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Found 1 result

  1. Snys93

    ZabuHaku: A New Beginning

    (Don't judge me. I happen to like this pairing even if it is yaoi, so ha!) (Disclamer: This fic not sexual in any way) Basically a 'what if' scenario of what might have happened once they crossed over to the afterlife. This is a series I did on DeviantArt, so there will be more coming. Enjoy Haku awoke into a blinding landscape. "Is this...heaven?" he asked himself. Moments ago he lay dying on a bridge in the Land of Waves. He heard the battle between the Sharingan Sensei of the Hidden Leaf and his master Zabuza. The rest was a muffled mess as he gently slipped away. Then there was a familiar voice, Zabuza's voice but it was different. There was something rather strange about it, for it was the mournful tone of his master. "You were always at my side, the least I can do is be by your side at the end...How I wish I could join you there, Haku." Haku felt the equally cold touch of Zabuza's hand upon his face. This strange essence of kindness coming from his master caused Haku to shed a single tear. Haku knelt in the white landscape, the crossing between worlds. Now he could move on free from the horror of the past, the suffering and torment behind at last. "Master Zabuza," he mourned, "how I too wish..." Suddenly he heard a noise from behind. "W-What? What is this place?" Zabuza staggered in confusion fully expecting to be bound in Hell. Startled, Haku turned to find his master behind him. "M-Master?" Zabuza spun to find Haku running to him. "Haku?" "Master!!!" "Haku, much I want to tell you." "Theres no need," he said drying his eyes, "I heard every word." "Y-You did?" "Yes." Haku smiled. "Well, you're here now. Just promise me one thing: make for yourself a good life in the next world, okay?" Haku was a taken back. "What do you mean?" "Its no good, me being with you as a team. Even though I made it to heaven theres still the reminder of what I did and to you. Now have a good life...without me." "Master, no..." "Find your mother, find somebody, just not me." "Master Zabuza, you don't understand. Hear me out!" "Dammit Haku, I said-!" "I love you!!!" Zabuza's stood frozen, his eyes widened in disbelief. "What did you say?!" The young man's gaze angled down. "Its true, it was a hard life with its share of pain and suffering. I didn't mind because you gave me purpose, a mode in life, something greater than myself. For it I am grateful and I was ready to die appeased, contented. But...when we were on the bridge dying together what you said touched me deeply in ways I couldn't fathom. I felt so strange but I understand and now," Haku looked up at Zabuza with eyes heavy with tears, "Now, I can't imagine life without-without m-my beloved master! Please be my family, I beg of you!" Zabuza stared blankly at the pitiful sight of Haku sobbing uncontrollably. He walked over to him and knelt down. "Haku, is this what you want? Are you sure?" The younger man nodded his head. The ninja of the Hidden Mist laughed, prompting Haku to look at him to ascertain if he was toying with his feelings. But to his relief Zabuza smiled fondly at him. "Okay, okay stop your waterworks," he said drying his tears, "I'll be your damn family, alright?" Haku threw his arm around him. "I love you with all my heart, master." 'So, this is what love feels like,' Zabuza thought, 'I can't complain, it doesn't hurt. But I think I'm starting to like it.'