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Found 1 result

  1. That Ain't Falco

    The Sacrifices We Make

    Terminal Velocity The following is my retelling of the opening exposition of Star Fox 64, a game I enjoy greatly. For those familiar with the game, this is not a happy tale. I have begun my story with James crashing on Venom. This writing is based off of canon, as well as some largely unprovable theories I have regarding the fate of James. In this story, there are few or no canonical inconsistencies. In following stories, there are one or two. I already have several parts of this written, and will keep this post updated with them as I see fit. This writing was first posted on an app called Virtual Space. Not because I'm shorting you guys, but because I write better on mobile devices, I have a decent fanbase there, and copying my writing from there to here is a pain due to a broken email account, Werdsmith being a money hog, and Dropbox not taking straight up text. As a result, I copy these by posting them on Pastebin as unlisted, setting the links to expire in ten minutes, and manually inputting the link to the paste. Sorry about that. For now, enjoy what I have here. The next part, "Toxic Skies, Tunnels Below," will be up soon, as well as a side story called "Blindness of the Powerful." BoP will be posted in a separate thread, along with its continuations, as it is a side story to this and its direct successors. My writing contains death, violence, and strong character emotions. It does not contain romance of any kind. I am not trying to perfectly emulate the experience of the games. What I write is MY original work and is not to be copied, although I do not own the characters or settings. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I could feel my heart rate spike as I plummeted towards the ground, acidic clouds parting as the Arwing fell, one wing present, the other having been reduced to a smoking stub of metal. I tried, desperately to pull out of the dive, but my controls no longer responded. I took a deep breath, precious seconds wasted. With that, I issued one final order. "Star Fox team, this is James. Peppy, full retreat. Those reinforcements aren't coming. No arguments." I paused for a moment before continuing, not allowing the hare to butt in. "Pigma is beyond help. He's also extremely dangerous. We don't need to lose three good men this battle. I'm sorry I couldn't have done better." "James, you can't expect me to-" "I'm not expecting, I'm ordering." I saw a ravine below, and realized that its bottom would be my impact site. "Goodbye." I could hear the rabbit on the verge of tears, something I had never heard before. My one remaining wing scraped against the side of the ravine. "No, Ja-" There was the deafening roar of distorting metal, and then I lost consciousness. Panic struck almost instantly when I finally opened my eyes again. At first, there was an instant of confusion. It soon gave way to horrible pain and fear. I looked up through the thick glass of the cockpit, vision slightly blurred. I managed to concentrate for long enough to toggle the emergency release on the hatch, and swing it back. I took an unpleasant breath of the acidic air, something that Venom was known for. It burned, only serving to hinder my struggle. I pulled myself out of the wreckage, stifling a scream as I freed my legs. Strength exhausted, I helplessly lay down on the rocky turf, knowing I wouldn't be leaving this planet alive. I took a moment to breathe, hoping to gain some degree of mental clarity. The instant I did, however, I was hit with a second wave of horror. My left hand was bent at an unnatural angle, the bones in my arm apparently broken, and pressing against my skin, creating a series of lumps midway down my forearm. My right femur had broken, and punctured my skin, rendering the leg useless. Thinking that was the worst of it, I attempted to calm myself, only to notice a red splotch all too quickly expanding across my jumpsuit and coat. Sitting up a bit, I observed a deep wound in my abdomen, with a chunk of metal lodged in it. At this moment, I accepted my end. I came to rest on the stone again, thinking of one thing, my thoughts soon progressing to a faint whisper. "Fox, I hope that maybe you can understand, someday." I closed my eyes, clenching my teeth against the pain. Soon, my world faded to nothingness. ---------------------------------------------- Terminal Velocity is the beginning of what already is a larger project. It will continue soon. I'm open to questions, comments, criticism, whatever. Anything new in this story will be posted in this thread. The reason for the length of this piece is that it was intended to be a quick read, and was written on a mobile device. I'm not at all intending to violate any guidelines, so please, PLEASE, let me know if I am.