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Found 3 results

  1. Im kinda surprised that there's few topics on Zero being made. I mean Zero's been out for a while & its the same old people with few topics on Zero, let alone interesting ones. It looks like a clear sign that the game barley had any sufficient content to talk about. Anyways, according to a video game analyst, Zero was not profitable at all & hasn't sold 500,000 worldwide. I doubt it'll be the last Star Fox game but I do hope Nintendo learns their lesson; Dont force the player to change views with motion controls & having empty/dull all-range levels with a horrible rewarding system doesn't work in 2016 especially if it's going at $60.
  2. Zero is coming out next month & its wired that we barely have any new information on it yet. Usually Nintendo console games are marketed pretty well & by the time the game is out we know what to expect however this is not the case with SFZ. We don't really know what to expect and what they've shown us is underwhelming and somewhat comparable to Command. Both Zero & Command lack sufficient trailers before release, both games implemented innovated ways to play, and both games resemble Star Fox 2. Some of us thought at the time that touch screen controls would be good but turns out they weren't. Some of us also thought it would be nice to see SF2 elements return but after playing through timed and constant all-range mode missions we probably changed our minds. It seems Zero is taking the same route as Command however I would like to stress that unlike Command, the dev's working on Zero kept the interesting elements from SF2 so far. This is great and to top it all off the motion controls are optional (which weren't in command) yet, one thing still bugs me and its that Star Fox Zero (the game that will restart the series for the 3rd time) lacks publicity. I mean think about it, there's less then 40 days & we barley know anything. If this is the game that will relaunch the franchise then would't they want to release more information? So what are your thoughts concerning Zero's future & do you think it's comparable to Command?
  3. I haven't seen much activity in the SFZ section of the forums so I decided to do this. Sometimes you're just stuck in the middle, you can't decided whether or not to buy a game. If you're on the same road list your opinions and discuss any future change the game might get that will convince you to buy SF Zero Reasons why I would buy it - Haven't played a new Star Fox game in a while - Has Star Fox 64 elements Reasons why I wouldn't buy it - Levels look too barren - $60 for a single-player only game is a bit too much imo