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Found 11 results

  1. Pre-battle dialog FOX: YOU! KRYSTAL: Fox? FOX: Krystal, you're too late. KRYSTAL: What happened? FOX: You abandoned me. That's what. KRYSTAL: Sniff... Fox... I'm sorry... I’m so sorry… sob… sob… FOX: It's too late for that. Now, I rule this system. FOX: You betrayed Star Fox and left me stranded. FOX: I was forced to work on planet Kew and you never came back for me. FOX: All that's left in my heart is misery and despair... FOX: And now, you must pay! KRYSTAL: Fox, joining Star Wolf was a mistake. I shouldn’t have been so… bitter… FOX: I saved you, but you fell in love with Panther Caroso. KRYSTAL: That's not true, Fox! I love you! KRYSTAL: Please Fox, this isn't you! Star Fox defeated the Anglars, not Star Wolf! FOX: LIES!!! KRYSTAL: No, really! It was Xehanort who did this. He changed the ending! KRYSTAL: Please, Fox! I’m sorry!!! FOX: STOP LYING!!! KRYSTAL: I’m not! I was supposed to rejoin Star Fox, not betray you. KRYSTAL: Please Fox, you have to remember! I need you back! FOX: I... can't...... I’m… too… weak……. Help…. Me……. KRYSTAL: Fox? FOX: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!! FOX: FOOL! I will never forgive you. I am the new Andross! Now, I will destroy you!!! KRYSTAL: Fox… Sniff... Please... forgive me... Post battle dialog FOX: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! FOX: Ugh… what happened? FOX: Oh, no… what have I done?... What have I become? KRYSTAL: FOX! You’re okay! FOX: Who are you!?! KRYSTAL: Fox, it’s me, Krystal. FOX: I don’t… know you… KRYSTAL: Fox, please! You got to remember who I am! You saved me from being trapped inside a giant crystal. FOX: I... don’t... remember anything... like that... KRYSTAL: Fox, please! I’m really sorry that I joined Star Wolf. KRYSTAL: I should never have had that relationship with Panther. KRYSTAL: I love you, Fox. Please, remember. FOX: I... I... I....... * Fox’s memories of Krystal returning * FOX: Krystal...? Is that you? What happened? * Fox sees what he did to Lylat as Dark Fox * FOX: Oh, no... I killed everyone… how did this happen!?! KRYSTAL: Fox, that wasn’t you. It was Xehanort. KRYSTAL: He poisoned your mind and your heart with darkness. KRYSTAL: Forget what he told you, Fox. Xehanort made you into a new Andross. It wasn’t your fault. It was mine. FOX: Did we… really… use that… device to…. make Venom more… beautiful? KRYSTAL: Yes. FOX: Then, how did that… creep in black… make it so we… didn’t? KRYSTAL: I… don’t know. He came out of nowhere and… altered the future. FOX: Krystal… I’m sorry for not believing you. It’s just… KRYSTAL: No, Fox. I’m sorry. For breaking our bond. For being stupid and joining Star Wolf. FOX: What?! You’re… apologizing? KRYSTAL: Yes, Fox. Because, I love you. FOX: Sniff… Thank you... I love you, too. FOX: Krystal… If we survive all this... I want to... just... take things... easy… KRYSTAL: What about Star Fox? FOX: I can't... do that anymore... especially after... all this... KRYSTAL: If you want to take things easy, let's fight Xehanort together! FOX: Okay… FOX: Wait, did you dye your hair purple? KRYSTAL: Oh… yeah. I dyed it when I called myself Kursed. I better wash it off. FOX: Don’t. It looks good on you. KRYSTAL: Really? You like it? FOX: Yeah… * Fox slides his mother’s ring with a sapphire gem onto Krystal’s finger * FOX: You like the ring? KRYSTAL: I love it! FOX: Good, I had the gem put in right after the Aparoid invasion... FOX: I knew back then you were going to be my wife someday. KRYSTAL: You had it this whole time? FOX: Yeah, waited for the perfect time... to give it to you. KRYSTAL: It was worth the wait, wasn't it? FOX: Yeah, it was... you're going to make a beautiful bride. KRYSTAL: I can't wait to see you in a tux. FOX: I can't... wait till you become my... wife... KRYSTAL: I am already yours, Fox... and you ain't going to lose me... not now... not ever! FOX: Okay. C'mon, Krystal! Let's make one last run. Our final mission… together. KRYSTAL: Then, we can retire and settle? FOX: Yeah. You’ve always been a part of my heart and just yours was. KRYSTAL: Those Star Wolf goons aren’t my friends… Star Fox is. FOX: I guess we both made a mistake. KRYSTAL: Don’t worry, Fox. We’ll always be together. I promise. FOX: Really? Thank you. *Fox and Krystal kiss as ROB gives Fox a Star Fox Keyblade* ROB: Fox, I have something for you. FOX: What’s this? KRYSTAL: A Keyblade. I asked ROB to forge it for you. Hopefully, it will give us the power to defeat Xehanort and it will be all over. FOX: For me? Thanks, ROB. FOX: Now, let’s go beat Xehanort for good! Then we can retire.
  2. SLIPPY: Yay! This is AWESOME! SLIPPY: The Anglars are history, and Krystal is back with the team! SLIPPY: Now we just have to file our report with Peppy! We should go find him! FALCO: Don't pretend, frog. You just want to go see your new squeeze! SLIPPY: Tee hee hee! You've discovered my ruse! FOX: Ruse or no, we're plotting a course for Aquas. ROB: Great Fox prepped and ready for launch. FOX: Let's go! YOUNG XEHANORT: Not so fast, Fox. FOX: Who are you? *Young Xehanort reverses time and tells Krystal to leave without Fox* Young Xehanort had changed the ending “Fox and Krystal” to “Star Wolf Returns”… Star Wolf rises! Across Lylat, people talk of Wolf O'Donnell and his courageous crew. But they are less kind to Krystal, feeling that she was wrong to abandon Star Fox. But she ignores the talk and proceeds with her new life as a member of Star Wolf. Eventually, the slings and arrows of the populace are too much to bear. They begin to hiss as she walks by, and name her traitor to her face. She is alone... and hated. She pulls away from Star Wolf and tries to find meaning in this new, cruel world. Haunted by her past, Krystal abandons her life and flees to a distant galaxy. Changing her name to Kursed, she survives by collecting bounties on the worst scum in the galaxy. Years later, she runs into Fox during a job on planet Kew... He does not recognize her. Kursed saw that Fox was miserable and tried to apologize, but Fox was tortured by his past and he refused to remember. Then, Young Xehanort had offered him an opportunity to remove the pain. Kursed refused to allow Fox to accept his offer, but he did. Thus, his heart became corrupted with darkness as he became an evil emperor by the name Dark Fox. Dark Fox has brought doom to Lylat and Star Fox and Star Wolf to their demise. He ruled all of Lylat and anyone who stood in his way had met their end. Kursed began to cry, realizing that she had made an awful mistake joining Star Wolf. The populace was enslaved and no one dared to fight back against Dark Fox’s evil empire. Kursed found ROB 64, informing her that Dark Fox is on planet Venom, planning to resurrect Andross and destroy Corneria. She refused to help because she was concerned that she too might meet her end and never live to see Fox again. Suddenly, fate has come as Mickey Mouse emerges from a corridor of light. Kursed was told that that only true love can expel the darkness from Fox and return him to his form of light. The darkness cannot be destroyed by an Arwing, her Cloud Runner or her staff, so she was given the special Keyblade of darkness to fight back against Dark Fox’s army. She changed her name back to Krystal as she heads for Venom to put an end to this horrible nightmare for good.
  3. DZComposer

    Dodging Searchlights

  4. DZComposer

    ROB 64

    From the album: Concept Art

    Art by Hidetomo Komaki
  5. DZComposer