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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Starfox's fans I'm Esphirian a great StarFox fan since N64 and NGC. I have grow up with lot of games and Starfox, especialy Adventures and Assault were part of them. Now i'm Game Designer Junior and i've started to work one year ago on a personal project for making a tribute to Starfox Adventures with a total new approach. So I'm glad to share you today the trailer of my big fangame project. It's still in development and more video will come this summer like gameplay sequences and reworked lore explanation. I think it can interest some of you so I hope you will like it and give me feedbacks. Let's Rock'n'Roll:D
  2. Not sure if this should go in classic or general, please move if needs be. You might think a thread like this is a bit pointless considering we already have a straight remake on the 3DS and Zero which is basically a remake of 64, but hear me out! Starfox 64 might arguably be the best in the series, but that doesn't mean its immune to critisism, so I've been thinking of what could be done to improve the game if it were to be remade today. First off, the story. In my opinion the story serves its purpose well, but it is very bare bones. My ideal remake would flesh out the story and characters more, add more context specific dialogue, etc. and adding additional cutscenes in between missions. Level design- The level design in 64 can at times be boring, especially the All-Range missions. Lets take Sector Z for example, its meant to be a hazardous area with magnetic fluxuations and debris. So what if for that mission, your radar is hampered or disabled? Or perhaps in a series first you start in All-range mode then enter an on-rails segment, maybe the Great Fox's engines keep malfunctioning (Giving an good reason why tis just sitting there while missiles are targeting it). This is just one example of how the levels could be made more distinct and fun. Extras and unlockables- Lets face it, the game just simply needs more unlockables and bonuses. One thing I thought of was the dishes in the Corneria stage- You can destroy them, but it does nothing for your score. So what if in this hypothetical remake destroying these dishes unlocks a little bonus? Just little side objectives and optional bonuses that would really help add more replay value. This could also tie into the worldbuilding and lore- finding little secrets or completing mini objectives that unlock info about the planets, characters, ships, etc. would again add a lot to the overall experieince and give more drive to replay the levels. Those are just a few little ideas, but obviously this is an open discussion, so what would you add or change to make Starfox 64 to make it better?