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Found 2 results

  1. Star Fox Assault's Aparoids were an interesting addition to the franchise, since they were something new and unique. Even though the problem in Adventures was pretty large scale, the Aparoids weren't focused on destruction. Instead, it was spreading across the galaxy if not the universe. The Aparoid Queen's goal seemed to be spread as far as possible, and create something new. Based on the details about the Aparoids, I think that their presence was influenced by a genre of horror known as "cosmic horror". Cosmic horror is usually defined as the fear of the unknown, and involves a greater and existential problem that simple beings like humans or Cornerians will never truly comprehend what's going on. Trying to solve the problem however, will drive the characters insane since they're dealing with something no mortal should try to deal with . For an example, it can involve a godlike alien being that is far more intelligent than us and/or defy certain parts of our known reality. The Aparoid Queen doesn't seem to defy reality in anyway, but she definitely possess supernatural intelligence as well as superior knowledge. But as shown at the end of the game, Fox and his team come out sane. What gets me more interested in the Aparoids, is the fact there could be something similar to them but different in many ways. For an example, it could be a being that is both omniscient and omnipresent, an object that warps reality around it, or merciless godlike beings that have motives beyond what a mortal can comprehend. Anyways, I like thinking about all of the possibilities on how Nintendo could expand on the fact something like the Aparoids could exist somewhere around the cosmos of the Star Fox franchise. I would like to see your ideas on what Star Fox's next existential threat would be like. Is it an object, being, or something beyond our confined reality. Please keep you ideas original.
  2. So, I've been thinking a lot about Star Fox Zero in recent days. Specifically about the story. Star Fox is my favourite series by far, and my favourite thing about the series is the story, so naturally, this is something I'd think about. My idea for this thread is to just discuss story possibilities and probabilities. One thing I've noticed is the fact that on the Japanese website, venom looks somewhat robotic. To paraphrase DZ, it has somewhat of a Starkiller feel to it. However, in the intro for the game, Fox refers to it as "a backwater little rock in space". This seems to imply that it hasn't always been an artificial behemoth. A planet being turned into a base by it's inhabitants. That reminds me of the Aparoids. Of course, in 64, Venom had an underground base, but never anything to this extent. This is all just food for thought, of course. Now I'd like to talk about something that really strikes me as odd. The Walker isn't available to the team when you first start the game, and to access the branching path and alternate boss on Corneria, you need to come back later once you've unlocked it. At first you may find it a bit off that you'd keep your upgrade after starting the game again, but it's not a big deal. Likely just a gameplay mechanic, designed to add replayability... right? Well that's what I'd have thought, if it weren't for one thing. One line of dialogue that got me thinking. Once you beat the Aquarosa boss, the commander of the ship(the guy that looks like Camian) says, "You beat us AGAIN?!". He said again, despite the fact that Corneria is the first mission in the game, and by this point in the story we haven't seen or fought this guy. Unless we have. In Star Fox 64, as you most likely know, if you finish the game on the easy path, you get the "bad" ending, where you fight a robot Andross and the real Andross survives. What if, in Zero, the first time you beat the game, the same happens, except the story then continues, and next time you play the game the characters remember what happened last time to some degree. You're fighting a second war. Another big factor in this is the teleporters. Now I don't think there's much evidence for this other than again, one ambiguous line of dialogue, but I feel like there will be at least some form of time hopping. ROB 64 explains that Fox's location can't be detected due to lingering effects from the "time-space" warp. Obviously in that Corneria mission, the time hop can't have been much at all, as nobody acts like he's been gone for hours or days or anything, but it could be possible that later in the game this could be more prominent, especially with it having been said that the teleporters will be important to the story. That's all I have for now, but I'll likely have more later. I thought about making this a blog, but I decided against it as I want to hear everyone else's thoughts and wee theories or speculations about the story, and don't just want this to be a one time thing with my thoughts. I'd like to see a discussion. It's only a month away, so it won't be long till we know! But I digress. I'd also like to know if you can spot anything that I may have overlooked, such as what would happen if you beat the Androsa boss in the way which seemingly kills Camian. I think that's all I have to say, so for now, bye!