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Found 2 results

  1. CommanderRed

    Starfox Timeline Theories

    Because of Zero coming out next month, I was thinking of how the series will be in a linear sense. I know Nintendo so far is saying that "There really is no timeline" But this is america and I do what I want. I think it works as multiple time lines kinda like the Zelda timeline. The timeline I created or what I think can be considered correct is this: Timeline 1: Starfox 1993- Starfox 1995 Timeline 2: Starfox 64 1997-Starfox Adventures 2002- Starfox Assault 2005- Starfox Commands 2006 Timeline 3 : Starfox Zero I like Shaquille O'neal
  2. Old topic fell into abandonment and disrepair a second time. And even my loose necroposting ethics have limits. You all know the drill: Any personal theories and things that otherwise would not fit anywhere, not even in the Speculation and Ideas thread may go here for others to see and discuss out in the open. Or if you just feel like you have a load of ideas but have no place to use them in. Some of mine ahead: - Lylat economy and politics are run through a semi-independent 'state' for each planet in a system-wide coalition, though the laws and rights are almost the same throughout them without an established leadership for the system. Corneria is just historically, economically and industrially powerful, thus highly influential (think just as Osean Federation or USEA are in Ace Combat world). - Corneria and Aquas are Lylat's two main hub worlds. (Seaborne construction = easier?) - Lylat's intelligent species mainly (yet not totally) originated from Corneria. Its generally terran climate created environmental conditions that harbored a wide range of species. - Despite tight regulations, merc teams (officially labelled as PMCs) are commonly found across the system. - Fox's red scarf is a family heirloom, originally passed down from a hero-ish figure of the McCloud family. - - Piloting is sort of a tradition in the family as well. - James' vision is augmented. - Solar is a "brown dwarf"-category celestial body. - Andross, before descending to madness and world-domination tactics, was an otherwise genius scientist, although with questionable research and experimentation ethics. - Fara has a preference to 'classic' projectile-based weapons (bullets). - Wolf prefers cold leadership over measures taken on the fly and putting his crew at risk, despite his reputation of ruthless merc. - Wolf never asked for his augments. - - "What a shame..." - Fay is an avid browser of Lylat's equivalent of internet, essentially being a weird blend between a geek and a merc. More to come, maybe. Post yours.