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Found 3 results

  1. StarFoxSquadie97

    A Fox in the Stars OC Collection

    All my Ocs and their information will posted here Watch this space i got 7 OCS I'll first post my OGS then i'll post my newer characters Name: Lenora Rochelle Glacecia Age: 20 Physically mental age 17 Race: Cornerian Snow Lepoard Origin: Corneria Home: Corneria Sex: Female Height: 5'8" Weight: 9 stone 4lbs Build: Tall and Lanky Eyes: Hazel Hair: Redish Auburn Family: TBD Alignment: Lawful Good Personality: Shy and reserved normally when talking about work talkative and loud Background: Lenora is Miyu and Fay's friend from the acadamy and she's rather shy and reserved unless she's talking about her job then she can go on and on about it for hours but normally she finds non work related conversation very hard to talk about due to her lack of intersting hobbies and interests. She becomes a raging ragaholic when angry and will lose most of her self control if things get to much for her making her powerful but reckless Abilities: Blaster, Sword and Piloting
  2. Springtrap

    Adventures of the Star Fox team

    RP Name/Title- Adventures of the Star Fox team Style- (Chat or forum?) Forum Theme- Star Fox Setting- The Lylat System Description- This RP is about the Star Fox team reviving their lost family members and having to go through Andross and Star Wolf to do it. Goal- Revive their lost family members and defeat Andross and Star Wolf. Player count- 18-20
  3. vonSteakhand

    Shell Game

    Name- Shell Game Style- Forum Theme- Conversation/Mystery Setting- Corneria (Office, cafe) Description- Pigleon Claimston. An average Joe, working at his insurance company day after day, filing paperwork and pointing out obvious attempts at insurance fraud. Little does he know that a case as seemingly open and shut as this one could have a far greater impact on both his life, and the lives of people much more important than himself... ... Kamil Khan. A shady fellow. Some call him a "privateer". Some call him an "asset". Some just call him an "ass". But regardless of what he's called, the man still has a rather questionable history. Kamil had commited dozens of crimes in the past, and gotten away scott-free with the help of some rather convincing sums of cash. But he won't be getting off near as easily this time. What might the first serious crime that he couldn't pay his way out of be? Not murder, not assault, not even robbery. But rather, something as comparatively petty as insurance fraud. With evidence piling up at an alarming rate, and a long jail sentence threatening his pirate lifestyle, he decides that the only way to save himself from imprisonment is to somehow convince the investigatior to drop all charges. (TL;DR: A private, prediscussed roleplay between leafkin and I in which his character tries to convince mine to drop charges of insurance fraud.) Goal- Kamil Kahn to convince Pigleon Claimston to drop the case. Player count- 2 (Kamil Kahn: (Pigleon Claimston )