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Found 2 results

  1. The purpose of this RP is simple, a multi -verse pocket dimension where your OCS and popular characters can mengle and do random fun stuff. The only thing is no sexual activity will take place on this thread. I'd also ask you to respect all site rules, to be civil and respect your fellow members. Be safe and please refer to the site please. Thank you and happy role playing. There is not a set number limit to role players. It is a drop in drop out RP. As to the location of where this all takes place can vary depending on player preference: an arena, a city, desert plain, etc. ... You are surrounded by grey earth and black sky. It's up to you to color it and give it life. Suddenly someone approaches! Its... SCP-049? Info: SCP-049: what is this place? How did I get here? Hmmm...guess I'll just wait until someone arrives. *the ancient plague doctor sits on the gray ground with his arms around his legs and his knees pointed up toward the nose of his white plague mask.* (RP has started, use an official character from any fandom or an oc you have created.) (...if no one posts soon, I will close this RP)
  2. BLOCKLAND! Blockland is a singleplayer and Multiplayer sandbox game where you can build things in the game. If you have an idea that you want to build you can build it with lego-like bricks here in the game. Don't want to build but rather fight with other players? Got that for you. Want to modify the game to make more interesting? We've been there, and we have the most easiest way to add mods or "Add-Ons" is what their called to the game! Blockland's v21 Trailer for steam keep in mind there is another trailer but it's outdated since the maps were removed in v21 Blockland was made by Eric "Badspot" Hartman back in 2003 out of sheer boredom making it the oldest building game there is before Roblox in 2005 and 2006 and Minecraft in 2009. It was initially released in 2007. Blockland was made on Torque which is an old game engine from 1999 only till v21 in 2012 did they added dynamic lighting (Shadders and Shadows) into the game and a day and night cycle. The game is fairly simple with the controls using the WASD keys to move and the mouse to look around. There is a tutorial of sorts when go to "Start a Game" for the first time. Blockland gives you a selection of "gamemodes" of what to play, Freebuild to build anything in the game, Speedkart where you race other players to get to the finish line (with the greatest Vehicles physics of all time), Rampage where you click every brick on a random build to destroy them and get bigger each time you level up. There are more gamemodes but I think I'll leave that up to you folks. Some people on Blockland are able "script" the game using wrench events, it basically like scripting only you're scripting a random brick or so to do something interesting and some people had actually made some neat things with wrench events. (From I just read that this wasn't *entirely* evented but if Teneksi ever finds this thread and site, and sees this, I'm dead) The game is easily modified, the mods here are called "Addons" and you can download addons from the Blockland Forums or Steam's community, or "Blockland Glass" (Which I found out is a replacement for Return to Blockland (RTB).) I'll have an instruction on how to add addons onto blockland. Now Blockland today is completely different than it was before v21. Originally it had maps called "Interiors and Terrains" which gives the player the feeling of being an actual mini-figure (Which Blockland was actually almost bought by Lego.) What Blockland look liked before v21 Then on the Blockland Forums one of the admins who helped working on Blockland showed the community the dynamic lighting in the game but this of course meant the maps had to be removed. But basically, the update came and maps were removed for the better of Blockland (Maps were old and dynamic looked really bad on the maps) I joined Blockland during v19 So I got a chance to experience the maps. The game is about $5 bucks or so than it use to cost (which was $20 bucks) and is one of the few games that requires an "Authentic Key" which is given when you buy the game on either steam or the site itself Hopefully you guys will enjoy the game since I'm the *Only* Blockland player on the site here >_>' But with that, that's all! --Quadroline.