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Found 4 results

  1. Ever since those errors occurred, I've noticed our guest rate dropped to what feels like an all-time low for the site. The average visitor number seems consistently below 50, whereas pre-errors, the average was numbering decently in the hundreds. I hate to see one of the only remaining Star Fox communities fall to an even deeper pit of obscurity than we already were, and I'd love to see our site recover fully from the incident. As a suggestion, we could somehow put together a re-promotion campaign to bring them back. Perhaps by means of our Twitter, our Youtube, even word of mouth would help greatly, I think. Can we do it?
  2. Hey guys, we are working on a game you might like We call it "Sky Arena". Sky Arena is a multiplayer arena flight shooter reminiscent of the old Star Fox games. Play alone, online against other players, in 4 player splitscreen against your friends or 4 player splitscreen online against the rest of the world and demonstrate your mastery of the controller.
  3. Pgpaw3

    Wii U Star Fox Idea

    I had an idea that a Wii U Star Fox game could have a 2-5 player co-op mode, as well as standard single player. The first 4 players could control different members of the Star Fox team, so Player 1 is Fox, Player 2 is Falco, and so on. They could be controlled by a Wiimote, Gamepad or Pro Controller, and have Gyro or classic controls. Then the 5th player could use a Gamepad and could be the Great Fox in a way. They can send items down to the other 4 players to help them, and they could have a map of the area displayed on the screen, so they can find secret routes and other hidden secrets. It could also be done that the multiple players have to work together to unlock some secrets and get into some areas. This co-op feature could also be used in online multiplayer, where 4 players control the Star Fox team, and a 5th helps them out with items in the middle of the battles. The same would go for the other team. Well, that was my idea. What do you guys think of it?
  4. So once upon a time this little game came out that you might have heard of. It was called THE MOTHERFUCKING ELDER SCROLLS FIVE: FUCKING SKYRIM, and was the best game ever and won a million awards, including an award presented by Jesus himself as he descended from heaven to a chorus of angels playing Dragonborn on harps and horns. World hunger was solved and AIDS was cured. Thousands of nerds were raptured the day it came out. It was glorious. Then came word that they were planning on continuing the Elder Scrolls through an MMO! What a great idea. It's like Skyrim, but forever! Right? Details came in slowly, with not nearly the grand pizazz of Skyrim, which wasn't the red flag it should've been. It's set hundreds of years before Skyrim, during wartimes in Tamriel. Three factions have arisen to fight for land: The Daggerfall Covenant (Bretons, Redguards and Orcs), the Ebonheart Pact (Nords, Dunmer and Argonians) and the Aldmeri Dominion (Altmer, Bosmer and Khajiit). Daedric Prince Molag Bal is up to some shit and you have to stop him from stomping around like a big douchebag while worrying about your own political problems. Pretty solid setup for the kind of open-end fantasy that the Elder Scrolls worked with. Then they did a press release the other day. Children. No matter what happens, know that once, someone loved you. Someone wanted you to live the happiest live that you could, to make something of yourself and others. Those people were gunned down like Batman's parents and it's up to you to take up the cloak to avenge them. What the hell is that cryptic metaphor referring to? Well, the fact that Elder Scrolls Online looks like complete hippo balls. Exhibit A. The art direction. The fucking art direction. What the christ is this? This looks like something that should be in a sidebar ad with the caption of "Come Play, My Lord" imposed over that elf's cleavage. Speaking of, what the hell is even up with that elf? She has no features of any of the Mer. She's too tall to be a Bosmer, wrong skin colour for the Dunmer and wrong facial features for the Altmer. She looks like someone's goddamn Lord of the Rings fanfiction OC and not one of the creepy, inhuman and often menacing elf races from this series. And wow, looking good there, Nord. Rocking the "shoulder pads for your shoulder pads" look. I heard the bards were really experimenting with the glam scene in ancient Tamriel. "Now Dras", you're saying, "Calm those terrorist tits. It's just one piece of promo art! Let's just wait to see what the rest of the game looks like." Well, okay, you got me there! Fair enough, I suppose, let's just take a peek and see what's inside the actua-- JESUS MONKEYHUMPING CHRIST WHAT THE FUCK DID THEY DO TO THE ARGONIANS O-okay, well, I guess I'll have to just...not play an Argonian. But at least the Khajiit are still an opt-- It looks and feels like a cheap WOW clone. And being that's what the director basically said it should be because "you can't do anything new with the genre so why bother", then things are not looking good. The thing looks like WOW and Toon Town had an ellicit affair. Nothing about this feels like an Elder Scrolls game at all. If you gave me out-of-context screenshots of anything other than the one shot of the Dwemer Sphere, I would have had no idea that it was ESO. Seriously, they even included a stupidass armoured skeleton robot monster. Other than my immensely turgid rageboner over how hideous it looks, what of the gameplay? Well, there seem to be some conflicting sources, saying it "plays just like an Elder Scrolls game!" but now has a targetting system and wonky hit detection. Sources say that it's not amazingly terrible, though. It's simpler and more interesting than the typical MMO clickfest (thankGOD), which is a step in the right direction I suppose, but I'm still wondering what part of this thing is supposed to feel like an Elder Scrolls game. This is an alpha build. So hopefully they take this time to make it look like a goddamn game that we actually want to play instead of a generic, forgettable MMO with Elder Scrolls-esque names tacked onto it as a gimmick. Official ESO site is here