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Found 4 results

  1. Fookes


    I have recently gotten into a MMORPG called Wizard101! In the game you are a wizard attending a magical school (Similar to Hogwarts from Harry Potter), and you can learn spells to fight off enemy creatures and complete quests. The first main villain of the game is Malistare (Who is most likely based off of Voldemort). After you beat him, there will be another villain, her name is I suck at game descriptions, so go Google up Wizard101 and click the first result if you want to learn more about the game. P.S: It says the game is for kids, but there are adults who enjoy it as well.
  2. I don't know if this topic belongs here. If not, I'm sure an admin would be kind enough to move to where it belongs. Recently, I saw a youtube video of the Achievement Hunter guys playing a very awesome pc game called Trouble in Terrorist Town. From what I see, it's definitely a fun game and I would love to play it. But of course, it's a pc only game. I think it would be a great game to have on the 360 and PS3 (even though I don't own a PS3). I'm curious if there are any pc games you guys want to see be made into a console game. They did it for Minecraft, American McGee's Alice, Half Life and FEAR.
  3. Dublinthefox

    Laptop Recommendations?

    So apparently my laptop which I do all of my programming work for college hasn't been doing so well in terms of performance. And yes I said I'm a Mac guy, but its always good to have different things just in case......Anyway, its always recovering from unexpected shutdowns, I keep getting goddamn security threats even though I have Norton up and running, and when I try to boot it up the mother f***er it recommends that I use a guest account. So I decided that I'm going to replace it with a much nicer and more powerful PC. It needs: *pretty good graphics capability (since I'm going into graphic design) *High speed processor *Built in mic and web cam Thats all I can think of at this point, but some more might come to mind. Any recommendations?
  4. El Zorro de la Estrella

    Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines

    This game is AMAZING. It's like a combo of FPS and RPG. If I tried to really describe it I would fail, as it is REALLY deep. Anyways, it's on sale from GameStop (digitally) and Steam for 5 Bucks (US) over the Halloween Weekend. If you like RPG's and Horror I reccomend it highly. Couple things though: - It's from like 2004, so the graphics and stuff are a bit dated. (Not a problem, but graphics are uber-important to some) - It is technically finished, but the studio ran out of money before they could 100% it. + BUT THAT'S NOT A PROBLEM! The programmers kept working on it and there is a (unofficial) patch that fixes all of the small problems!! PATCH: PS. No Sparkle Fairies need apply (Twilight vampires, not a slam of anyone )