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Found 2 results

  1. Snys93

    Worst Fanfic Ever Contest

    Hey all. Snes1993 here bringing to you an idea fresh from the chatroom. You read right, a contest on the worst fanfic that you yourself can write. Its got to be original and the worst thing you could ever put pen to paper to or Wordpad. The sites rules do apply. Check to see if your fanfic meets the necessary requirements. As to the nature and plot (if any) of you fanfic, it doesn't matter. Crossovers are welcome. Skyrim, Starfox, Doctor Who, whatever, just submit us your fic and maybe you'll be the winner. Winners will be voted by other users. Contestants cannot vote on their own fic. Once the period is up and all contestants have submitted their fics will voting begin. As to the prize its simple. You will be crowned winner of the worst fanfic of SFO. This is your time to bask in glory! You don't have to be a good writer to enter. Just write, submit and have fun reading each others fics. Good luck and may the best user win!
  2. Hello, Snes1993 here. So, bad games. We've all played them at some time or another. Whether it was sequel or a standalone game we felt that general apathy toward those developers with that same haunting question, "WHY?!!" Well here you can get that proverbial monkey off your back and beat it into the ground with your imaginary Hulk fists. Ok, too graphic. So without further ado, here are the conditions of the thread: 1) Give a description of the worst games that you have played. 2) The max limit is five. Please do not exceed five. If you don't have enough ideas, give what you can. 3) Be civil, respect the mods and please don't start any flame wars. I will not tolerate it. True, a users opinion is just an opinion. But don't fight over it, at least not here. 4) (optional) Post the games box cover or poster or screenshot of said games. 5) They don't need to be in any particular order. Anyway, just keep a good atmosphere and promote niceness. Long live the SFO community