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Found 30 results

  1. LucasJG19

    A Human within the Lylat System

    in my first topic thread which is called "Strategic thinking within the starfox games." The Judgemeanie commented about starfox games having RPG elements. So I was inspired to write this topic to see what you guys might think about it. What if you guys had the opportunity to make your own character within the starfox games. But not just any character. A Human character. And as your play you have to attend the Cornerian military academy. As you upgrade and become and expert in flying, your missions involve flight and ground missions as Fox McCloud's partner. After all we have been playing as fox for a long time so I thought it would be cool to just fight along side him for a change. What do you guys think
  2. MidnightMike

    Star Fox 25th Anniversary Animation

    Hello everyone. ^^ My name is MidnightMike, and I'm here to show you my tribute animation to the original Star Fox, which celebrated it's 25th anniversary this past March. I know it might not be as good as you were hoping, but I had fun making it. Here it is. :)
  3. Revolver Ocelot

    Star Fox 2: HD

    Teaser trailer is here! What is it? Star Fox 2: HD is an ongoing work to remaster and add new features to the SNES Star Fox, the unreleased Star Fox 2 and potentially Star Fox 64. Currently, this project is being worked on by only one person. However, development positions may open in the future to help work on the game. As only simple scripting knowledge is known, this means there will definitely be spots open for CSharp and JS developers in the future. The game was originally developed under the working title of 'Electric Boogaloo' (yes, i understand where that comes from) however the name was changed for obvious reasons after the development became a serious project. The game is also going to have its own soundtrack, composed of the SNES Star Fox 1 and 2 soundtrack re-mastered. Unlike the SNES Star Fox 1, which had a linear 'corridor' mode for most of its levels, Star Fox 2: HD will be more open, allowing you to fly around and explore, maybe find an easter egg or two. Discord Server link Come join! Screenshots F.A.Q Nothing has been asked yet, however I've brewed up a couple you might wonder. "What game engine does this use?" -The game uses Unity 5. "What if you get a cease and desist or anything like that?" -meh. "How is the soundtrack going to be done?" -The Star Fox .spc songs are going to exported from the .sfc as MIDI, then played through a custom soundfont after instrument and channel tweaks are done. "How can I contribute to the development of the game?" -You can find me on discord (Revolver Ocelot#6732) and then you can explain how you want to help the game. News 11/06/2017 - 11:31 PM AEST -The game is announced to the community- 12/06/2017 - 2:00PM AEST -The teaser trailer is released- 15/06/2017 - 8:16AM AEST- -New Corneria skybox added That's all for now!
  4. bigfootRULES!

    How to Fix Star Fox Adventures's story.

    if i were to write the plot of Starfox Adventure's i would have Drakor be the main villain instead of Andross, maybe i could link him to Andross as being a bio weapon that was created as a contingency plan in case Andross was to fall. i would also add Randor from Dinosaur Planet and maybe Sabre and Krystal would have a bigger role in the story. leave your comments below.
  5. Note: If this thread isn't allowed please let me know lol. But I decided to do a scan of the Japanese Star Fox 64 N64 manual. Keep in mind that this is more of a test run of how the scan went and I will probably remake the entire thing again. This is not a professionally done scan. I only did it mainly due to the fact that the manual is hard to pin down easily....I couldn't find it at the very least. If any of you are interested in taking a look at it here's a link to it:
  6. Scoots

    Favorite Star Fox title?

    Pretty explanatory, which title would you say is your absolute favorite from the Star Fox franchise?
  7. Talyl Landmaster

    What if Star Wolf has a TV show?

    What if Star Wolf had a TV show (or anime, or whatever the kids say these days)? I was making this poster with that idea just for fun. Maybe it would be an action comedy of some kind. I don't know. But here is a poster I did years ago. ... yeah.
  8. jordansweeto

    Krystal support team

    Hey all! I want to start a Krystal support team so I thought I'd pitch the idea here. Me and a bunch of other people on Twitter have started a group in hopes to unify as many Krystal fans as possible, because I've realized that there are SO many Krystal supporters online but they are so scattered and quiet. I think it's important for us to be all commenting together about support for Krystal and 'liking' each other's comments on Youtube/Facebook (extremely important because it means Nintendo themselves WILL see it) I think on Nintendo's official Youtube and Facebook pages are the best places to do these "unified comments", if they continue to see the support for her (and Star Fox Assault, because it signifies not only Krystal's inclusion but also the actual potential for growth the SF series has) then they may take our support into consideration when making a new SF game! I wanted to see if anyone on here wanted to be involved with us actively commenting/liking Krystal related posts on YouTube. I can update this thread with links of videos we'll be targeting for this "unified support" It will really help with our cause and if you are a Krystal supporter then this is a really efficient way of showing that support/increasing her odds of returning to the series in general! Please let me know if any of you are interested!
  9. Talyl Landmaster

    Wolf points with lack of content

    The other part of the gif.
  10. Talyl Landmaster

    Fox points with utter shock and disgust

    A picture I originally wanted to create as a gif with wolf pointing back.
  11. I have noticed many people on the internet upset with Star Fox Zero for reasons such as Krystal not being in it, graphics, and it being very similar to Star Fox 64. Look, I understand that Star Fox Zero may not live up to your expectations, but really, we should be thankful for a new Star Fox game. It may not be the Star Fox we've always dreamed of, but we've got to appreciate what we've got, and who knows? Maybe Nintendo will make a sequel with better graphics and/or Krystal! We have been begging for a new Star Fox game for years, and Nintendo finally answered our call! And what was our reaction? Complaining about graphics, reboots, and the lack of Krystal, and not appreciating the fact that Nintendo has been listening to us. Please, can we just be thankful?
  12. Ocelotl

    Overthinking Star Fox

    Hey there, new to this forum, let me know if this has already been a topic. Since we're headed to another retelling of the Lylat Wars story from SF1 and 64/3D I was interested in doing some overthinking on that story. What the context is and what the implications for the story are. Are monkeys hated through the galaxy? Did no one really know what Andross was doing on Corneria? Is Andross tapping into some well deserved anger towards Cornerian society? What about those lizards? How did he get them to fight people they've never really knew about? How good is Corneria anyways? Star Fox is a mercenary group, not freedom fighters or military personnel. I wonder if Peppy gets a stipend. While the game is rather cartoony, you do play as anthropomorphic animals, how do you feel about gunning down other people, anthropomorphic monkeys, who yell out in agony as you gun them down? Should Star Fox even attempt these kinds of stories? I wonder if we can ever truly take it that seriously as a story since they are silly animals. Is this why it's so hard to market Star Fox? While Nintendo hasn't shied away from having violent games on their consoles in recent years, I'm not sure if they're especially comfortable with their characters being so. After all when they tried being a shooter they switched from Andross, living enemies, to emotionless robots... *who were looking for souls?* An example comes to mind, in 64 when you kill that "My Emperor I've Failed you" guy, it felt pretty rough to me. This guy dies lamenting his failure to his emperor and duty as his machine explodes in a fiery blaze! Not quite as acceptable as killing an aparoid, eh? Luckily you never see any bodies but still... Anyways, what do y'all think? I know it's silly but let's indulge, no? *Unless y'all alredy did this... oh well* *I'm sure Lylat Legacy will get to these things but y'know it'll be a while*
  13. I absolutely love both GameCube Star Fox games. Even more so, I can't pick a favorite between them. I love Adventures for its beauty and intricacy, as well as its close connection with nature. I thought the idea of spellstones and Krazoa spirits was so clever. The game's landscaping is so beautiful--all the different places are gorgeous and well thought-out, I think. And I don't care if I get hate for this--I love Krystal. I love her. She epitomizes strength and beauty and intellect and bravery, and I love her accent lol But yeah. I love RPG games, and Adventures was the first game that I fell in love with. Krazoa Palace was so mysterious to me, and as a child I would ride the arm of my couch and pretend that I was Krystal riding her CloudRunner (awkward, I know) I love Assault because it allows all three elements of a Star Fox game--Arwing piloting, landmaster navigating, and on-foot ass-kicking. Also, both Falco and Krystal are on the team at once, and NOTHING CAN GET BETTER THAT THAT. Falco makes me laugh so much in that game with his snarky comments. That's what I love about Assault--it had a great balance of story developing, humor, and combat. I loved the story about the Aparoids, and I always appreciate the moments that Wolf comes through and lends a helping hand to Fox, as well as give him his top-notch advice. I also love the maps of Assault. Great game. What about you guys? Do you like Starfox Cubed? Or do you not? I couldn't live without it!! Also, all of my previous posts have been dumb and in the wrong forum, so I hope I'm doing this right! I'm new to this and all I really want is to start conversations with people Thank you all for being so welcoming, and I hope you guys have a great rest of the week!
  14. Hey guys!! I just wanted to say hello to all of you. My spring break is very soon, and I guarantee you all that I'll play a star fox game at some point(s) throughout it!! I love 64, Adventures, and Assault so much that I really don't think I can pick a favorite. Maybe Adventures. Then Assault. No, 64. I don't know. So yeah. I hope you guys are doing well! Fox and Krystal are my OTP. Bye!!
  15. Do you want Andross to return? I'm okay with him returning, he's Star Fox's Bowser so why not.
  16. Simple question. What voice actors do you want for Star Fox Wii U? Now while we don’t exactly know what characters will be in the game, I think it’s a safe bet the core Star Fox team will be there, and perhaps Star Wolf as well. Going off of that who do you want doing the voices of Fox, Falco, Wolf, etc. They can be old returning actors or completely new people if you chose.
  17. This is dumbest question on Lylat, but what would be Fox's reaction to a belly rub? I think it depends on who... Falco: SMAAASH-es! his face. Slippy:Ignores. Wolf: Get a blaster and shoots him 'till he's dead. Krystal:First, he starts purring like a kit. If she continues, eventually, you know where they will go... + ! How about you? What's his reaction?
  18. Share your story: What were your reactions when seeing Krystal for the first time in a Starfox game? Please do not get the wrong Idea. No personal stuff involved in this topic. The first time I met Krystal was when I was thirteen years old. I was a big fan of Starfox and I still am. But in that time I was expecting to see Fox McCloud in the first part of the game Starfox Adventures. So I was a little dissappointed. But after I played through the game, I became more fond of Krystal and began liking her character, her qualities of kindess was beautiful and so she is one of my most favourite Characters In the Starfox Series. That's enough about me. Tell me how it felt when you first met Krystal.
  19. This is a personal opinoin on what i'm hoping for within the Starfox games to come. Please feel free to say what's on your mind to this subject. What if a new Starfox game was released with a new added type of gameplay where you make the strategies for the situations that Fox gets into, like for example. You get to decide who flys the Arwing or who rides the land master, or you can have the whole Starfox team be placed on foot, plus you can place them at strategice points. I mean in Starfox Assault, you would hear Fox speak his strategy of how to handle the situation and you would play through it. But now after you have set up your team. You get to see your strategy in action as you progress through the level. To illustrate, just say you are faced with a gigantic robot, and you placed Krystal who shoots a rocket launcher to cover you from above. As soon as the robot attacks you she fires her missile making the robot fall though the floor which caves in from the blast. Something like that kind of strategy I am hoping for So i thought that i should bring this topic into the open to see how you guys think about it.
  20. StarFoxFanGurl

    More Drawings! :D

    First of all, the meme base isn't made by me: Going on, this is a re-draw of a Rosalina and Luma pic I done in 2011, then re-created this year. I must say, it really came out great! I guess I improved a bit. Next drawings are my Star Fox OC, Star Galalina! This one was kinda a practice on coloring in digital. Still need to improve! Next drawing! This was made for Valentine Day! Isn't it lovely? That's it for now. Hope you enjoyed these work! I'll try to keep track of my artworks and really post them here. Want to see more of my arts? Go here:
  21. StarFoxFanGurl

    New Drawings!

    Remember the before drawing I done a few years ago? I believe so. So, I finally done the color version to it. What do you think of it? Plus, I get to use my new logo! Yay! Next, here's another drawing! Ya! My two favorite heroes from my childhood! Fox and Luigi! There's more on its way, but it will be posted in the non-starfox artwork. More arts or want to keep track of my arts on your own? Go here:
  22. Talyl Landmaster

    What if you were the Leader of Star Fox?

    If you were to, for one reason or another, happentogotoanotherdimensionwhereanthromorphicanimalsexistandhappentosomehowcomeacrossthelylatsystemonlytosomehowgetridoffoxandbecamethenewleaderofthemercenaryteamorifyouhappenedtohaveamercenaryteamofyourown, how would you run things? This is supposed to be a funny game, don't be serious about it. Otherwise you might be laughed at (jk). RULES: Come up with a small list of choices you would make, whether it be things you add or remove from what is existent in the team, if you want, explain why. You can add to another person's idea or contradict their previous decision (EXAMPLE: "I want Slippy fired! He can't fly to save his life!"..."No! You shouldn't! I would keep him because I need someone to laugh at!") Be polite, do not do things like swear or insult another person. You can post more ideas later, but do not spam. (No one likes eating the stuff anyways) No linking to bad sites, you know what I mean. ... (This was the dumbest idea I've ever made...*facepalm*)
  23. StarFoxFanGurl

    Happy Halloween!

    Happy "early" Halloween, everybody! First of all, this wasn't the picture I plan to make. I had made another last week, but than lost it. No clue how! But again, I made this and it came out better than my other one. Im just glad I finished it before Halloween. Anyway, Demon Star love Halloween. It's the perfect time to get her favorite treats! So, she stop by to Earth and came to "trick or treat" there. As you say, the treats are not what you expect to be.... not candies! And for some reason, Lumas wanted to trick or treat here, too. Sadly, the fun for the Lumas did not last long..... Again, I wish ya a Happy Halloween!
  24. Jagerthrasher

    A little about myself.

    Good day! My username is Jagerthrasher. My name is Diego Herrera, I'm 23 years old and I live in México. I'm a graduated Digital animation student, and recently a Concept Artist, though I'm yet practicing to become a great digital illustrator/Conceptual artist for the Videogame Industry one day. I love SciFi stories, Roleplaying, Anthropomorphic animals/Characters, and play music, mostly Rock and Heavy metal, yet I also love Techno, classical, and Jazz. I love Videogames, mostly Sci-Fi ones. I'm a fan from starfox since I was 4 years old. I came here to the forum cause decided to revive those memories, and me, as a Furry, roleplay as a character from this fantastic Universe, also since recently Ive been wanting inspiration for my illustrations/art, and what a great idea to start than creating stuff for this Fan forum, so I can improve my technique. Hope everything I said to Introduce myself is fine. And Hope to have some stuff here aswell.
  25. Invisible Fire

    My stuff

    Hey everyone. I might as well dump artsy stuff here, so enjoy. Here's a picture of my Arwing model with a smart bomb.