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Found 3 results

  1. Yesterday, I revisited Star Fox 64 3D after a long hiatus. I found myself going back and back again for seemingly no reason! Then, I revisited Training mode. Why? Again, I don't know, except for maybe one thing. In the All Range section, I had no problem whatsoever with wanting to reach 999 points, and I spent well over an hour's worth doing it! After I reached it, though, I didn't wanna stop. I became completely engrossed in just downing fighter after fighter as quickly and efficiently as I possibly could. With an utterly blank look on my mug, I asked myself "Why am I STILL doing this?" I mean, at the time, I had troubles understanding just what it was about that section that kept me from quitting, and I still haven't quite figured it out, yet! One thing I figured though, was that if what is supposed to be just a tutorial section can do this to me for such a long time, then perhaps there's an opportunity here that could have been exploited to tremendous effect! Technically, it was, I know that. Remember Time Trial mode from Star Fox 64? That little multiplayer mode where enemies pop up, and you get the most kills within a set time limit to win? There was so much they could've done with it! In fact, an entire selection on the main menu could be dedicated to it! __________________________ Let it be called SURVIVE. 1st Option: Endless. See how long you can survive against a never-ending onslaught of enemy fighters with no breaks and rare item spawning! Choose your stage and get to shootin'! 2nd Option: Timed. How many fighters can you down within the set time limit? Items will be laid around the stage for you to determine if collecting them is worth your precious seconds. Final Option: Endless On-Rails: Remember that one ending back in the original Star Fox? Now imagine if that was a mode! The stage will be randomly chosen this time. Just try to survive as long as you can! __________________________ Just these alone might have increased the fun, longevity, and replayability on any traditional Star Fox game by the millions because of how long you get to spend flying and shootin'! To be honest, I rather surprised myself that I didn't come up with this since becoming a dedicated fan since about 2013, or so. An idea that so easliy could have been done in 1997 or 2005 (Assault), that it boggled my mind how Nintendo or its developers couldn't come up with this right from the get-go. Not even for Star Fox Zero!? But of course, that's just what I think. I'd love to hear what you guys think of this idea. Is this something that really could and/or should have been done so long ago? And of course, I am constantly looking for critique on my work. Is it neat? Does it convey nicely enough? Please tell me so! Thank you so much!
  2. Makori

    Shadows of Corneria

    Okay, so while I came into this forum with a brilliant idea and more than an ample thought behind the characteristic mechanisms and whatnot, I figured that, being a newbie, it might be more prudent to discuss and, if needed, postpone actually attempting to request my idea until I have a pretty good idea of if my thoughts are feasible. With the lack of activity in the RP section and so much of the rest of the forum to explore, I figure sitting here and talking things through before taking definitive steps was a good way to start. Basically, in the wake of the Anglar Blitz, a massive campaign of reconstruction takes place on all the afflicted planets, still burdened by repairing the damage done by the Aparoids as well. Given all this, within a year or two the CDF has gone through a massive drawdown in troop strength, and the other inhabited planets like MacBeth and Titania are also looking to invest their budgets elsewhere. As a result, mercenary activity shoots up across the system, and with it the people looking to use them. Our story begins in a bar on Zoness, still trying to clean itself up but quickly turning into a toxic, crime-riddled hole as honest people move out and criminals move in. Here, our group is contracted to investigate a secret on Fortuna, given a ship and some supplies and told we will receive a -very- generous fee. Unfortunately, after touching down it is quite clear that something is not right, and in the end we may have to fight more than just the wildlife to get off the planet alive at all... So, any thoughts? Suggestions?
  3. Survival on an Unknown Planet. Background: The Empire of the Federations has been dissolved fell into civil war. Weaken by total damage left unwanted fleets and armadas invading into The Empire's borders and began to capture various planets and territories, causing chaos and panic leaving the citizens to flee or fight off the invasion. YOU and a few other people who came along with you have escaped from the pursuing fleet from both rebels, invading enemies, and even civilians who turned to ANARCHY. However when all was thought to be over your ship had ran out of fuel and came into contact by a meteorite that was set on a collision course toward an uncharted and unknown planet. Before you have passed out the ship gives a briefing of the planet and the Star System. You and the other crew wake up, barely alive, but you get out of your ship to see you're on the surface this planet with your ship having to be destroyed when it crash landed on the planet, You're left on your own. The Planet itself The planet is the size of your Empire's capital, being around 4000 km has only 3 moons. It has a set of rings, only two shepherd moons maintain this set of rings. The planet is considered to be in the Habitable Zone and is considered to harbor life. The planet has 5 Continents and is covered in oceans of water. Land consists of forests, plains, deserts, jungles, tundras, and mountain ranges. There are plentiful resources such as coal, oil, iron, and other materials. There is a high chance there might be intelligent life that inhabit the planet. Intelligent life may be around Stone Age or Early Bronze Age (Late Neolithic revolution). The Star System that the Planet harbors The Star is a yellow dwarf, around to be 4.54 billion years old. Has 6 planets; 4 Terrestrial and 2 Gas giants Two planets are within habitable range and can harbor life. Has an asteroid field that's between it's 4th planet and 5th planet The Planet the ship crashed landed is the 3rd This Star System has not been colonized and needs a name. The Main Goal To survive and explore on the planet while building a new home. Everyone is allowed to have their own choices (I.E form group, or explore to start a new colony on their own.) Colonize the planet. Build a new ship to start exploring the star system Have fun The choices that people make will affect the thread and everyone include and the amount of players I need should be around 4-6 people or so. [EDIT 2/3/16] I should mention everyone is allowed to have their own RP characters. However, you can only have 1 or 2 characters.