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Found 4 results

  1. Quadroline

    Sim Earth

    After the success of the first Sim City, Will Wright and Maxis create a new game which everyone thought it was a squeal and that game was Sim Earth! (Sim Earth "Classics" box art) Sim Earth is not regarded as a "Game". Maxis has officially stated that Sim Earth is a "Software Toy", but to prevent any confusion let's refer it as a "game". Also if you known me from before you know that on my profile my first banner I used was actually from the game itself! In the game You're given a lot of scenarios to play/experiment with "Modern Earth" being one of them. The game is used as a model that Maxis uses known as the "Gaia Theory" in which everything on the planet (Including us) is affected by our surroundings and regulates as if the planet is one huge "Organism" (Click Gaia Theory for more info) "And they thought climate change was a hoax HA!" Gameplay is rather simple and can be uninteractive at times since you're just similating a planet rather than a city but the general task that players are to deal with is to regulate the planet as it ages till it reaches 10 billion years old when it's star dies and engulfs the planet itself killing everything on the planet. What you can do to make the planet interesting is that you can teak the planet's formation and planetary surface, manipulate life's genetics, reproduction, mutations, and Heat tolerance, regulate weather on the planet or just using god powers to create land, oceans. Or place Black slab that towers every species on the planet that causes one of them to grow a brain. In Sim Earth there are Four "Timescales" on the "Random Planet" Scenario you start with the "Geological Timescales" which is the birth your planet as time moves on you can continue to regulate the planet and if you have a lot creative juice you can pretend to have your said planet's lore or so forth. Later on you'll move onto the other three timescales such as the "Evolutionary Timescale" and if one of the species on the planet gains Sentience (Bird people can be a thing) You'll move onto the "Civilization Timescale" and "Technology Timescale" When that happens you can regulate/manipulate Civilization on it's resources, culture, medicine, and Moral. "I set Nuclear Investment to max and place morals at a all time low" --Some Youtube comment Civilization comes in two timescales that I mentioned before and seven Ages of technology Stone Age Bronze Age Iron Age Industrial Age Atomic Age Information Age <<< WHERE WE AREA ACTUALLY (1992 CE - Present) Nano Age (The future?) The first three are part of the "Civilization Timescale" in which players are now task of making sure Civilization on the planet doesn't fall due to wars, plagues, and natural disasters as cities are built up around the globe. The next Four are part of the "Technology timescale" in which players task to make sure civilization doesn't fall and prevent pollution from disrupting the planet's balance... And also prevent Global Thermonuclear War from erupting around the planet. Finally Civilization will reached the "Exodus" and every city on the global will be launched into space to start colonization on other stars, and their homeworld will become a nature preserver to which Life will repeat the process long into the planet's Death. There are also other ports of the game; one for the Sega Turbo Graphix engine and the well liked SNES Port which has a soundtrack of it's own, along with the fact that it was made to have goals for each scenario with the last one being a new scenario. There's also the "Daisyworld" Scenario in which is uses the Gaia Theory model into the test with Daisies populating the globe. And that's Sim Earth. Kinda sounds like one of the blueprints of an god game *COUGHCOUGH*SPORE*COUGH* But if you are interested with this game; I would suggest getting a legit copy for the SNES but if want to play the MS DOS/Original and/or too Lazy to buy a hard copy then Emulation would be the answer! But that's all I have to say leave a comment if like, Bye Now!
  2. So before we start I'm gonna put this as a heads up or somethin' I don't do the math very well I may know some things regarding Physical Science >_> With that said, lets begin So last night I watched a video from "It's okay to be smart" about Space Combat I'll have the video here. So it got me thinking; how would space flight would work when it come to exploration and combat. We know that most games seem to be at least getting this concept some what right with some few inaccuracies such as blasters an all. But it led me to making this thread. So what would our space craft should look like. We need to know that in outer space; one or two of the four things that usually important for an aircraft is not needed which are. Lift Thrust Weight Drag Since in space Weight and Lift may not be needed unless I'm wrong of course. And Blasters would cause the spacecraft to slowdown. So my question is; How would space flight and combat work?
  3. This is a side project I'm gonna be doing while I think of a good design for Miri and the other mimiga (because I have a hard time drawing rabbit legs or somthin') One City remaining- The story of 'The unknown race' demise and destruction. As this was told the project known as "Monolith" was only an idea at the time: To create sentient beings that can walk on two legs, can use tool, and create Civilization. As the title implies the story was told by a scientist who among the survivors, and scientists who have survived the Nuclear Holocaust and now occupy the only city remaining of their civilization. Which is located at the southern tip of the continent that is the size of Europe, it is also the same continent where the anthropomorphic races live which takes place before the project was successful. At the very least it isn't restricting as Apollo (My main project) "What is the unknown race" It's difficult to say, I can't be sure what could "they" be. "How futuristic are they" They are a Nano Age society. The Nano Age is the last Age of the technological timescale and the successor of the Information Age (an Age we're still in currently) "Why are they survivors?" They survived because of a Nuclear War that erupted they were able to access to the last city that hasn't been target yet. "what is the city?" The city is a skyscraper based city there very little small buildings like houses and so, most of these towers are around 80-142 stories tall it's about the size of Rome, the city is also protected by two walls, one that goes around and that's heavily reinforced by Steel and the other wall is a invisible shell that cover the city. The wall are built to keep any Artificially Sentient-made in the Stone to Iron Age out. The shell like wall is an electrical shield to destroy bombs or missiles from penetrating into the city. The city is also provide food from "Underground Farm" which produces wheat, grapes, and other food sources. This city is a city-state and the residence are mainly scientists who want research their finding and discoveries who into: Biology, Geology, Astronomy, etc. Families are invited but cannot live in the city. "How do we enter the city?" It's a long process. to enter the city you have to take a underground railway which is located 250 miles away from the city. Once you get pass the rail way the next area is an identity detector and to see if you're either Safe to go in or Hostile. After that you need to walk through the cave which someone will guild you along the way. You can't die from lack of oxygen though because the cave has vents which is connected to surface once you pass through the cave the second gate is railroad station and from there you are able to enter the city. The main goal is that you need to survive and roam around the city as you talk to your acquaintances about your past (which before the nuclear war) and after the nuclear war. Along with a scientist who talks about his own past as well.
  4. I suppose there is not a general thread for actual science focused in space. Spacecraft, possibility of new space missions, launch streams, news, pictures, etc, it all goes here. I'm already leaving something for you all to discuss; Advanced space travel, and the best, apparently it's possible! -Gizmodo Thoughts? (I'll be posting more when i can. I'll also post livestreams of spacecraft launches if there are any.) Oh, and if you're a night sky photographer, feel free to post your own photos.