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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, everyone. My name, or at least the name you will know me as on these fine forums, is VonSteakhand. To begin, I have vague memories of playing Star Fox 64 as a child, but I was never any good at it. Only years later did I ever find interest again in the series, with Super Smash Bros. Brawl's "masterpieces" section. I played the crap out of the 3 minutes it gave me, trying to find out ways to get through the level as best I could. Eventually I snapped and bought Star Fox 64 through Nintendo's virtual console and dove into it's fandom. Several Google searches later and here I am, signing up for a Star Fox forum. Woo-hoo.
  2. Hello! I, Battlechili1, am new here. I became a Starfox fan late last year after playing through Starfox Adventures. I have since played Starfox Assault as well and read the comic Farewell Beloved Falco. Also, I noticed a lot of people on these forums are furries or bronies. I am both. Starfox was what I think really got me into the furry fandom. Anyways, hello! Feel free to ask me questions!
  3. Ala1n-J

    Incoming new member

    Hello, everyone. I'm Ala1n-J, a 21-year-old french guy working to become concept artist in the video game industry. I'm also Asperger, I don't reject it but I won't use it as an excuse for anything I do. I've been a Starfox fan from the Adventure release (due to legal issues on the name in Europe, I didn't hear about starfox 64), it inspired my work and got me into creating anthropomorphic characters ( though the Disney Robin Hood helped in that too). I've been looking into that forum for a few years but I just couldn't create an account. Now I am concept artist in the Project : StarFox Retro fangame, where I'm mainly responsible of character design. I also make weapons and other stuff. So I'm eager to get involved in that forum, I will enjoy talking with you, sharing thoughts on the games, fanarts, etc.