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Found 6 results

  1. General_Macbeth

    Sprite Artist for Fan Fiction

    Good Afternoon dear SFO Community. I´m working with the User SNES1993 on my 2nd Star Fox Fan Fiction (the first one is in German) & i would like to make a custom Star Map of the Lylat System for it like this example here: Source: DeviantArt (User Tango458) So now i´m looking for someone who has experience in Sprite or Pixel Artwork which i could request or Commission (payment possible via PayPal) Please comment below if someone is interested in helping me creating the custom Map Regards G_Macbeth,
  2. RP Name/Title- Relaxation on Oceanus Style- Forum Theme- Casual RP Setting- Oceanus, my own created world that is mostly ocean like Aquas and Zoness, but with much more variety as you’ll see in the description, which is written for the most part like a commercial. Description- Oceanus, a world of endless beautiful seas, and tropical islands, and all the adventure you could ever crave along with fun and relaxation in the sun. *Camera pans in on a beautiful blonde haired female fishing cat in a leotard style bathing suit with a long surong* I, Casher Fishing-Cat, your lovely hostess, welcome you to this beautiful gem of the Lylat System. Oh, what’s that you say? What does Oceanus have that Zoness and Aquas don’t? Plenty! We have islands that are so heavily clustered together they form pseudo continents, *Picture of the planet showing this appears, looks like Corneria, but with all the continents clearly broken up into islands that indeed clustered tightly to form pseudo continents, then returns to Casher* and with them climates you won’t find on those other water worlds. Yes, we all have polar ice caps, that’s to be expected. *Cuts to picture of an active volcano* But do you know of any place on Zoness or Aquas with active volcanos like our biggest, Mt. Kajula? *Cuts to a scene of a jungle with all kinds of strange animals to be decided on by the reader's imagination what they are* Deep jungles with exotic wild life like the jungle of Mato-Jin? *Cuts to a picture of a snow capped mountain* Mountains of such height that there’s snow all year around, like Mt. Cerness our tallest mountain? *Cuts to a picture of a desert with oasis dotting the landscape, each a mile apart from the other in all directions* Lovely deserts with oasis every mile in any direction, like the Mozasis Desert? *Cuts to a picture of a pine forest* What about forests of pine trees, like Emerald Stone Park on the island of Siju? Yes, we also have palm tree forests on many of our islands, along with ruins of ancient civilizations. *Cuts to a picture of each environment as mentioned before cutting to a picture of a city at night with all the neon around* We also have busy cities with vibrant night life for you party animals who enjoy the late night partying. *Shows a video of people at a night club dancing to music by a DJ before cutting back to Casher* We do appreciate that you’ve chosen us so wisely though for your vacation destination, and I do hope to see you soon. Everything you could imagine is here, and I do mean EVERYTHING! I hope you do enjoy your stay. – Disclaimer: *Speed talker* Some activities may not be suitable for children, families with children are cautioned. Oceanus is not responsible for loss of property, money, or harm to persons taking part in risky activities. All other Lylat Laws apply. *Casher Again, this time in a bikini with a short surong, reclining on a beach chair at one of the beaches* Oceanus, it’s the paradise world you’ll love so much you’ll want to visit again and again! Further Details: The commercial gives an idea of what’s there on the world, but as it’s a casual RP, it’ll depend on those who join it to give the place some further development, along with what I myself do. The main island chain, Proximus, is where the visitors arrive, itself having a small sampling of what there is to find on the world of Oceanus. Now this will allow for violence to certain degrees, no more than what the board rules allow though. Same for certain *ahem* content *Cough cough* that is not allowed by forum rules. Keep it clean people, no more intimate stuff than what has been allowed in other rps so far, I don’t want this getting shut down because things got out of hand. Also, let’s keep continuity loose on this one, no ties to La Catalina or other rps unless absolutely necessary. Familiarity on the level of normal friendship is fine, much more than that can be allowed if properly explained and both of you are not planning to go inactive any time soon. Otherwise, have encounters feel like a sense of déjà-vu or something like that the first time they meet and they were more than friends in another rp. Sorry, but I feel it best not to bring any "baggage" from other rps into this attempt at a vacation rp. Light friendships from other rps as said are okay, or if characters are heavily tied into each others backgrounds as some people tend to do are also okay. But it must be no more than that. Unless you both have agreed that your characters are to be involved with each other in any rp you are in, even if the other isn’t in the rp. Just, make sure you won’t be bogged down. Nothing ruins an rp worse than being tangled up with someone else’s characters who isn’t active anymore for some reason. (Except god modding and auto hitting/power playing, but we all know that, don't we?) Now for some fun stuff. The cities have everything you could imagine or want, from gambling, to restaurants, to vibrant night clubs and bars, movie theaters, hotels. Everything associated with cities. The mountains provide for multiple sports like mountain and rock climbing to hiking and even spelunking. The forests are good for hiking and camping for the more ruggedly inclined. The deserts are great for dune buggy riding and racing, while the snowy areas are great for hockey, skiing, and other snow related sports. Jungles are good for safaris, the more thrill seeking individuals will want to take advantage of the walking safaris, though vehicular safaris are available for those faint of heart. Obviously, the beaches are great for those who want to sun bathe and participate in aquatic sports like swimming. There's also joining archaeological digs and digging for treasure in the ruins. There are hotels in the cities, as well as cabins in the forests as well as other specially themed accommodations all throughout the world. Just stay away from military zones and other restricted areas unless you actually want to get in trouble with the authorities. But why do that? They’re not messing with you it would seem… There’s also the question of why your character(s) would be there, or rather, how they can get there. Simply put, if they have a ship or access to one, they can get there fine. Just that your accommodations may not be that ritzy if you’re not that flush in cash. (In other words, you’ll be staying in a self made or purchased tent for your vacation, or your ship if it can allow for living in it.) Also, don’t be afraid to interact with other people’s characters. Let’s see how things work in a sort of intimate setting as vacations can often provide. Make this like the vacation of your dreams if you wish. Just keep the rules in mind, and we’ll be golden. Goal- Find adventure on Oceanus, relax, have fun, enjoy your vacation. Just don’t ruin it by POing the authorities or the wrong people. Player count- Minimum of four players including myself, no limit on max size. Now let’s see how fast this crashes and burns in the request forum assuming the boards aren't quiet enough to allow for a fourth casual rp. XD;; Also, wanted to wait before trying to run an rp here, but I'm so itching for rping that I need an outlet for it. Something casual and semi-simple seems good for a first time trying to run a forum RP in over ten years. That is, if it's not a total mess of a request, and actually gets approved and enough people get interested enough to get it going.
  3. RP: Take Over, Again Style: Forum Theme: Divide and Conquer; Self Reference; Persona Reference Purpose: Secure power and influence over SFO Setting: A virtual realm structured in the semblance of SFO where your form is your persona Player Count: No foreseeable caps, minimum 3 active players Goal**: Find your place in a multifaceted war. Successfully bring SFO to its knees with under Shen's infinite wisdom; or, continue the establishment as a Staff member while knowingly or unknowingly being on payroll of an external influence; or, deal arms and slander while printing money under the encroaching Zimbabwean empire; or, walk a path of neutrality as a denizen of SFO. **Due to balancing concerns, playable roles may be modified depending on the player count. Roles: Rebellion: Combat the establishment through an organized effort to steal the seat of power: the mythical User Compliance Device Staff: Uphold the law of the land, in the name of the Honorable DZ Zimbabwe: At the behest of the High Executor, His Orange, fuel and further the corruption of the Staff with any manner of bribery, influence, or intimidation Unaffiliated: Find your own way in the midst of chaos Story: Having followed the chronicle of the users before, a team of divergent users have broken from the line of obedience, and have traveled to the Dead Threads to plan a coup in their community in silent earnest. Many sunrises and moons pass, and having gathered old and new blood alike, their plan advances...
  4. Shmibli7

    The Bank

    Name: The Bank Style: Forum Theme: Intrigue, deception, clandestine combat. Description: Corneria is a main target for galactic terrorismbut the populace is largly ignorant to the ones who orchestrate the plots against their homeworld. Why? Because an organization known only to a few members of the Cornerian Secret Service as "The Bank" gets to them first. This group, known for their swift methods and trademark calling cards shaped as bank notes, is a global syndecate of professional killers with hearts of gold. These people are called in by rich informants who want threats to Corneria's security gone. A time limit is given to eliminate the target and the rest is set into motion. However, there are some who oppose this syndecate and what they stand for... Player Count: Minimum (Including Myself): 2 Maximum (Including Myself):5 Goal: To take down various threats to Corneria's or try to shut down The Bank.
  5. Jimmy Darnell

    The Apocalypse: A New Begining

    RP Name/Title- The Apocalypse: A New Beginning Style- Chat Theme- Post apocalypse Setting- Post apocalyptic America and the year is 2040 Description-the setting is of course, america, the year is 2040. Around the year 2030, A group of scientist's had made Artificial Intelligence {AKA A.I.'s} possible. In the year 2031, the president said that they would integrate the A.I. into their military. About 2 months later, it went rouge and nuked the planet, killing herself in the process. many perished, but some able to survive the assault survived in underground bunkers miles below the surface. groups were sent out of the bunker a few years later to go and find civilization.{ all characters that are mentioned are furry's, if you would like to be a human character, please specify by saying -my character 'insert name here' is human- at the very top of the post your first post} Goal-that may spoil the plot, wouldn't it? Player count- any that wanna enter. do I need to show my first post also? (will include the description, and a back story for my 3 chars.)
  6. I've been thinking for some time about doing this. And I came to the decision to at least give it a try. Can't be any worse than the RP to get rejected. RP Name/Title Avalanche: A question of interest Style This will be a Forum based RP, players will post their actions and maybe their estimations as to the impact on their environment. I will check on the thread regularly enough to be able to interject if something they do doesnt work, requires a roll or in any other way can't just stand there as itself. An investigation/protection type adventure set in a setting I'm restructuring to be an own one for an own specific ruleset. creating failed states <-> maintaining dictatorships Setting A former Royal governor's mansion within the Kandu subdomain on it's core world Kandu Apesphere 08 or presently known as Ushindi; For where it starts, as the characters don't just randomly get warped there, please see the 'Character sheet' section. Goal To keep the assigned protégé alive during and throughout a negotiation on a warchief's homeworld Player count- 3-5 So let's do this. First, a few details to the setting. Present setting Description Technical details Separation of Fauna Parallel-World-Dogma Rules: Schooling Right, now on to RP-related rules. Guidelines