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Found 2 results

  1. Gestalt

    [RP Discussion] TO, A

    In the traditional fashion, here lies our discussion thread. To begin, we will review a few issues; you are encouraged to comment any of your thoughts regarding these issues. To follow, you may provide a profile of the characters you will be role-playing with and include which role your character prefers to assume. Now to address the issues: How do I join? This RP is join by request. Post breif character profiles and preferred roles in the discussion thread to initiate a request. We will accommodate your requests when feasible. Who should I role-play as? After some thought, I have concluded that the goal of Take Over to draw inspiration and from the lore and histories of SFO. A few of us will draw inspiration so direct that our characters will bear our own usernames, but mind you, this line of thought is not necessary to achieve the Take Over's goal. Therefore, ask not "who" but "how" should I role-play. Simply bear in mind that your character is either familiar or becoming familiar with SFO's atmosphere. While we will allow for an individual to RP multiple characters, it is by no means necessary, and the maximum characters allowed per individual will be set at three. How should combat between playable characters be handled? While no major combative conflicts took place between playable characters in the previous incarnation of Take Over, it is in the nature of Take Over's theme to allow for such combat. I have been teetering between allowing free-form combat or imposing a some manner of simple combat system . Free form-combat, or free-style, allows for the most creativity but is also prone to disaster in the face of inexperienced players. A combat system introduces some structure to protect against nonsensical actions, but it has to be constructed then ratified, remembered, and enforced by the player base. Regardless, I have come to the conclusion that at no time will a fight between two or more players be in contest of life or death. That is to say, your character will not have their life taken, unless it is voluntary or in line with your wishes. With that in mind, there are always non-lethal consequences for battle between playable characters. Respecting both the consequences of actions, the scopes of abilities, and the realities of the realm will deem you a competent player. As such, so long as there are no objections and all of our players are competent, I will settle with allowing free-form combat. We may, however, later switch to a simple combat system should the privilege of free-form combat be reduced to unpleasant ends. What are my commitments? RPs without clear commitment tend to die. Here we try to strike a balance between respecting our players who are missing in action (MIA) and keeping our MIA players from negatively impacting the RP's fertility. To be considered an active player you should submit at least one post every two weeks. After two weeks of no posts, you will be considered inactive and a) you will forfeit your influence over the plot and b) no active player will be required reference your character(s). We will extend common courtesy to an active player who is in good standing* for one week, where all players are obligated to slow burn the story's pace to allow you time submit a post. When possible inform us of week-long periods of inactivity so we can adamantly exercise this courtesy. *You will lose good standing for this courtesy if you only ever strive to meet the minimum activity requirements. No active player should abstain from submitting posts to wait on an MIA player. We offer the one week courtesy of a slow pace to MIA players. If you do not post at all, the same activity requirements will still apply to you, so you run the risk of being considered inactive, yourself. Back-to-back posts are welcome, if not necessary. But never overdo them. For our purposes, back-to-back posting is when there is only one user between two of your posts. Keep a soft limit in mind, allowing yourself only around 3-5 back-to-back posts per page. What is the primary mode(s) of discussion? RPs that without active discussion tend to wither. Here we'd like to promote unfettered discussion concerning the development of Take Over. Shy away from out of character discussion within the actual RP thread. This thread is our most formal mode of discussion. But, I will likely host a group chat somewhere exclusively for Take Over discussion or create a group PM if necessary.
  2. RP: Take Over, Again Style: Forum Theme: Divide and Conquer; Self Reference; Persona Reference Purpose: Secure power and influence over SFO Setting: A virtual realm structured in the semblance of SFO where your form is your persona Player Count: No foreseeable caps, minimum 3 active players Goal**: Find your place in a multifaceted war. Successfully bring SFO to its knees with under Shen's infinite wisdom; or, continue the establishment as a Staff member while knowingly or unknowingly being on payroll of an external influence; or, deal arms and slander while printing money under the encroaching Zimbabwean empire; or, walk a path of neutrality as a denizen of SFO. **Due to balancing concerns, playable roles may be modified depending on the player count. Roles: Rebellion: Combat the establishment through an organized effort to steal the seat of power: the mythical User Compliance Device Staff: Uphold the law of the land, in the name of the Honorable DZ Zimbabwe: At the behest of the High Executor, His Orange, fuel and further the corruption of the Staff with any manner of bribery, influence, or intimidation Unaffiliated: Find your own way in the midst of chaos Story: Having followed the chronicle of the users before, a team of divergent users have broken from the line of obedience, and have traveled to the Dead Threads to plan a coup in their community in silent earnest. Many sunrises and moons pass, and having gathered old and new blood alike, their plan advances...