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Found 2 results

  1. Clearwater

    The Origin Of Your Username(s)

    We all have an inspiration behind the creation of our usernames. This topic's dedicated to sharing about how you came up with your username. As some of the people on here know, I used to go by a different alias when I joined mid-2012, before I changed it to Clearwater in mid-2014. For those of you who weren't around then, I used to go by the alias of 'Neoware': With 'Neo' signifying 'New' in latin and 'Ware' being an abbreviation of 'Soft/Hardware'. Because working with computers and IT is what I wanted to do when I was older, I fashioned up that name out of that dream. And then in 2014, I switched from 'Neoware' to 'Clearwater'. Why? Well, seeing how I had created a certain Rio fanfic some time last year, and I liked the name of one of the characters I had created for it more than I did my own alias, I decided to switch it. A second reason why I changed it to that is because my older brother made an awesome chilled dubstep song called 'Be Here (Clear Water)'. And so I was inspired. Anyway, enough about me. What are the stories behind the creation of YOUR usernames?
  2. Warning: The following fanfiction has been rated M, and contains explicit violence, blood, and language. Fanfiction Overview: This is an alternate story-telling of the events that would lead to the Lylat Wars, surrounding the past and back-story of Galactic Enemy #1, Wolf O'Donnell. It goes back to when he's a teenager, surviving as a lone, stranded individual on the harsh and deadly surface of the then-unsuspecting planet Venom. Middle-aged adult James McCloud arrives to find and rescue him, but notices that the young wolf bears a striking resemblance and shares the surname of someone he knew. Taking Wolf back to civilization on Corneria, he sees fit to send him to the Cornerian Flight Academy, a futuristic school where young Lylatians go to either train to become pilots or the people they are destined to become. During his years at the Academy, an adolescent and punk-like Wolf spends time with pre-mature Star Fox icons such as a mischievous Leon Powalski, the hot and popular Katt Monroe, and the young and innocent Fox McCloud. As he trains and shares relationships at his new school, Wolf also shares a pupil-vs.-master relationship with James McCloud, one of the school's senior advisors and instructors, believing his famed skill and legendary "Trust your instincts" philosophy to be worthless and stupid. But when an invasion from the mysterious Venomian Army erupts, and young pilots are urged to take a side, Wolf's path is forged before him, dotted with love, loss, anger, realization, adulthood, and a rivalry that will last for years to come... This story will explain some of the blank spaces in the Star Fox universe, and ties in with the canon of the games. It focuses on particular mysteries such as Andross's true intentions, Wolf and James's rivalry, the strange abilities present in the Smash Bros. Series, and how Wolf lost his eye...and why. It also promotes a seemingly rare pairing, WolfXKrystal, but it ties in with the games' storyline. Anyway, it's a fairly short story, but the first in a series on, and I hope you guys don't find to many controversies with it and enjoy it at least. here's the link: