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Found 1 result

  1. To anyone familliar or caught up with the Cartoon Network show, Steven universe. If the Gem homeworld existed in Star fox as antagonists, would a Star Fox game featuring them even be considered playable or beatable at all? How would lylat be affected by these invaders and would Corneria be able to survive an all out attack by the Gem Homeworld? We also have to take into consideration the fact that the gems are nearly invincible and that their technology is probably the most advanced in all of sci fi (their ships can survive laser blasts perfectly unscathed and they can level enemy fleets in less than a second). Even if you take down the homeworld fleet the first time they'll keep coming back until you finally buckle and they can rip your remaining forces to shreds. Gems kill all and leave no survivors. We also need to take into consideration their parasitic pseudo-hive mentality. They exhibit some of the symptons of a hive mind such as a blind loyalty to their leader, the diamonds, and the destruction of lifeforms who are not gems along with the conversion of rocky planets into coreless and hollow shells (incapable of supporting life)that they use as colonies as well as their method of reproduction (which requires planting a gem into the crust of selected planet and sucking out it's nutrients while at the same time feeding on the life forces of the native organisms). Sometimes if they fail to conquer a certain planet, before they leave, they impregnate it with living bomb known as a cluster, which when it forms, causes the planet to explode. Usually no one survives a Homeworld invasion. *Cue Cerinia* They are extremely xenophobic and believe it is their duty to rid the universe of organic life and they are organized into a caste system (which seems more reminiscent to the hierarchy of either an ant colony, beehive, or termite colony) ruled over by Diamonds who use their race merely as tools of conquest and who's only goal is to make gemkind the rulers of all existence. One of them, being a tyrannical and spiteful diamond who mercilessly wishes to destroy all life and planets who dare resist her court regardless of the costs. Star Fox of Corneria being one of her biggest pains in the neck second to the Crystal gems of Earth. Let's assume this hypothetical game's setting is an alternate version of "Star Fox Assault" with the Homeworld Gems replacing the Aparoids. Would a game similar to Assault be considered beatable or playable if the Homeworld gems were the enemies? Let's assume this hypothetical game's setting is an alternate version of "Star Fox Assault" with the Homeworld Gems replacing the Aparoids. Would a game similar to Assault be considered beatable or playable if the Homeworld gems were the enemies? here are the wiki links regarding the gems to the less knowledgeable: