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Found 6 results

  1. Redeemer

    Zelda: Majora's Mask... remake?     We've been teased to the point of blue balls, but is LoZ:MM finally happening for the 3DS? Give this article a read, tell me what you think. I'm aware that this is really, really, really optimistic but as a rabid fan of this game all I can say is "don't poop on my hype pie".   I swear to god man, if this happens. If this happens.    I don't even know what I'll do.
  2. Redeemer

    Geev me yo favourite vegetables

    Yeah, I said it.   The "v" word.   I see many of you gasp in shock, recoil from your monitors and clutch your chips and meat close to you, holding them at your chest protectively and hissing at the text in this topic.   I see you.   But I'm going to completely ignore that and enthuse with the few and far between, happy vegetable-consumers in SFO.    It's approaching November, and we all know what that means! Winter is here and it's going to take a nice big bite out of your butt and bitchslap you with the cold and flu. That's why we need these anti-bitch vegetables on our side, protecting us from such frigid aggression.   What are your favourite vegetables and how do you prepare them? Do you have a go-to soup or dish that keeps you fit during the festive season?   I'm absolutely addicted to aubergines/eggplants. Something I will happily eat alone: Take a large aubergine. Shove it up your godda- Cut the top green bit off and cut the entire vegetable lengthways. Place it skin-down on a tray lined with baking paper/tin foil. Cut a grid like set of scores into the flesh, about half deep into each part. Take a large garlic clove. Chop it roughly, into small pieces, and stuff each piece into the scores you made in the aubergine/eggplant. Drizzle with a little oil, salt and pepper. Roast for half an hour at 180C/350F.     Also protip: Make a tuna-mayo dip to make any vegetable bearable. I'm about to chow down on some carrots and peppers that way yeahhhhh.   I'd like some more ideas for this stuff because I don't want to sicken myself of my currently favourite things.
  3. Redeemer

    It's happening...

    That's right. I finally completed my degree, I graduate on July 11th. And I move in with R3dFiVe on the 19th July. I can barely contain myself, all the crap I've rattled on about for months is actually happening now. This won't affect my activity on SFO. I just wanted to tell you guys, because you're a significant part of my life and thought you might like to know.
  4. Harlow

    Damn, Reds

    May you control your inner fat kids please?
  5. Redeemer

    Red's New House

    This really isn't worthy of the other forums and stuff, so I'll just leave this here in our good old Rec Room! I just uploaded a tour of my new flat. I know I was talking about it and promising glorious tours before I got super busy with commissions and overtime at my job, so I'm sorry this took forever to do. ;_; If you follow the blog link in my signature you've probably already seen it, or will notice it posted there. But I just wanted to show you guys where I live now, seen as some of you were worried about the crazy drug-taking guy I was sharing with before. This video was originally for R3dFiVe's friend, Tybrone. I promised him a tour months ago and today he was like . I hope you guys like it. If any of you ever come to Scotland you can totally crash on that couch! It's a recliner! [media=] Edit: MFW I see the related videos. ಠ_à²
  6. Redeemer

    Red's Adventures

    I deleted my old journal and decided to start a new one. I did this because my entire life has changed drastically recently, and I want to move on. I just want to erase the past and step forward into my new life. Along with my journal posts, I'll also link you to my "song of the day", which will always be a track that I recommend. I'm quite picky regarding my music, so I hope you like what I post. I'm also going to post little "life tips" at the bottom of each post, to share with you what I'm doing to make my life better. It'll mostly involve health, but sometimes it may include advice or inspirational quotes. We'll see. So. I was dragged up to my friend's house for dinner yesterday. She made spaghetti bolongese, but it was a strange one, with paprika and peppers through it. I really enjoyed it, but I got half of it on my shirt because we had already consumed half a bottle of this fancy French red wine before eating. It was really strong stuff, I only needed two glasses and I was gone. This friend and I are also going to Toys R Us this week. This will be my first trip to a Toys R Us. I know, that's insane. I'm 22 and I've never been in one, haha. I'm eager to buy a new plush or figurine to celebrate my first visit. I'll post a picture of whatever I buy next time I update my journal. The reason my friend is doing all this for me is because of recent happenings in my life. Someone who I've known for 2 years and been very close to has finally pushed me to cut off contact, which is really hurting for me too. But all we do is fight, and he judges the way I live and my lifestyle, my choices (which aren't always the smartest), and even the times that I call. I've done my best to keep this person happy, but I feel like I've failed, and since it hurts me so much when we fight, I've decided to tell him that we're no longer compatible personality-wise. He didn't take it very well, and hasn't been in touch since. I don't expect him to, since I apparently broke his heart. I'm just trying to do what's best for both of us. My student funding body are also being wankers. I've never had a pain-free experience with them, but I can understand why. See, I switched about two thirds way through my nursing degree to do counselling, so my funding changed. We also have a limit to our total funding, so I had to start paying some of my previous funding back in order to get funding for my new course. They settled with monthly payments of £20, which I can afford. Recently, things have been tough for me, and I've not had any money in my account for them, so as expected, they sent a letter to my mother. She called me on Saturday, telling me this, and I expected it. What I didn't expect was the £2000 bill. The letter apparently didn't specify where the number came from, just that I had to pay it off or I won't get funded for this year. Which starts in two weeks. So yeah, my dad is going to give them a call. I asked him to do it because whenever I phone them, all they do is push me to pay rather than work something out and talk to me like an adult. I can beg them for advice or some kind of reasonable monthly payment, and all I get back is "Do you want to make a payment now?". So yeah, waiting on feedback from that. But in the meantime, it's time to get my life together and focus on what's important. When/if I get student funding, I can start going to the gym again. I feel so lazy from the summer. I had to postpone my membership because I couldn't afford the monthly payments. So it's scheduled to start up again as soon as October arrives. I'm looking forward to getting out there and feeling good after a work out. Dat sauna. Kitty update! Reno is getting pretty tubby. He's really, really heavy too. When he comes over for hugs, he'll climb up onto my chest and fall asleep with his head just under my chin, and the weight! It's impressive actually, because he still runs around at the speed of light. I wouldn't say Reno's needing a diet just yet, but I'll be watching his kibble intake anyway. Nina is putting on weight too, which is a good thing. She's always been skinny, and it worried me so. But recently she's gotten a round little belly, and her fur feels softer too. I don't know what I'm doing right, but I better keep doing it! I've been playing a lot of Dragon Age 2 recently. It's actually very enjoyable. I've heard people complain about the recycled dungeons, and while I see their point, I don't think it's that bad. I play for the story and characters mostly anyway. And it has some very heart-warming references to Origins, which makes me smile. I need to draw sometime. I haven't made anything in a while. Feels bad man. I'll be doing something today, for sure! I've been saying that since Saturday, but today will be the day! I will draw something instead of losing myself to Dragon Age 2! Song of the day: Tip of the day: I've recently discovered that green tea is excellent for brightening up and clearing up skin. If you have acne or dry skin, try having a cup of green tea morning and night. You should notice the difference in less than a week. Green tea is also a great detox, flushing out toxins and aiding digestion. So if you're also wanting to diet, have a green tea with every meal. Try not to have too much though. You should have less than 6 cups a day, otherwise you'll be overdosing in nurtients, and that can result in complications later in life.