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Found 1 result

  1. Snys93

    I see dumb people

    One thing I've come to understand is, "Never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups". But one thing I don't is where the hell do these people come from? Well, they're everywhere! I'm not saying EVERYONE is stupid, but judging from those who take the lead in today's world they're either paid to look like morons or they are morons. Stupidity can go under several categories such as laziness, carelessness and in many cases just acting brainless. Sometimes an obvious truth can be plain to the rest of us, like stopping at a four way stop or reading a sign on a door that says push or pull. But along comes the idiot and does what he or she wants regardless of the consequences. The fast line is my favor of these. The fast line has a primary function, to pass a vehicle in the slow lane. However, the stupids see the word "fast" and ask themselves "how fast". Rather than go the highway speed limit they decide that Mach 3 is better suited for commute traffic. Then that same rocket scientist honks his horn at you, because in his tiny little mind for going too damn slow. Religion is another one. Now I don't doubt religion is a freedom of choice. You can worship to the god of canned worms for all I care. But when shall we say, does the bus stop? Many religions are guided by moral laws or tenants, beliefs that goes further than just worship. Its a way of life. For instance, the King James Bible says "thou shalt not kill" and "covet your fellows wife". But what do we see? People professing to be Christians, (meaning followers of Christ or being Christ-like) are far from holy. Priests blessing troops, bible readers pledging support for political parties, church leaders replacing facts with traditions. Uh, whats wrong with this picture? Can anyone tell me? Do those Bishops look forced to you? I see men who were afraid, "men of God" if you are willing to go THAT far bowing to the will of a man. Pitiful. Such faith and the millions that died because of they're fear the creature rather than the creator. People rotted in concentration camps while Pope Pius XII did nothing and hailed Hitler as the means of bringing God's Kingdom on Earth. (Forth Reich, Forth heir to the Holy Roman Empire) Maybe I'm just fuming, but if I'm making any sense at all will someone please tell me?