounty hunter Kursed. In other routes she reconciles with Fox and gets back together with him again, just like Morgan reconciles with Arthur. It is an interesting thing that the two characters have such similar reactions to their respective misfortunes. Just has Krystal has similarities to certain mythological figures, her Staff harkens back to a number of magical and famous weapons in Celtic myth. Two in particular that stand out are Brionac, the Spear of Lugh and Rhongomyniad, King Arthur's war lance. Brionac is one of the legendary Four Jewels of the Tuatha de Dannan, and is said to make its wielded nigh invincible. It is also said to overcome its targets with fire, which goes into the Fire Blaster. As the Staff looks more like a spear, and seems to indeed convey the image of invincibility, Brionac's legend ties together with the Cerinian weapon quite well. Rhongomyniad was the lance wielded by King Arthur, most well known for being the weapon that took the life of Sir Mordred at the battle of Camlann. It was told that no matter how tough the armor of the Knight of Treachery was, it could never resist the holy lance, an existence on par with Excalibur. Some compare it to the Spear of Destiny, which pierced the Messiah. Like Rhongomyniad, the Staff is quite strong, able to pierce most defenses, such as when Fox pierced the thick, hardened skull of the RedEye King, not an easy task by any means. Also, with its repertoire of powers like fire blasts, force fields, miniquakes and rocket boosts can easily lead one to assume that it is indeed a holy weapon, if one considers a combination of the Four Classical Elements to be "holy". Finally, Cerinia itself can be compared to the mythical Avalon, as both seem to be magical or at least wondrous places that not much can be known about -- Avalon being separate from the mortal realm, and Cerinia being destroyed according to the Star Fox canon. So that's it. You may ask, "Huh!? What was this overly long dissertation supposed to do!?" Well , my answer is that I noticed the similarities mentioned above, found them interesting, and decided to make my findings known. Whether the similarities were made in purpose by the game creators, particularly in Adventures, or they just came to be pure chance, I do not know, but I believe the former. For evidence, I do not have much, except for two points: A) Rare was based in Britain, which is the central point for the Arthurian Legends, and B) let it be remembered that the entire Star Fox series came to be because Shigeru Miyamoto was inspired by the Fox statues and took arches at the Fushimi Inari shrine. Ultimately, however, what I want is your opinion, dear readers. What do you all think of my reasonings? Please comment!
  5. Krystal support team

    Hey all! I want to start a Krystal support team so I thought I'd pitch the idea here. Me and a bunch of other people on Twitter have started a group in hopes to unify as many Krystal fans as possible, because I've realized that there are SO many Krystal supporters online but they are so scattered and quiet. I think it's important for us to be all commenting together about support for Krystal and 'liking' each other's comments on Youtube/Facebook (extremely important because it means Nintendo themselves WILL see it) I think on Nintendo's official Youtube and Facebook pages are the best places to do these "unified comments", if they continue to see the support for her (and Star Fox Assault, because it signifies not only Krystal's inclusion but also the actual potential for growth the SF series has) then they may take our support into consideration when making a new SF game! I wanted to see if anyone on here wanted to be involved with us actively commenting/liking Krystal related posts on YouTube. I can update this thread with links of videos we'll be targeting for this "unified support" It will really help with our cause and if you are a Krystal supporter then this is a really efficient way of showing that support/increasing her odds of returning to the series in general! Please let me know if any of you are interested!
  6. Since around 2010, I’ve been developing a fanmade animated series based around the unreleased video game Dinosaur Planet. Most of you guys probably know about Dinosaur Planet and how it transitioned to Star Fox Adventures. If not, Dinosaur Planet was a game that was developed by Rareware and Nintendo and was supposed to be the Nintendo 64's swansong before Rare went on to developing next-gen titles on the Gamecube. The original project was soon rebranded into a Star Fox title after Nintendo saw similarities between DP protagonist Sabre and Star Fox's own Fox McCloud. Dinosaur Planet became a Gamecube title now known as Star Fox Adventures, with many differences besides the setting and cast changes. Nearly 1/2 of DP's original content was cut in the transition, and the new storyline of Starfox Adventures became a plothole ridden mess. Shortly after SFA's release, Rareware was purchased by Microsoft, spelling the end of Rare and Nintendo's partnership to this day. Despite these events, the story of what would've been Rareware's last and greatest game on Nintendo 64 has not been forgotten. Even after many years, gamers and beta enthusiasts continued to look into the mysteries surrounding Dinosaur Planet and its transition into SFA. Now me and my team are here to pay tribute to one of the greatest lost Nintendo 64 games of all time. The story of Dinosaur Planet follows two characters who must save a planet in peril. Along their journey they face many challenges, such as an evil reptilian tyrant, a destructive dragon, the mysterious Quan Ata Lachu, and many more. We have planned out a total of 13 episodes. We currently have four of the episodes written out, but right now we are in the need of a new head writer, as our previous one had to leave due to unfortunate situations she needed to take care of. We are also in need of more animators. We have about 5 animators so far, but we are still looking for more who are skilled in either traditional or computer animation. The animation we plan for the series will be mostly traditional animation, mixed with minor CG bits used to enhance a few scenes. As for voice actors, we pretty much have most of the entire cast selected, but we are still in need of a few more minor roles. As of right now, we have no budget for this project since we are trying to work around the copyright issues with Nintendo. Because of this, the work is mainly volunteering until further notice. Below is an animated clip of the upcoming teaser trailer we plan to release later this Spring. For more info on the series, visit If you are interested in joining the team, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at:, or just shoot me a PM PS: I wasn't quite sure which section of the forum this topic fitted in since I wanted to include the link to the project's website and some of the rules are a bit confusing for me.
  7. Despite the fact we are all anticipating the official anime short Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins later today, by sheer chance a French-based, start-up animation director duo called "Channy and Kimberly" have just uploaded their very first animation on YouTube today, which happen to be a fan animation of a potential Star Fox Zero anime opening made in homage to the 1980s style. Check out the fan animation below - no regrets! Subscribe to the duo if you like as well, as they really need more people to follow their brand new YouTube channel!
  8. AlGore'sleftshoe's Star Fox Art Thread

    There is little to no discussion at all about vehicle design for the 80s anime-esc/70s live action scifi-esc brightly colored super vehicles the StarFox characters use to take part in battle. since I have no idea how to draw tanks or land vehicles of any kind, I just went for a new Arwing design, because aircraft are very easy to do, at least for me. I call it the Arwing Mark IV STWU model, developed under the same dev team for previous Arwing models, now currently lead by Slippy Toad, and to be tested and used by combat by StarFox team. Description: basically I went for the unique look the Arwing had in the first two games on SNES, and later returned in Assault. I feel it is more original, and what I'd consider classic Arwing. The fuselage is structured just like the Assault Arwing, which also looks very similar to the concept art for SNES. cock-pit designed more like the N64 beta model before SF64 was completed, which is also what they used for the multiplayer, and often appears as the teammate NPC's for some reason. as for the back I give it a more X-Wing (StarWars)/Federation fighter (BattleStar Galactica) look, to give a nod to retro 70s scifi films that draw my attention so easily. I wanted to balance a grit'n grime idea with shiny anime and this is how it turns out. I want it to look functional, moving parts and all. I provided a small rear view image, it has two sets of laser cannons one set positioned right next to the cock pit, and the other set set in the Arwing's trademark balancer blue thingies. instead of laser cannons in the hook of the wing like in SNES, it has....lights, I dunno. yellow stripes painted on each end of the folding wings, and a blue stripe down the middle of the fuselage. I'd also like this model to have a back seat, that's what it is beyind the cock-pit in the X-Wing-like back. as for the particle effects not shown; I'd like all the shimmering details in the thrusters and break lights to resemble retro 80s anime, heavily stylized effects that I for some reason crave. watch the TIE fighter shortfilm recently put out on youtube to get what I mean. Sorry for the horrid lighting (What lighting?), but this piece is however subject to change, I might change things out or paint it.
  9. Dreams about Star Fox

    A night or two ago, I was having a dream where I for some reason was in a preschool as one of the students there (Even though I am WAY too old to be there)! And suddenly, I don't know or remember why... Fox and Krystal appeared! They didn't look exactly like they did in the games, but I could tell it was them. They looked quite detailed! They had realistic fur and everything! I am actually not sure how my 13 year-old mind managed to make-up them! Falco, Slippy, and the other SF cast weren't there (At least as far as I can remember), there was only Krystal and Fox. I gave Fox a big hug and a kiss! The weird part about the dream is that for some reason I almost hugged and kissed Krystal instead of Fox! (And I would NOT do that IRL)! I've also had a dream where I was flying an actual Arwing! (I was actually quite good at it)! Have you ever had any SF dreams?
  10. I need Krystal in my life

    They can't do away with Krystal. They can't. She's a member of the Star Fox team!! She's Fox's love interest!! Sigh. I have faith in you, Shigeru Miyamoto. Don't let me down. Do you all feel the same, or no?
  11. Hey guys!! I just wanted to say hello to all of you. My spring break is very soon, and I guarantee you all that I'll play a star fox game at some point(s) throughout it!! I love 64, Adventures, and Assault so much that I really don't think I can pick a favorite. Maybe Adventures. Then Assault. No, 64. I don't know. So yeah. I hope you guys are doing well! Fox and Krystal are my OTP. Bye!!
  12. Share your story: What were your reactions when seeing Krystal for the first time in a Starfox game? Please do not get the wrong Idea. No personal stuff involved in this topic. The first time I met Krystal was when I was thirteen years old. I was a big fan of Starfox and I still am. But in that time I was expecting to see Fox McCloud in the first part of the game Starfox Adventures. So I was a little dissappointed. But after I played through the game, I became more fond of Krystal and began liking her character, her qualities of kindess was beautiful and so she is one of my most favourite Characters In the Starfox Series. That's enough about me. Tell me how it felt when you first met Krystal.
  13. New Drawings!

    Remember the before drawing I done a few years ago? I believe so. So, I finally done the color version to it. What do you think of it? Plus, I get to use my new logo! Yay! Next, here's another drawing! Ya! My two favorite heroes from my childhood! Fox and Luigi! There's more on its way, but it will be posted in the non-starfox artwork. More arts or want to keep track of my arts on your own? Go here:
  14. Starfox Character Discussion

    All right. I wanted to have a thread where we could discuss the characters of the Starfox series. Who's your favorite and least favorite? Who would you like to see more or less of? Why? Is there anything you wish they'd do with the characters? And, most importantly.... Will Slippy ever be a competent pilot? xD You get the idea. I wanted to discuss the characters. Truth be told, I originally wanted to debate about whether or not a certain character was a good character or not, but I suppose creating this much broader thread will lead to that debate anyway. Plus it'll give people more to talk about. And yes, if a debate winds up starting, remember: Keep it civil.
  15. I'll be posting here as well as SoFurry, so all the star fox fans can see the progress.
  16. My ArtWorks!

    Hello! I have never shown you guys my arts. So why not? Here you go! This is all 2012: Oh! And here some 2011: That's it! Want to see more? Go here: Thank you! :-P
  17. Albedo

    Uh so this is a thing for Myu's Krystal redux contest and I was originally going to upload it to dA but dA's being terrible so I guess I'll post it here for now! The idea is to redo parts of Krystal's backstory and here I am redoing pretty much all of it (as well as some universal logistics). Enjoy the word vomit: Cerinia’s shadow was sharp and round on the face of Sauria, in its brief eclipse of Lylat. The moon was a speck along the planet’s surface, but as it was pummelled with long seconds of heat and radiation, the near side remained shrouded in cool darkness, the perfect cover for a wary observer. Pearly walls curved upwards, blossoming open to the sky with a sheen that mimicked the spattering of constellations around them. Then the walls bled away into gold-trimmed tile, on which the council had met to view the planet below, in a wide chamber that fit hundreds around its central platform. The disquieted keening of the city elder put the Cerinians on their toes, fur bristling, lines of men and women trying to compose themselves as the atmosphere itself vibrated with the unshakable sense of Wrongness. They did not need the steady eye of the wizard to see for themselves that peace was long forgotten on Sauria. “The Krazoa are angry.†The quality of wisdom seeped through the cracks in Randorn's old voice, a thing more forceful than the loudest timbre, and within the right context, much more frightening. A mumble broke out amongst the crowd, “Furious.†Rising to a panicked chatter as Randorn continued. Two hundred years since the Kamerians had fallen, two hundred years since Randorn had seen them slain with his own eyes, turned milky white in the years since. Beneath the cataracts were impressions of a threat that had narrowly skirted Lylat, to the knowledge of none but the Cerinians who fought and died in the name of Krazoa. And every year since then had marked peace, in their silent corner of Lylat. Compared to what could have been, Andross’s assault had been a thorn in a paw. A bystander asked the obvious, “Is it the Kamerians?†“No.†“Outsiders?†“No.†Randorn breathed deeply, seemingly sucking the oxygen from the room, stealing the questions from mouths before they were asked. He appeared as an etched statue, alone in the central platform, where a beam of light, reflected from Sauria, illuminated him before his people. “It is the planet. It is sick. They do not understand why. And the Krazoa are enraged by knowledge beyond their grasp.†“But what are we to do?†Rarely were words like ‘hesitance’ known to Randorn, but it was obvious he knew them nonetheless. “We must send One to the planet.†The Cerinians gasped, noses waggling as they looked to one another, confirming their fears in turn. No one went to the planet, as one does not make trips to heaven. They had their place, and it was in the moon alone. “Who shall we send?†someone asked, causing a cringe to ripple down the surrounding crowd. One by one they began to inch away, a blue tide draining away from the center point. “I’ll go,†announced a man, six feet tall and probably twice as wide, with asteroids for biceps. “No, your overconfidence betrays your weakness,†snapped a woman. “I’ll go.†“Are you out of your mind? No one should go! There are dangers on that planet we’ll never comprehend, and if the Krazoa are already angered, what good will it do?†Then all at once they were speaking, duelling with weapons of anger and fear as no victor showed itself. Randorn stood in solemn silence, drowning out the din. There was a far more important noise on which to focus his old ears; the padding of footsteps, one by one, as they approached behind him. He didn’t need to turn. The fighting stopped. Standing in the light was a woman, ivory and gold caressing her features, emphasizing the blue of her fur, still bright with youth. She stood with the strength of a pillar and the grace of solar winds, her bangles and braces revealing her place among the Cerinians. In one hand she clutched a stout stick, and the other was empty, balled and held against her side. A heartbeat brought the room from cacophony to deathly stillness. “I will be the one to go.†She flourished the stick and it sprouted to fifteen times its length, and she raised it above her head, letting the sapphire and topaz send specks of light dancing out across the crowd. Every syllable reverberated like thunder, filling the smallest cracks and furthest crannies of the building. “You are young, Krystal,†Randorn said softly, great contrast to his granddaughter’s fire. “I am strong, papa,†she replied, in a voice that proved it. “And I am wise. I do not fear the planet.†Randorn turned sharper than his frame would suggest feasible. “Do not take this matter lightly. It is not a prideful endeavour, a game to chase as foolish whelps for the prize of social credit.†“I play no such games,†Krystal said. “Then for what reason would you take this hallowed task?†“It is my destiny,†Krystal firmly planted the staff next to her. “I know the gravity of my choice, as my parents did before me. I go with their love and their memory, and the hope I can accomplish a fraction what they’ve done for our people. I am long beyond seeking praise from you, though I love you and all my family. It is from my own heart that I now wish to earn respect.†Her cyan eyes stared unwavering, piercing through Randorn’s blindness. Time ticked on, and the light dimmed, as Cerinia began to end its eclipsing passage. “Very well.†The crowd gasped. Krystal bowed her head in respect, though part was meant to hide the smile that broke out along her lips. “If your bones call you to the planet, then to the planet you must bring them. Return to the palace. Our preparations will be made for an early departure, when we pass over the last Force Point.†“I’m honoured, papa.†Krystal turned on her heel. A moment’s pause took in the sights of the faces around her. Friends and mentors she’d known since puphood, who now stood agape in her presence. She parted them like tide as she descended the stairs, a path cleared straight through the grand double-doors. A white-knuckled grip on her staff accompanied her stride. Only the faintest of glances flitted over her shoulder. The doors of the antechamber hushed shut, sucking the noise from the air, and the last of the light. “What have you done?†called a man. “You’ve—you’ve killed her!†Others nodded in grim agreement, glaring up at the old man who now stood in dimness. “Hush, Anatase. She knows what must be done.†“Does she know those sent to the planet aren’t meant to return? And you! To send your own granddaughter, even after sending your own son?†Voices raised in sharp pain, glimpses of fangs caught in the low light. “How much of your own blood must you spill, Randorn?!†“However much the Krazoa demand!†barked the old man, reeling on the crowd with uncommon ferocity. Any headstrong advance from them was quelled in an instant, reverting them back to lowly pups. The sparks of energy flitting about his knobbed fingers was only a hint of the wizard’s rage, and a hint was all they needed. “One is a small price for many, my friends. And one who will give such willingly is a treasure worth no price.†But still, he hung his head in silence. -- From the eight foot window of her room in the palace, Krystal had perfect view of the planet, and she had all her life. The vivid plains that changed from brown to green throughout the year, the orange flashes of magma from the volcanic strips, the perpetual storm raging at its center; it was like a map from a storybook she’d spent years memorizing. The towering ice caps, the ebbing seas...soon she would feel them, no longer a dream. The bag she packed held little. A map, inked herself; a book of stories, speculation of its beasts; a change of clothes; and a flute. Before she hefted it over her shoulder, a suiting companion to the staff at her hip, she paused, the moved to one of her untouched drawers. From it, she took a string, lifting until a turquoise pendant glimmered by candlelight. At once she held it to her breast, then tied it around her neck, letting its weight hold firm against her beating heart. “Mother, father...we will see each other soon.†She smiled. Then she left her room and took the jewel-crusted hall all the way down to the docking station, and in not a single step did she ever look back.
  18. A Glimpse of the Grim (Oneshot)

    A Glimpse of the Grim It was such a quiet ship, the one used by the Star Fox team, the one they called 'Great Fox'. She'd known passenger liners, which were cramped, stuffed full of people, stuck together aboard one ship until they reached the destination and discharged. She didn't like them. They were claustrophobic, with too many thoughts, too many feelings, all clamoring at once to the point where she could no longer hear herself think, but not here. It was so quiet, with only a few thoughts: the world-weary mind of older one Peppy, the innocent yet highly structured mind of the technician Slippy, and the proud standoffish bluster of Falco. Lastly was the courage and sheer determination of the leader Fox, but it was a courage that held off a secret fear, or secret anger, or secret shame. She wasn't sure, and did not feel the need to intrude further to find out, not now, not as a guest of the team on her way back to Lylat. The team had given her free reign to roam throughout the ship during the trip, as long as she didn't try to access anything important. For that courtesy she was thankful, as wandering about the ship was a kind of soothing experience, almost meditative in its mental stillness, like a pool of still water... The ship may have been quiet, but it was also cold, frigid even, at least compared to many of the places on Sauria where she'd just been. The Saurians didn't give much thought for modesty the way Lylatin peoples do, something about not needing to cover their true nature. So when her supplies were destroyed in the fire, having been shot out of the sky by the so-called "General's" forces on arrival, the natives who found her provided only the bare minimum of modesty. Not that she needed much more while she was there, being fairly warm for the most part, at least the places where she spent time. Even where the rain never seemed to cease, it was warm rain, humid rain; the need for warmer clothes just wasn't there. Here aboard the ship though, inside its near frigid climate-controlled environment, a little more was needed. That, and the simple fact of how awkward it is when the exclusively male crew members talk to her, fumbling over all sorts of aroused and embarrassed thoughts when she was exposed like that. It might've been funny the first couple times, but ultimately, she really needed something else to wear. So Fox Mcloud had lent her a set of his own clothes, one of his green pilot's suits and a jacket. They didn't quite fit, bagging out in a few places, but at least they were warm, and reasonably comfortable. Her aimless wanderings soon brought her to the the Great Fox's main hangar bay. The dormant lights flickered on as she entered the cavernous expanse, large enough to house several more craft than just the four arwing fighters stored here. She walked further across the deck, toward the center of the hangar, the sound of her footsteps echoing a long time afterward, and she took a closer look around. There were a few bins and crates cluttered to one side, many of them empty, evident of the disarray the ship had fallen into. The arwings loomed in their berths above and behind her, but there was also a battle tank locked down at one portion of the deck, and even a submersible craft nesting in some sort of dry-dock. None of them, save for two of the arwings, seemed to have been used in a very long time... Something wasn't right... There was someone else in the hangar, or at least that's what she saw: someone standing at the far end, near the sealed off outer door. She tried to feel for thoughts, but they were faint, distant, like an echo. "Who's there?" she asked. The silhouetted figure approached her, its footfalls landing dull and heavy against the steel plating of the hangar deck. As it came closer, the figure quickly took the shape of a man, a fox, one wearing flight fatigues. His stance was weary, and his gaze downcast, yet he looked somehow familiar... "Fox?" she asked, thinking she recognized him. He was only a few paces away now... The fox looked up, revealing strips of cloth tied across his eyes as a crude bandage, with blood stains where his eyes should have been. The twin red trickles that seeped from beneath the wrappings made it seem like the vulpine was weeping blood. "Augh!" Her vision flashed into blinding white, and her thoughts were scrambled by a wave of terror, of confusion, of panic, and most of it wasn't even her own... When her vision cleared, she found herself in the midst of a restless crowd. She was was packed in the middle of many people, so many people, of all species, and all of them were frightened for their lives. The swarm of thoughts and feelings invaded her mind, adding to her own feelings of uncertainty, of confusion, of fear... Her head felt as if it would split open from the sheer intensity of terror that flowed from all these people, and she collapsed to her knees. Gotta get the bearings straight. Where was this? What was going on? She did her best to ignore the emotions, try to figure things out, looked around... This was still the Great Fox's hangar, and its main exterior door was open now, but not into space. Outside was a lush, fertile landscape, with many trees, and some distant mountains. She knew that landscape! That was Cerinia! And all these terrified people, their rush, that would mean... She looked at herself, and found that she was a little girl again, lost, scared, confused, bumbling and jostling through the crowd that towered over her. Someone was holding her hand, leading her through the writhing throng; protecting her? She remembered this, and the man who led her through: he was a caretaker, a guardian, a friend... "Where we going?" she asked in a child's voice she hadn't used in years. She could barely hear herself over the din of frightened voices, both the real ones, and the ones in her head. "Somewhere else." the feline man said, "Somewhere safe." His voice felt reassuring, comforting. She knew this man... his name... what was it? "Where Papa?" she heard herself ask, "Mama?" Where were they? What happened to them?... How could she have let him manipulate her like that, using the lure of her parents?! "They'll be here, Krystal." the comforting man told her. He sounded so certain, but he always did, no matter what. "They'll be here." Randorn! That was the man's name! There was a groan of motors, the main hangar door was closing, and a final pair of figures entered the scene. One was a fox, and he was being helped by a gray furred hare; both in sturdy fatigues. The fox could walk easily enough, but there was something else wrong with him... bandages over his eyes. He was blind. "Did we get everyone?" the fox asked. His voice was weak, exhausted, but not defeated, even in his crippled state. "Yeah." the hare replied as he led the blind fox past her, "Everyone from the institute is either here, or aboard other ships–" *BOOM* Something like thunder blasted through the hangar, and another spike of panic washed through everyone around. The gasps and screams and frantic questions only added to the cacophony. The fox and hare stopped a moment in front of Krystal and her old friend Randorn. Instead of panicking, these two were filled with a resolve so powerful that she could feel it even over the crashing waves of fear sweeping through the crowd. "Get us out of here, now!" the blind fox yelled, then he and his partner were lost in the crowd as they marched on. The main hangar door finally rolled closed, with several flashes outside, like lighting. Just before it shut entirely, she caught a glimpse of something else out there, something huge, and moving. Almost immediately after, the entire space lurched and trembled like an earthquake, and the groan of the ship powering up overcame all other sounds. "I wanna go home!" Krystal yelped as she clung to Randorn, with frightened tears streaming from her eyes. She really would've liked to go home, to her mother and father. "We can't..." the feline man said as he knelt down, looking into the little Cerinian girl's eyes. He looked sad too as he said these things. His strong sturdy features that used to give her such comfort looked drawn down, as if by weights, "Home isn't safe anymore, Krystal. Do you understand?" *BOOM* Another thunder-like blast, one that jostled the entire space, knocked some off their feet, and threw another wave of terror into the crowd. "I'm scared." she cried, and clung herself to Randorn, letting fly another wave of tears as she was overcome with all that was happening around her. "I know... we all are." he said, holding onto her tight, trying to comfort her in such a desperate and hopeless time, "But we are going to be alright." ... Alright... ... Her vision was lost in a wash of light again. The people, the thunderous blasts, the hurricane of frightened emotions... it all faded away. ... Alright... ... "Krystal!" she heard someone shout. She knew that voice, "Krystal, are you alright?" Her vision came back, and she found she was still in the Great Fox's hangar bay, face down on the deck. Someone was helping her onto her feet though. "I..." she looked up, and for a moment she thought she saw bloodied bandages over her helper's eyes, but there weren't any. It was just Fox, looking –and feeling– incredibly concerned, "I'm fine, Fox." It was a lie, partly, mostly; she could feel that he wasn't buying it though. Fox knew she wasn't fine, not in the least, but thankfully he didn't press the issue. She wasn't sure if she could explain what happened if he did want details. The copper furred vulpine just gave her a knowing nod, and a goofy little smile. Somehow seeing that helped soften the... whatever it was that happened. Maybe she was just feeling his emotions: his relief, his attraction... "Come on." Fox invited, leading the way out of the hangar bay, "You've been pacing all over the ship for hours. I think it's time for a little break." "Thank you." she replied, and followed. The thanks was genuine, not just for the invitation, but also for simply being there, for not making an awkward situation worse, for understanding? Clearly, there was far more to this Star Fox team than she'd first guessed. -End- Author butt-in: Just a little thing I whipped up, hinting at some of Krystal's past, the fate of Cerinia (and also for a contest). For those who caught some of the obscure references: bonus internet cookies for you, with chocolate chips! But anyway, hope you enjoyed the little oneshot. And as always, I welcome your feedback. :)
  19. Western-Style Star Fox Lineup

    From the album Star Foxes by Dras

    Old work, I made some quick designs of the characters on how they might appear in a Disney/Don Bluth-esque Western animated movie.
  20. Hello! Have a nice day, everyone! I want to tell here about a custom campaign for "WarCraft III The Frozen Throne" I'm currently working on. It is a Starfox spin-off, RPG/Adventure-styled campaign "Krystal Adventures". The story takes place before the events of "Star Fox Adventures" and tells about Krystal's past. It will be connected with the plot of "Adventures" andI I will try to fix some plotholes of SFAd. (such as origin of Sauria's ruins, Andross' appearance on the planet and some others) I also use characters from original "Dinosaur Planet" - Sabre and Randorn. Krystal and Sabre will be the main playable characters. Of course, this project is not Sci-fi, it is much closer to fantasy style of "Adventures". I've finished the first map already, so it can be considered as a demo-version. The map can be downloaded on "Krystal Archive", http://krystalarchiv...ronekrystalmod/ I'm very thankful to Mr.Krystal for posting it there. It reqiures WarCraft III TFT v.1.26a or higher. Since I'm not native English-speaker, dialogs and descriptions may look rough and I will be grateful for any help in the improvement of the text. Also I would appreciate if anyone helps me with the voice acting. This is the news I wanted to tell you. I hope you like this project and I'm open to any critiques, suggestions or questions.
  21. Krystal

    From the album Concept Art

    Art by Hidetomo Komaki