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Found 9 results

  1. Thought this was pretty interesting.
  2. Guest

    Atari spacecraft designs

    So, Space! The final frontier! We all know our space crafts and star fighters and all such as The Enterprise, X-Wings, Y-Wings, Arwings, The Great Fox, The Kestrel, all that stuff. But did you know that Atari had some spacecrafts of it own?? Yeah, most of them were for Asteroids but there were some for other games such as Defender, Star Raiders, and even games that have the Space theme going on. (My favorite ship here)vvv These are most of the box art I could find on google for each starship design Atari had made. Hopefully we can see how each ship would work. With that said Atari spacecrafts have basic futuristic techs as you can think in any generic space story or so. But we can find away to perfect these ships if we want. But the abilities each ship have are as listed; Photon Blasters Photon Torpedoes Shields FTL Drive Hyperspace Drive Since their star fighters just like any other star fight; small enough so they can maneuver at a fast rate if they needed to. Again they're sorta average but if you want a way to improve them we can continue to discuss them here or at the other thread I'm also holding. That's all!
  3. So before we start I'm gonna put this as a heads up or somethin' I don't do the math very well I may know some things regarding Physical Science >_> With that said, lets begin So last night I watched a video from "It's okay to be smart" about Space Combat I'll have the video here. So it got me thinking; how would space flight would work when it come to exploration and combat. We know that most games seem to be at least getting this concept some what right with some few inaccuracies such as blasters an all. But it led me to making this thread. So what would our space craft should look like. We need to know that in outer space; one or two of the four things that usually important for an aircraft is not needed which are. Lift Thrust Weight Drag Since in space Weight and Lift may not be needed unless I'm wrong of course. And Blasters would cause the spacecraft to slowdown. So my question is; How would space flight and combat work?
  4. So I was in chat, well chatting with a user; when we stumbled onto the topic of how well do ya know starfox? So I decided to post this topic, hoping someone could answer this question. Is there a "how well do you know starfox?' test or something close to it? Thanks for reading.
  5. Ori

    Star Conflict

    Thought should share about this game with SFO: Star Conflict is a free-to-play (with premium items, obviously) space shooter MMO based mainly on team play against the enemies (bots in 'scenarios' (much like MvM) and other players in 'arcade'). There's that huge tech tree and a carp ton of ships you earn as you level and get credits as a pilot for one of three factions, that you can switch to and from later into the game. There is also a group system ('Corporations'/'Corp') that allows players to join much like a 'fleet' system in Star Trek Online. You can also team up with people you add into your friends list, and some more stuff I didn't reach yet. (low rank player FTW, derp) Anybody here ever played this? What's the thoughts on the game?
  6. I was going to post this thread in the first minute i registered, but i forgot it. Ah well!... It's my programming... Maybe a video first? 6 Minutes of a Orbiter clip: Orbiter Space Flight Simulator: Orbiter is a freeware, physics-driven and largely expandable space flight simulation software made for Windows. In Orbiter you can fly the Space Shuttle in its golden days to the ISS, try out the interesting Delta-Glider; a single-stage-to-orbit concept, or go even further, 'to boldly go where no furry man has ever gone before' and download the WarpDrive modules from OrbitHangar Mods, which work well with the wide array of Star Trek and Star Wars mods, and if you feel nostalgic, we have a low-poly Arwing which i think that is from SF64. Sorry, that's what we have available. The simulator was created by Martin Schweiger Ph. D, originally starting its development in 2000. With the years, a whole community grew interested in the flight sim. There are people of many age groups and nationalities in Orbiter-Forum. Here are some of the noticeable names over there: Martin Schweiger, creator and main Orbiter developer. 'Tex', O-F admin and famous Orbiter movie maker. Douglas 'dbeachy1' E. Beachy, O-F admin and software engineer. Founder of the virtual space agency 'Altea Aerospace' and team lead of the XR Spacecraft series. Daniel 'DanSteph' Polli, creator of the sound module OrbiterSound and a series of addons which add immersion and realism to the sim, like Delta-Glider IV and Universal Cars and Cargos for Orbiter. (UCGO) Yuri 'Kulch' Kulchitsky, developer of various addons which vary from Universal Payload Manager to ENERGY Project, which features the Energia launch vehicle. Kev 'Kev33' Shanow, developer of various aircraft/spacecraft addons, Orbiter-compatible 64[?] Arwing developer. [You?] Why 'you'? Because Orbiter supports the creation of addons, using the C++ language and a bit of LUA, which GMod developers may already know a bit of. With some time, you have the chance to get famous*! It is also easy to retexture and reskin things, as long as you have a editor that supports saving in .DDS (DirectDraw surface format). Want to develop a new star system? An fully functional and accurate Arwing? Something new? It's all up to you to choose. *:In Orbiter-Forum. But as mentioned before, it's a steep learning curve to learn orbital mechanics. In O-F, there are tutorials and how-to's to basically everything in Orbiter. Even so, it will take you some practice to get a hang of the controls and how everything works in the simulator. Note, however, that it's not impossible in any meaningful way. : Main Orbiter Site : Main Orbiter Add-on Distribution : Orbiter-Forum : Altea Aerospace : Dan's Orbiter Page (Oh well, i think this might be pretty *too* much enough for a proper introduction. )
  7. Ori

    Kerbal Space Program Kerbal Space Program The game is something I used to have tons of fun back in the free Alpha. (Actually planning to buy the retail version soon.) Like the site states, trial-and-failure tests until you build your first spacecraft, and manage to put it into orbit and beyond. (Now getting it back down is a different issue) In the game you are in charge of making the spacecraft for these little guys, the Kerbals, and all that in a simple-yet-fun way in a similar fashion to the SPORE creators: Click and drag, mess around and hope it works. The best of it all, you don't need to be a real astrophysicist to play; It's all about testing and fun. (Though, if you're familiarized with space flight, it will make things easier. ) O-F Member's comments: The demo is free for everyone, while the retail version is USD $23,00. I highly recommend this game. For me, it's that mix between learning and crazy fun.
  8. Ori

    Endless Space

    I agree with this guy. Endless Space is a game developed by Amplitude Studios, available through Steam that, among many features, has an really diversified range of tech and weapons. The 4X strategy game also has 9 playable factions (+1 extra for Emperor Edition), several ship designs for each faction, various hero units that can use abilities such as Gravity Well, reasonably big galaxies to play at maximum size, and diverse ways to achieve victory. 4X games are the good strategy ones, the 'X's being "eXplore, eXpand, eXploit", and everyone's favorite; The game's battle system has basically two key elements; how strong your military is, and how your "Battle Cards" are used. Battle Cards basically are the type of strategy that your fleets will use. They can also perform other actions when a hero is assigned. The ships are not completely customizable as in shape, being the factor to define how they will look like the faction you pick, but which weapons/modules or how much defense/anti-missile it will have that are custom. You can create several classes with different attributes even if you have only one ship type. And there's more I may add to the thread later, since I'm short in time here. So, opinions and thoughts on the game?
  9. I suppose there is not a general thread for actual science focused in space. Spacecraft, possibility of new space missions, launch streams, news, pictures, etc, it all goes here. I'm already leaving something for you all to discuss; Advanced space travel, and the best, apparently it's possible! -Gizmodo Thoughts? (I'll be posting more when i can. I'll also post livestreams of spacecraft launches if there are any.) Oh, and if you're a night sky photographer, feel free to post your own photos.