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Found 2 results

  1. Guest

    Atari spacecraft designs

    So, Space! The final frontier! We all know our space crafts and star fighters and all such as The Enterprise, X-Wings, Y-Wings, Arwings, The Great Fox, The Kestrel, all that stuff. But did you know that Atari had some spacecrafts of it own?? Yeah, most of them were for Asteroids but there were some for other games such as Defender, Star Raiders, and even games that have the Space theme going on. (My favorite ship here)vvv These are most of the box art I could find on google for each starship design Atari had made. Hopefully we can see how each ship would work. With that said Atari spacecrafts have basic futuristic techs as you can think in any generic space story or so. But we can find away to perfect these ships if we want. But the abilities each ship have are as listed; Photon Blasters Photon Torpedoes Shields FTL Drive Hyperspace Drive Since their star fighters just like any other star fight; small enough so they can maneuver at a fast rate if they needed to. Again they're sorta average but if you want a way to improve them we can continue to discuss them here or at the other thread I'm also holding. That's all!
  2. So before we start I'm gonna put this as a heads up or somethin' I don't do the math very well I may know some things regarding Physical Science >_> With that said, lets begin So last night I watched a video from "It's okay to be smart" about Space Combat I'll have the video here. So it got me thinking; how would space flight would work when it come to exploration and combat. We know that most games seem to be at least getting this concept some what right with some few inaccuracies such as blasters an all. But it led me to making this thread. So what would our space craft should look like. We need to know that in outer space; one or two of the four things that usually important for an aircraft is not needed which are. Lift Thrust Weight Drag Since in space Weight and Lift may not be needed unless I'm wrong of course. And Blasters would cause the spacecraft to slowdown. So my question is; How would space flight and combat work?