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Found 4 results

  1. Despite of the game's many flaws it has an ending in which it allows you to go the center of the galaxy Want to know what it is? Well first watch the video then check the spoiler tag to see what it is!
  2. Greetings, Star Fox Zero has been in waiting for people for a long time, today is finally the day. Does it live to the Star Fox name? Some critics don't seem to think so, others do. It's been a mixed bag. Honestly I am really loving this game, but I can see where the issues lie. ANY SPOILERS I WILL PUT HIDDEN CONTROLS First off and pretty well known to everyone, the controls take a lot of time to understand. I don't think their horrible but they are awkward and take hours of gameplay to really get them down. Once gotten down, they are a bit useful. The idea of moving the targeting around your arwing and taking enemies down in a more open range is awesome. The twin stick is also a little confusing and at times clunky but again, after some time I figured it out and was able to play along. Overall the controls are very awkward so I strongly recommend spending some time getting used to them, after a few levels you should pick up on how they work. STORY The story is very old time Star Fox related. Basically, it's the Lylat wars. The same story we've known from Star Fox on the SNES, and Star Fox 64. Not much really changes besides the whole portal thing (seen in the trailers) so its very familiar. I like it but I know some other common players wanted something a little more different so again a mixed bag here. GPAPHICS/LEVEL DESIGN I love these levels. For Star Fox its something new, its something amazing to look at. I literally went back to one level just to look around a little bit. While the planet names are mostly similar to the originals, they definetly gave them a Wii U shine. Sure, its not PS4/Xbox One graphics, but its a damn good transition from past Star Fox games, and it looks great. I think the visuals and the overall good frame rate is amazing. The frame drops here and there but its nothing horrible, DZ posted a video a while back from another Youtuber, at worst its about 45 FPS, maybe a giant explosion in a cutscene it goes to 30 FPS but usually not during gameplay. Overall visually this game is great, at least in my opinion. MUSIC/VOICE ACTING/SOUNDS The music is quite great. Well put together, uses new and old songs. I think after the music complaints in Star Fox 64 3D they wanted to show they can make an amazing soundtrack and boy did they. I love the music. The voices are much better than in SF643D, they sounded like they actually cared about their jobs. The sound effects are good overall, a couple sounded a little cheap but nothing that makes a major issue. SCORING/MEDAL SYSTEM This was actually very important to me. Mainly because Star Fox 64 I loved shooting for big scores. However this game the scoring is different, somewhat. You still get points for each kill but getting those combo kills has changed. It used to be mainly charge shots, but now if you can take down that squad of enemies as quickly as possible you'll get a few HIT +1s, its interesting but it works and its great for those who like to just keep shooting those blasters. However, I do not like the medal system. It has the old medal scores for levels, but what I don't like is how some of them work, and what is unlocked. I feel like getting these medals isn't as important as past games. Mainly because the medals in SF64 got Expert mode. This one, im not sure I mean maybe its just me but I feel the rewards I got so far have not been very entertaining. I later got my collector's book and checked out all the rewards, they are below for those wondering. REPLAYABILITY This is important in any Star Fox game. Does it have Replayability? In my opinion yes, but it's different. As its more of a just level select on the main game. Just pick a planet and go. It's fun to replay levels especially for secrets, but playing the game from start to finish just doesn't have that feeling Star Fox 64 does when replaying. Maybe its because accomplishing or failing a mission in Star Fox 64 felt had more positive or negative consequences, wheras here you can just go back and replay it again. However... SPOILER ALERT BELOW DIFFICULTY I think this is another part I love about this game. This game is way harder than past Star Fox games in my opinion. It's much more challenging and keeps you coming back for more. Plus taking alternate paths can make it more challenging but in a fun way, making it a fun shoot em up. AMIIBO FUNCTIONALITY Fox and Falco amiibos work with the game. Unknown if more will be supported in the future but so far, what they unlock as been quite fun. OVERALL THOUGHTS After many hours of playing, overall I love this game. Yes it has clunky controls and some other little things could have done better. But they tried to go back to the past and they did. I felt like a kid again playing this and it was a fun adventure. While maybe Nintendo could have included more content, they knew the people wanted one thing, the good old 3D shoot em up, and while they added something new it still feels like Star Fox. I feel critics aren't giving this game a good enough chance, the only thing I can agree with mainly is the awkward controls. Overall, amazing game, I still find Star Fox 64 better but I'd say its #3 in the best Star Fox games (#2 being Star Fox on the SNES). I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.
  3. Clearwater

    Undertale - A Lonely Soul

    Well, bet some of you weren't expecting this now, were ya? Yep, an Undertale fanfic. Just so you know, this will have many major references to the events from the original game, so for those who haven't played it or are in the process of playing it, I STRONGLY recommend completing the game with the pure pacifist ending before reading this. For the rest of us... On we go. ...Oh. Um... Howdy there. Remember me? ...No? You don't? Are you sure? Well, in any case, I'm... Flowey. Flowey the Flower. Are you SURE you don't remember me? You IDIOT. How could you forget me after ALL this time?! It... Has been around a year, I guess... I see you remembered my request from last time. You left the save file as it was. You left all of us to live our lives after what we all went through. Erm... If you're looking for Frisk, Toriel, Asgore and the others... They all moved to the surface not long after you left. In fact, every single monster who used to live here in the Underground left to go up top and lead a new life. ...All of them except me. Really, you don't remember? You were with me when I told Frisk about how I stayed behind. He did his best for me, but in the end, he couldn't save me either. So they left. And I'm all alone down here again... Not that YOU would understand. YOU left AS WELL, remember?! Actually, maybe you would. The reason you left too was so that no one could ever touch that save file ever again and accidentally reset the whole timeline. You left so we could all live in peace. Everyone save for me. I'm still stuck down here, all by myself, being tortured by how alone I am. It's driving me mad. MAD, I tell you! ...Huff huff... I'm sorry about that. Ever since Frisk and the others left, I've been trying not to let my 'other' self take me over. I've been trying to stay positive, I've been trying to fight it, but I fear it's a losing battle... It's going to fill in that Soul-less part of me and poison it again... That empty space... Frisk, where are you? I need you... Please... Help me... Help me... Help me...
  4. I've never played Starfox Command. Based on what I've seen throughout the site, I found that most of the people here seem to dislike the game, specifically for its story. While I've not played it, I actually, based on what I've read, dislike its gameplay and like its storyline. Reading its storyline, as one might put it, gave me feels. It made me sad. And that one ending where I kind of want a game to be sad. Something that evokes a lot of emotion, y'know? Of course, that doesn't mean I want any of this to be canon. As far as canon is concerned, if any of the endings of Command actually happened the games would be ruined almost beyond repair, I think. I also think some of the other endings such as the one where was very weird. But ultimately, I've not played the games so I can't really say much on this. I will say that I didn't like the art of the games, and I don't have a clear understanding of what the gameplay is like. No matter. I want to hear what you guys think. And please let me know and forgive me if I've broken some rule by creating this topic. Please let me know how the gameplay actually works in this game, by the way. Also, would Command actually ruin my view of the Starfox series? I played and liked both Adventures and Assault, and loved Assault. I also read the N64 comic and the comic Farewell Beloved Falco. I liked them both but preferred Farewell Beloved Falco. Also, do characters talk to you in the middle of gameplay like other starfox games? Something interesting: I found it rather odd to find X Play interviewing one of the Starfox creators who made the originals, the N64 one, and Command, I believe, and they praised him for Command and dissed Adventures and Assault, which I found unusual. Despite what I've said here, I think Command is likely the worst out of the series.