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Found 8 results

  1. Snys93

    Starwars: the last jedi

    It's coming, like it or not, ready or not, it's coming this December. Personally I like the Force Awakens. While it was not a perfect film, I felt it was a fun film. This I hope atleast matches or exceeds. I just want it to be enjoyable compared to Rouge One. ... The movie... Ew... So anyway, this thread has to happens. What do you dudes think? It can't be as bad as... You know... Can it be better than THIS ?!?!?! ^ ...
  2. I'm not sure if this is rec room/lounge material so, if it is, I apologize. What books, comics, shows, etc. do you think need their own silver screen debut. Personally, I believe Marv Wolfman's 1983 run of Vigilante, which, yes, came into being after the horrible movie by the same name that same year needs a movie. Adrian Chase, or Vigilante, is a very deep character and with the whole "dark heroes" trend I think a Vigilante movie could be a huge success. Also, The Elder Scrolls series needs to be recognized on the big screen. If the right writers are hired, an epic rivaled only by Lord of the Rings could emerge. What do you guys think? What do you want to see ar the movies, if you had your choice?
  3. Shmibli7


    So, after the Christmas rush, I now own every single James Bond movie able to be bought at this point in time except for one, Goldfinger. Although, right now, I don't want to buy it. Shmibli! Why do you not want the one quentisential Bond film? You may be asking. Well, first let me say, the fact that almost all Bond fans praise this as the paragon of all James Bond films makes me dubious. Usually, things that most people like (Deadpool, Ni no kumi, Indy music, etc.) I hate, So I'm afraid that when people say Goldfinger is the best that it's bandwagon. Also, I have spent a good deal of my time collecting the Bond movies, starting when I received The Spy who Loved Me and License to Kill as Christmas presents two years ago and while I do not simply collect just the Bond movies (I read the books, play the video games, and have four posters framed in my room.) I feel like buying the final movie that a full set requires will be closing a chapter of my life. Lastly... Pussy Galore. Why? I understand that James Bond movies have a decent amount of pillow talk in them and that some characters have strange names but really? It seems like the name of a porn star to me. This being said, I'll probably wimp out and buy it.
  4. Shmibli7


    As evidenced by my profile picture, quote, and actions, I love spy fiction movies and television shows. James Bond being my favorite but also movie series such as the Bourne franchise, the Mission: Impossible franchise, The November Man, and and T.V. series such as The Blacklist and Burn Notice. Any other spy fiction lovers here?
  5. XplodinGrandmas

    My Star Fox screenplay

    Hello everyone! I've been a hardcore Star Fox fan since I was two years old. I use to play the 64 game all the time (frankly, now I wish I grew up with the SNES game instead) and since screenwriting is one of my biggest passions, I decided to pursue my own film adaptation of the Star Fox franchise. The reason I bring this up is that I need opinions from fellow Star Fox fans on this website. I plan to take elements mainly from the SNES game, and I want to ask a few things of you guys: What were your favorite parts of the original game? Most epic moments? What did you feel when playing the game? What tone do you think I should go with, considering the source material? (I think Iron Man (2008) would be a good reference.) What kind of message or idea could be communicated really well through this universe and these characters? I would like a few opinions from you guys. It's not usually a good idea to get other people's opinions before your own, but since I respect the source material as a lot of other people do as well, I think a few outside voices wouldn't hurt. Thank you for your time.
  6. If you haven't seen Prometheus, you should. If you have and you understand it, okay, you're smarter than me But for those of us who saw it and are wondering 'what the the hell was that?' and the Bluray pack wasn't enough, come and post your questions and together may find the answers. Personally, I like complex films and TV shows. Exploring the unknown, boldly going where no one has gone before. But it seems that movies today just aren't exciting and mysterious as they used to be. Star Wars Prequel trilogy just was not Star Wars to me. It lacked some things. Just like the Transformer trilogy, they were good films but editing and dialog were amiss. For further analysis, heres a link to The Rules of Science Fiction: Everyone is welcome and obey mod rules.
  7. jesseboyd7

    Starfox Movie Poll

    Ok SF-O users I decided to do an official poll here because I want Rathore to see the numbers here but not just the numbers but your opinions towards his project as well. If you are reading this Rathore please take serious considerations from the SF fans thanks. I myself still want to see a cool SF movie. But I don't know about Rathore.
  8. Kit-Karamak

    StarFox Fan Movie - in progress Wasn't sure if anyone was aware of this. I glanced down the thread list and didn't see anyone mention a thread about a movie being made. So... I say... we support this idea. I mean, if Nintendo ever sees a finished product, whether they wanna give this guy the license or not... it doesn't matter because they'll see there's still interest enough in the franchise to keep making games. It's pretty obvious that Nintendo put out SF64 3dS because of the dwindling sales in the franchise... They wanna see if people still give a damn about StarFox (which is why everyone should try buying the new game, heh heh) enough to keep the franchise going. StarFox 64 was a blockbuster. They need to know if the series is still as hot as Krystal Porn is on the internet. SO! I say we support this dude if he has the motivation to finish the project. Just my two cents. Keep in mind, there's no right way of thinking about this. I actually like the way this guy changed Fox's legs. They're more... i'unno... I guess I think the style adds a little more "balls to the wall" appearance to Fox; makes him look a lil' more badass, y'know? So... this is the part where you "LIKE" the fanpage. For shizzle.