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Found 21 results

  1. fanfictiondreamer

    Music for the Ultimate Story

    Ok, so, here's the thing: I have so many way to express my Ultimate Story. One of those ways is incorporating some of my favorite music. I have been a huge fan of Techno/Trance and Electronica for many years now. I think it's some of the coolest sounding music I have ever heard. Another thing involving music was writing my own songs. The thing is I'm not a musical genius. I don't know how to read music or create music. I can write and I have written lyrics on my own and as far as I know, I tend to write songs better while actually listening to music than from writing them on a whim. The problem with that is no inspiration. What can you do? I have written this song when I was young that I thought was amazing. I consider it to be like the main theme for my story and the music that I have used I thought fit perfectly with it. It was from the real final boss battle in Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards. I still write songs today and some of them are better than others. There are still more songs to come but I haven't written them, yet. I look forward to sharing all of that here.
  2. sfw1ngz

    SF1 and 64 OST - FLAC

    Having discovered the CDs with the full osts, has there been any attempt at ripping the full soundtracks with flac/scans? These are super expensive and seemingly hard to get, surely someone musta been frustrated by this...
  3. If you've got any particular genres that I didn't include, sound off with a post!
  4. Guest

    Musical Wars.

    ==[Rules]== [Updated] You may only post one video per post. You are allow to post music via YouTube or sound cloud Do not post extended music (Unless the song has a full version) Have fun. [optional] Add a description/joke under the video/link Double check YouTube URL link before posting (If the video is part of a playlist delete this in bold text! &list=PL97C4A4CCBB179475&index=2) =========== So one day on chat me and a friend were constantly threw links to various songs. Then I had the idea to make a thread about it. Well here you go. This outta be interesting.
  5. Jazzstep, despite what dubstep fans will tell you, is a kind of drum and bass with a jazz influence. It came earlier than the related liquid funk genre. Jazzstep was created and popularized around the 1990's to roughly the year 2000, whereas liquid funk came around or after 2000 and began to supplant jazzstep. As far as I know, jazzstep isn't produced anymore. And I know that all you'll get from searching Google for "jazzstep" is dubstep and all you'll get from searching Google for "jazzy drum and bass" (or the similar term "jazz and bass") are of the more recent liquid funk productions. So I was tired of looking up "jazzstep" only to find either dubstep or liquid funk tracks and one day I decided to make a YouTube playlist of known jazzstep pieces. Until today there was only one track, but thanks to Rateyourmusic and Discogs I've added more. Both the RYM and Discogs finds are massive and the playlist is thus incomplete so far. But here's what I have right now! Do you have comments? Thoughts? Feelings? Suggestions!? Then talk to me!
  6. DZComposer

    Fanstuff: Map & Controls

    Epic Game Music has uploaded a video to Youtube of them playing some Star Fox SNES music on Guitair in a city.
  7. LoneWolf

    Zero's Music

    Alright, I finished my first playthrough (well, first route through the game, I haven't seen everything yet!) of Zero last night. Holding my opinions back for now (Hint: I loved it), can we talk about how absolutely fantastic the soundtrack is for this game? I really enjoyed almost every track in the game, but some of the standout ones for me were Katt's theme, Sector Alpha, and actually the Mission Complete theme. Nintendo/Platinum did an absolutely wonderful job on this one.
  8. Also, if you had to pick one song from the series to listen to for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  9. Clearwater

    My Brother's Music Creations

    So, seeing how my brother is currently away doing some audiovisual training and whatnot, I'd thought I'd give him a pleasant surprise by seing if I can promote his stuff while he's away. If it's okay, I'm gonna link his SoundCloud and Youtube channels below. Please take a peek at them, he would really appreciate it!
  10. Title says it all really. This Thursday I'll be going to see the Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses in Atlanta, Georgia. "Excited" barely begins to explain how much I'm ready for this. I'm taking three of my best friends and my only regret is that my Pocket German can't also be with us but it is what it is. I'm not sure if any of y'all will be in the area but if you are and you want to throw rocks at a large hairy man feel free to drop me a message and we'll do a thing or something. Just don't hit the car, it's not mine. Anyways, that;s kind of it for now. Monky Out.
  11. Hope I'm in the right place (incoming noob)! Well, I heard all the SF-O Casts available and the 1st part called my attention especially because of its soundtrack. Can anybody send me the soundtrack used in part 1? It just enchants me... It can be a link or just attach it to the post. Thanks!
  12. Drasiana

    DrasTalk: Music

    Hey hey hello friends I've gathered you here today so I can talk at your face about things that I like Why not just use the "what are you listening to" thread? Because that's all people posting Youtube links and not speaking to each other like some kind of depressing high school dance where everyone just listens to their iPod and sits on the bleachers. No, what I want to do is post WORDS. Words of PASSION. Words of ROMANCE. And of course... words of STEEL. So I'm gonna post an awful lot of words here tonight, folks, and they will be words about music. To start this topic off right, I'll give you a not-so-brief rundown and explanation on one of my favourite bands of all time. They are the power inside, they are wow sparkly Anyway Once upon a time there was a crazy German dude named Tobias Sammet. Having played with his band Edguy* since he was 14, it was time for a different side-project. The idea was to write a story about imaginationland getting screwed up by the Pope and get a bunch of famous rock stars to play on it. It was insane. He totally did it. Thus Avantasia and its first album, The Metal Opera, were born. *listen to them too because they're hilarious If you haven't guessed by now they're a metal band but I didn't want to say that right off the bat because when I say metal most people think of this I got no problem with black metal but Avantasia is nowhere near that kind of subgenre so don't get scared off because mom told you metal would get you infected with Satanitis or whatever They're metal, technically, but they utilize clean vocals, soaring choruses, and orchestrated bits. They even edge into Queen territory every now and then. The People So basically the idea of it is that Avantasia is a supergroup, meaning each album is literally just Tobi asking a bunch of people he thinks are cool to come sing on an album together. And dang that man has good taste. Basically a bajillion famous dudes, like Alice Cooper, Eric Singer, and more have played with them and a complete list is here take a look. I'll talk briefly about some of my favourite dudes who make continual appearances on the albums though: Jørn Lande: a big burly Norwegian dude with one of the most powerful voices ever. Like, don't stand too close or you will be blown away in a torrent of amazing. Here's a gif of him in a silly hat: André Matos: a Brazilian dude with the sweetest face and coolest duds in existence. He sings really nice high notes and is super charismatic. I don't really know what's going on this photo but I think he's asking you to marry him and you better say yes (edit: hahah oops it's a microphone not a ring box ok let's just pretend): Bob Catley: an English rock star that's been doing his thing since before you were born. Some sources believe him to be a wizard. We cannot confirm or deny this but it is the only plausible explanation for the way he flails his arms around on stage. Also he has the warmest voice ever and everything he sings sounds like it was sung by your grandpa if he was a cosmic rock wizard. In actuality I love everyone that has ever played with them though and I'd write a blurb for all of them but I don't want my fingers to break off so just click the above link and also BUY ALL THE ALBUMS Speaking of which Let us discuss THE ALBUMS The Metal Opera (pt I & II) You thought I was joking about the Pope thing up there? Well the joke's on you bucko because I was 100% serious. See, the Metal Opera albums are concept albums meaning that they tell a story and, while the subsequent albums were a bit more amorphous, TMO had a pretty clear-cut story. Basically it's about a dude named Gabriel (Tobias Sammet) in the Dominican Order in 1602 AD Germany just skipping around doing god stuff when suddenly he finds out that his stepsister (Sharon den Adel) has been arrested and tried for witchcraft, which will end in her death guilty or innocent. Being all "man that's sum bullshit" our man Gabe goes snooping around and winds up also getting arrested after finding a weird old book and getting caught my his mentor Jakob (David DeFeis), then breaks out of prison with the help of a crazy old druid dude that originally owned the book. Old dude aka Lugaid Vandroiy (Michael Kiske) promises to save Anna as long as he helps him save the land of imagination which, yes, is called none other than Avantasia. So Gabriel goes to Avantasia and discovers a war has broken out and if he doesn't help save the land, with the help of the pilot elf-prince Elderane (Andre Matos) and a dwarf named Regrin (Kai Hansen) then basically everyone's fucked. Also the Pope (Oliver Hartmann) shows up along with a Bishop dude (Rob Rock) and they unwittingly assist the being locked in the tower at the center of Avantasia which they believe to be God but is in fact some evil-ass warlock-type motherfucker (Timo Tolkki). There's also the Tree of Knowledge (Bob Catley) and the crazy baliff Falk who gets cursed by a witch and he's also a villain. He's voiced by Ralf Zdiarstek who doesn't seem to exist outside of one photo on the internet so I don't know what the fuck. *DEEP BREATH* A summation: Vatican conspiracies, elves flying planes, talking trees, and really fucking awesome music. Go listen to: The Seven Angels. Seriously. It's a 15 minute song of four distinct movements but it is like liquid orgasms to be applied directly into your ears. If you don't want to listen to 15 minute songs (SHAME), try Serpents in Paradise for a fast song, Sign of the Cross for a generally awesome song, and In Quest For for a ballad. Then buy the albums. The Wicked Trilogy These are three albums consisting of The Scarecrow, The Wicked Symphony and Angel of Babylon. They're also concept albums but they don't really have a distinct story and Tobi's continually obtuse about them so they're just kinda up for personal interpretation. They sound quite a bit different from the Metal Opera series though in that they're a bit brighter and not quite as power metal-ish, though I'm not entirely sure what I'd categorize them as, and I kinda like that. They have a really similar vocal lineup to the Metal Opera only minus Rob Rock, Kai Hansen, and Timo Tolkki and add Roy Khan, Jorn Lande, Jon Oliva, Amanda Somerville, Alice Cooper, Klaus Meine, Cloudy Yang and Tim "Ripper" Owens. That's a lot of awesome people but being that there's not a lot of story to comment on in this one I'll just skip right to the LISTEN TO THIS SHIT bit Listen to this shit: The Scarecrow, Journey to Arcadia (long song), Forever is a Long Time, States of Matter (fast songs), Death is Just a Feeling (theatrical and awesome), Blowing Out the Flame, What Kind of Love (ballads aw yis) basically just buy all the albums ok They also made a live tour DVD called The Flying Opera and it's really awesome and everyone in the touring group perfectly alternates between badass and adorable on stage and they're just all precious babies and I want to hug them all I'm making gifsets out of the show as compensation for being completely unlikely to ever see them in person but here they are if you wanna see The Future So what's next? Tobias Sammet has this habit of saying "Avantasia is done we were just doing a couple albums seeya guys" and then releasing another album like a year later and that's basically what's happening now. The Mystery of Time, another concept album of course, is set for release THIS MARCH. Wow! A few guest stars have been announced so far like Arjen Lucasson, the guy in charge of a similar group called Ayreon that the media tried to play up a rivalry with that ended in them working together. Ha, suck it, THE MAN. Another guest star is Eric Martin from Mr. Big, who along with being super famous and a good singer also seems to have discovered the secret to aging backwards because he's the only 52 year old I know that looks younger than I do (seriously he's 52). They're supposed to be touring too but let's be real here kids they're a mostly-European supergroup and I live on the West Coast of Canada, the best I can do is eat ice cream while watching the Flying Opera over and over again, sob, and gently caress the screen as I tenderly whisper "one day you'll all be mine". Closing Statements So I've talked about the music and I could probably talk more about the music but that would probably be boring to the grand majority of you outside of the bare bones GO LISTEN TO THIS SHIT and honestly you probably could have listened to an entire album by the time you're finished reading this post. Regardless I want to talk about a big part of why I'm wasting two hours of my life telling an obscure video game forum about my love of obscure metal bands. See, I started listening to these guys in grade nine. It was a coincidence, I was click-surfing related videos on Youtube, and then I stumbled onto "Twisted Mind", which guest starred one of my OTHER favourite musicians of all time (we'll get to him in another post). I've been listening to them and getting stupidly emotional about them ever since. Listening to good music is one thing, and there are just as many bands I haven't mentioned that I've been listening to as long as if not longer than Avantasia. The primary difference here lies in the way that the music happens to resonate with me. Personal, subjective things, yes, but let's give one last shout-out to what makes Avantasia what it is. That's the man, Tobias Sammet himself. Probably the longest I've spent on this post was trying to find a picture of him to use because there are bazillions of photos of him and every single one of them captures a different angle of his rather unique personality. He might be the goofball responsible for such songs as Lavatory Love Machine and Rise of the Morning Glory (it's about boners), but he's also one of the big reasons that Avantasia happened, and the way he made it happen will always inspire me. He just did it. He wanted to be on stage with the musicians he grew up listening to, he wanted to create a story and music that people would love. And he did it. Some people seem to consider him arrogant, and the only reason I can imagine that is because they either a) don't understand his very obviously tongue-in-cheek humor or b) they aren't paying attention to the things he says and does. In concerts, he introduces everyone as a "lead" something. If you are a backup vocalist, you are a LEAD backing vocalist. He speaks kindly of everyone he works with and openly denounces the sectors of the music industry and music criticism that become so focused on the negative that they forget what it is that they loved to begin with. He's a talented musician and storyteller, but if all the interviews and whatnot are any indication, he's a damn good person too. And that is so incredibly important. edit: I forgot to mention this earlier somehow but I'm just gonna add "badass" to the things that make him awesome. Dude was playing at the Bang Your Head festival, fell off the stage, broke his nose, fucked up his ribs, hips and back...and got up and finished the show. Yeah. Metal as fuck. Anyway, I seem to have gotten that out of my system so I'll leave you with this giant loving wall of text and a music video. Featuring Klaus Meine of the Scorpions, off the album The Wicked Symphony, this is Dying for an Angel: I hope I've converted at least one of you.
  13. Fenrir-X

    20 Years of StarFox Album

    I have been working in this 20-track album to celebrate the 20th year of the release of Starfox(SFC;SNES)and i thought that SF-O would be an ideal place to share it. Regardless of what you might be thinking this is not a Remix album(that means i did not added anything to the songs, that was not the goal), i based this songs on non-ripped midi files i found on the internet so proper credits are given to the sequencers that made this possible in the mp3 description. The goal of the album was to make the songs the most equal possible to the original music. I am by no means a Pro in music production, nevertheless i did this with legit software because i'm going to study music production in a few months. The Album is compressed in a .7z file that can be opened with 7-Zip. A few rules about the album: 1° You MAY NOT post or upload this album anywhere else without my permission. 2° You MAY NOT burn this in a CD/DVD disc. 3° You MAY NOT use any of this songs for videos, flash games.etc without asking me for permission and giving credits to Nintendo Co., Ltd. 4° NO, You MAY NOT upload this to YouTube or other video/music sites.(except if is a video featuring the music with the respective permission) 5° You(obviously) MAY NOT make any profit with this album or songs.(this one goes with rule #3) I think that's mostly it. So here's the Link to the album: 20 Years of Starfox ENJOY!! Remember I DO NOT OWN any of this songs, Nintendo OWNS StarFox franchise and all of its music. P.S. I made some last-minute tweaks to a couple of songs.
  14. hey guys, i just found this site today and fell in love. i used some of the samples i found in a beat i made, if you wanna check it out. thanks!! slippy out!
  15. TubaMan

    Star Fox 64 Sheet Music

    I just finished transposing the ending for StarFox 64, I would like a lot of people's opinions. I might try and coax my band director to play this in one of our concerts. The mp3 was too big so here is the link to my music. Star_Fox_64_Ending_Theme.pdf
  16. Rukunetsu

    Ruku's Starfox Remixes

    Sup Everyone? I'm new here but It's great to have found a place filled with fellow SF fans - that said... Just a quick beat made around the Continue Jingle from the original Starfox. Hope y'like. ZokkouSTARFOX (Youtube) ZokkouSTARFOX (SOUNDCLOUD) SOURCE: Continue-StarFox
  17. Drasiana

    Dras Plays Star Fox Music...

    ...on her French horn mouthpiece and can't stop laughing through most of it Enjoy New topic because it's different media and also exceptionally goofy but I thought you'd get a kick out of it. I'll probably add more serious covers to this topic once I have my embouchure back. It's nice living in a place where I can play my instruments again. Expect to hear: French horn Trumpet Guitar Violin, if I can be assed to practice it Oboe, if I can find one again
  18. I was really bored so I made a bunch of ringtones/sound effects that can be used for iPhones, all Star Fox. Download Here This is what the .ZIP includes: Music: Area 6 Star Fox Theme Reprise / End Credits (Separate tracks made from the same Assault track) Star Wolf Theme (Command ver.) Katt's Theme Bill's Theme James/Peppy's Theme Corneria Fortuna Title Screen sting (64) Crash sting (64) Sound Effects: Arwing Pulse Laser Explode Radio Transmission On/Off Target Lock Fly to Next Mission Arwing Laser Pulse Arwing Hyper Laser These can all be used as ringtones, incoming/outgoing texts, new mail, new voice message, so on and so forth. I can make more if I get any requests. I used sound files found here on SFO as well as some I had sitting on my harddrive for who knows how long from who knows where, but thanks to those who procured them and the original composers. I'm thiiinking about making an entire Star Fox iPhone theme but I've never done that before so don't hold your breath. To install them on your phone, all you have to do is unzip the files, drag them into the "tones" section of your iTunes, and sync your phone! Enjoy!
  19. El Zorro de la Estrella

    Music Reccomendation Thread

    (I don't think this belongs in the Rec Room, but Mods can make the final call ) I have created this thread so people can reccomend music to eachother. Basically, just say a band/song/style/etc. you like and think people should try listening to. A brief description would be great, and if you want to throw up a vid; well that'd be just peaches! I'll let someone else start, but I think this topic will be a great way to help us all expand our musical horizons!
  20. Furygun81

    Star Fox played by fans

    Hey there, this is Furygun81 with another Pointless Post, this time it's about the Star Fox themes on the keyboard (or any instrument actually)! I'll kick off with this one, as made by ME (Furygun81)