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Found 5 results

  1. delete-this-pls?

    Information Gathering: Wolf O'Donnell.

    Wolf O'Donnell is arguably one of the most mysterious character in the Star Fox Franchise, however there are hints about what backstory the mysterious canine might have. While Wolf is said to have been 19 years old during Star Fox 64, he appears to have been retconned into being much older than Fox in Star Fox Assault judging by his older sounding and rougher voice in said game. His tone of voice later on was carried over to Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Star Fox Zero, and the StarFox Wiki goes as far as listing him as 38 years old, with Fox being listed as 29. While Wolf has no Homeworld established, it's safe to assume Wolf may not have originated from Corneria, as both General Pepper and Cornerian soldiers appear to speak with American accents. Additionaly, the Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins Animated Short suggests that Corneria's native population consists only of cats and dogs. This has lead to some people speculating that Wolf may have originated from elsewhere in the galaxy, such as Macbeth (Such as the Lylat Legacy fanseries comic, and the fanfiction called Notorious: The Life of Wolf O'Donnell.) Despite this, the manual for Star Fox Assault states that Wolf has been wanted by the Cornerian army for many years due to crimes such as larnecy and treason. It is also unclear when Star Wolf was formed. It is stated that Wolf formed Star Wolf when he was hired by Andross, however the Star Fox Wiki claims Star Wolf and Star Fox tangled in battle many times before then, but Wolf's trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS suggests that Wolf formed Star Wolf after having served Andross before the latter was exiled to Venom. The Star Fox Wiki claims Wolf met Leon in a bar on Venom after being hired by Andross to form Star Wolf. Hence, it is difficult to establish when exactly the team was formed, or who he formed it with. Interestingly, the Star Fox wiki claims Wolf used to be the leader of a gang of Space Pirates, presumably the same ones who fought the Cornerian Army at Sector Z. If this is true, it would explain how Wolf recruited various criminals around the time of Star Fox Assault, who even went as far as call him "Lord O'Donnell". The Japanese Star Fox 64 guide interestingly refers to Star Wolf as a "band of outcasts manipulated by Pigma." Judging by the Star Fox Assault manual mentioning Wolf being wanted for larnecy and treason, it's safe to assume Wolf does still have some kind of past connection with Corneria. Pigma manipulating Star Wolf is also backed up by Pigma's Smash 4 trophy claiming he convinced Wolf to form Star Wolf, but as previously stated, exactly when is difficult to establish. Wolf is also said to have a past rivalry with James McCloud in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. This was later confirmed in Star Fox Zero with Wolf saying the following to Fox during their one-on-one battle on Fichina: "I'm impressed! I haven't had this much fun since I fought your father." And an unused Voice Clip has Wolf say the following: "What's wrong? Your father put up more of a fight!" Wolf is also hinted at having a grudging respect for James and Fox. In Star Fox Assault, Wolf would utter the following words if he shot down Fox: "You ain't your father after all..." Additionaly, Star Fox Command claims that both Fox and Wolf have a grudging respect towards each other. A user on Gamefaqs has also stated Miyamoto said that Fox and Wolf were friends before Wolf was contacted by Pigma. Wolf is also said to have had a pupil-master relationship with James on the StarFox Wiki. This makes sense since Fox clearly knows about Star Wolf before they meet each other on Fichina in Star Fox 64 and in Sector Beta in Star Fox Zero. Wolf's quotes in Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Zero have also let many fans to believe Wolf had some kind of involvement with the death of James McCloud, where Wolf would say "You'll be seeing your dad soon, Fox!" in SF64 and "You'll be seeing your father soon..." in SF0. I am aware that the StarFox wiki lacks sources however. If anyone has any information or hints about Wolf and his team, feel free to post in the comments. (And feel free to move this post if needed.)
  2. A video surfaced on YouTube of a Fox Vs Wolf dogfight. Not sure what the context of it is, but there are some amazing details from the video. First off, the arrangement of the Star Wolf theme is fantastic. But of more interest, the Wolfen can also transform into a walker. A much better one than the Arwing. It's clearly faster, has stronger weapons, and just looks freaking bad ass. It looks like a wolf.
  3. SF Redd

    Star Wolf spin off game

    Well, assuming there will be no delays, the elusive Star Fox for Wii U should be arriving in the not-so-distant future! But I was thinking, if this game sells well, that may open doors for new Star Fox games within a few years, maybe in the first year or so of the NX. On that topic, would you like to see a Star Wolf spin off game? I certainly would! I think if it did happen, it would be an opportunity to expand on the lore of the Star Wolf team. It could be a darker take on the Star Fox universe, focusing on the grittier side of the Lylat system, maybe developing the characters a bit more. Something that interests me is the fact that we don't even know the Star Wolf team logo(if they have one) like we have the red winged Fox on the Great Fox and the Arwings for Fox's team. The closest we have is Wolf's belt buckle in Brawl, and that can't be taken very seriously, never mind canon. Anyway I digress. Would you like to see Star Wolf spin off? If so, what would you like to see from it?
  4. Soulcalabur2

    "Fichina's Own"

    Since im too lazy to attach seperate links, im just going to have my series on this page right here. Enjoy, and comment. PLEASE! This is my first Fan Fiction, so I NEED critiqes. Part 1 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Quick Notes: I only had 4 hours to give you this preview of my first ever Fan fiction, so PLEASE try to understand if it may be shorter than expected. Without further adue, im gonna get off my lazy ass and write now, so whoop de do. Please enjoy, and remember. Don’t knock it if you don’t read it all the way through. This is a Part one of the first edition of the my series, called “Fichina’s Own.†WARNING: Exessive swearing used. If you do NOT like swearing, do NOT read further. I awake to the sounds of a riot, like that wasn’t common enough around here. “Get over here you sleazy bastard!†One of the guards manages to yell, before he gets nailed with a large pole. A nearby crow yells to me “Zen-aku! Wake up you lazy genius…†as my head rolls off of my pillow, the crow decides to plop himself right next to me. “Please tell me they have a good reason to fight for once.†I reply to the crow “Just another fight over who gets the last food ration again…†You see, my name is Zen-Aku. Most call me a sleazy bastard. I call myself a lazy genius. My idiot crow buddy’s name is Yang. People call him that cause he’s all black, but has a white dot on his forehead. He LOVES his vests, I always catch him wearing one. As for me, I stick to some torn up jeans, and one of my armored coats. Us, and about 500 other people our age, live in Fichina’s largest prison. Yang was put in here for screwing up one of the climate control units. I was put in here cause, well…lets just say an Arwing went missing from the Star Fox hanger a day or so ago. Yang yawns, as I climb out of bed. “Hey, Yang. Have any idea where these guys keep the hanger around here? I heard that my Arwing was still around here somewhere…†Yang replies “Well…its three cell blocks to your right, then take a sharp left. You might wanna see if you can score a weapon, if you can.†I look at him like he’s a few wings short of an Arwing and say “And just how do I get in? Follow up, why are you telling me this crap?†Yang looks at me like IM a wing short of an Arwing and saysâ€Arent Arwings two-seaters? I want in on this.†Oh, did I mention I was a wolf? XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX And so, a few days came and went, and I managed to get myself a key to the hanger bay, and a small pistol, with only one clip. I walk down the corridors at night, to avoid being seen. A few guards pass me by, after a hefty bribe. Its easy to bribe em, since all they want is more beer. I open the door, and without a sound, crawl into the hanger. I stare at my stolen Arwing, mouth agape. “Ok, Yang. Its safe, come out already!†I find Yang sneaking around the corridor, looking for his own ride to the Sargasso station. I facepalm, and say “Look, hurry up! The shield doors are about to open!†He gives me a look that says “Im coming, mom.†We climb into the Arwing, and lurch off into the freezing cold atmosphere of Fichina… And so, with about 3 days in a compacted Arwing, we had made plans to head over to Sargasso, just to refuel. So long as they didn’t run into Wolf O’Donnell, things would be just fine. Eventually, after arguing about who got to fly the Arwing on the way to Corneria, we docked as Sargasso. As soon as we climbed out of the cockpit, a Star Wolf recruit yelled out something, and a swarm of armed mercenaries swarmed our Arwing. Up on the higher levels, Wolf was looking down at us with a huge, savage grin on his muzzle. “So, Fox hired a bunch of kids as pilots? I don’t know what goes on in that head of his anymore!†Wolf yelled out. Leon, Panther, and the Mercenaries headed over to see the two idiots that landed in Sargasso Space Station. I quickly stated “Look, were just here to refuel...†In an instant, my words were met with a barrage of plasma fire to our Arwing, as the Star Wolf crew worked their way to us. I don’t know why, but I thought Star Wolf would be able to realize the Arwing was stolen… So, long story short, there was a bit of a gunfight between us two friends, and Sargasso Space Station. Needless to say, it was a fail of a fight. Yang got his shoulder blasted, and my arms had tons of plasma burns before the hellfire that was the entire station firing at us at once ceased. Wolf got down to the hanger, and smiled, with that same cocky grin that I knew all to well… “Aren’t you kids a bit young to be flying around in one of those?†Wolf exclaimed, trying to make a fool of me “Aren’t you a bit old to be a pilot, period?†I say back, replicating his cocky ass grin Wolf’s expression turns sour, and he gets irritated, fast. “Shut your face you little pri**. I cant believe your dumb enough to come into Sargasso in a Star Fox Arwing, and expect us NOT to blow your brains all over the tile!†Leon couldn’t help but chime in, saying “To think, a kid for a pilot?! That’s just sad…†Panther added “Are you sure his skills in the air wont take yours to the cleaners, Leon?†Leon forced out a scowl, and headed back up to his room to think of a way to piss off Panther a bit. While panther sat there, looking quite content with what happened a moment ago, Wolf approached us, blaster in hand. The look in his eyes told me he meant business. Yang tried to act all tough, but Wolf pushed him aside, just to make eye contact with me, in hopes of scaring me to death. Not gonna lie, it worked. “So, pup. You’ve got balls to come here. I gotta ask, did you really think that you could just waltz on in here like a freakin ballerina, and expect us to just ignore you?†Wolf said, flat out. His eyes were inches away from mine. “Your under the wrong impression, pal. This is a STOLEN Arwing. Since when do actual members of Star Fox ever fly in here anyway!?†And at that exact moment, I knew I had dealt a punishing blow to Wolf’s ego. He didn’t show it, but I knew that after that remark, the kid stuff stopped dead in its tracks. I think at that moment, one of two things happened. 1: Wolf got smart enough to tell we were just a bunch of thieves 2: His Enchilada diner finished cooking, and he was getting annoyed with our conversation. “Well, that explains a bit. Highly unlikely, however. That would be the first Star Fox Arwing ever to be stolen, and by the looks of it, you two aren’t cunning enough to come close to that prize†Panther said, pretending not to notice the massive annoyance that had been building up as Leon tossed a bunch of trash at Panther’s face. I hate Leon with a passion, but he was a great unintentional entertainer. Even Wolf couldn’t stop a bit of a grin from spreading across his cheeks as he watched it go down. Eventually, Panther got annoyed, and shot Leon’s Wolfen with his blaster, if only to get him to focus on something other than throwing trash at Panther. I simply stated “It wasn’t too hard, they had plenty of spares lying around, and I took one of the older ones off their hands. The security codes were only 6 layer, so it took me a good 6 minutes to crack it.†Needless to say, it didn’t change how Wolf felt about me being on his territory. He just scowled at me again, and before he could do anything else, warning sirens went off from virtually all directions…. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX End of part 1