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Found 2 results

  1. Scoots

    Favorite Star Fox title?

    Pretty explanatory, which title would you say is your absolute favorite from the Star Fox franchise?
  2. So, I'm starting this thread because I haven't seen a dreams topic around, so... Here goes! Anyway, I had this dream, right? And... --Before I get into the New York Steak (and baked potato with sour cream and chives), lemme give you a bit of a disclaimer. As we all know, dreams disappear from out memory only X amount of minutes after we wake up, yadda yadda, and whatever/what have you. So, I'm just going to give you the best information I can. Now, without further adieu... So, my dad bought this house in my dream, right? And, it's like this technologically advanced/state of the art (near-)futuristic McMansion or something. For whatever reason, it had like two kitchens, one on each floor.While visiting, I'm in the kitchen on the second floor with my sisters, and we're talking, and every time I would walk past or wave my hand in front of a drawer or something, it would automatically open. Which was kind of cool, but ultimately annoying. There was another wing of the house that lead to the Amazon jungle or something, and these pot-smoking college students/teenagers were there having this crazy party that lasted for several years. Since I don't do "mari-ju-ana" like that in any kind of way, nor am I thrilled by crazy parties, I decided to retreat to a more civilated part of the house. I go back to the second-story kitchen, and all of these people are gathered around the kitchen island. To my surprise, we're ghost-hunting now. We have the lights off, and someone wants a few people to rub some kind of cream or putty all over their clothes to make them fluorescent to the infrared cameras. All of a sudden,there is this loud and scary thumping noise, and someone is being dragged into the cylindrical pantry. They're pounding on the door, to be released, but we can't get them out. I get distracted because I see some people outside on the lawn. Bored with the ghost-hunting situation and someone being trapped in the pantry and scared for their life, I decide to go outside and see what all the business was about. It turns out that some people are doing some kind of photo shoot or TV commercial of the house, because they are promoting the company who built the house, as well as the other homes in the neighborhood--all of which were built by this home building company in my dream. They take a picture/film the house with the spokesperson or whatever. And while the house was of considerable size, it was not nearly as big as how it seemed from the inside. Mind you, it had two kitchens, a wing that lead to the Amazon rainforest, and a whole buncha other stuff that I forgot about. Anyway, I follow them as the go to pubicize another one of the company's projects. It was this other large house, and from the inside it looked like an empty warehouse or something with support beams, catwalks, and a polished concrete ground floor. But the thing about it, it was like 2-3 stories of completely empty space (4-6 thousand square feet worth of possible space) and you could completely customize how you wanted the lay out to be. And they were basically constructing it as they went. It started with these rails that were suspended from the ceiling at different heights with flat-screen TVs on them to represent different levels of the house. There was one low enough to the ground floor for me and the company I was with to look at, one in the middle, and one towards the top, all representing 3 (possible) floors/living spaces, and they were made by this one home communications (phone/internet/cable) and safety/security company--which I'll get to in a minute. They commence laying out the house, and they are furnishing it as well as building it. They start putting in the different floors, with no stairs to speak of, and I'm wondering how the residents will get up to the other floors. I'm suddenly given this vest/apparatus/thingamawhatzitz to wear, then suddenly I'm lifted to one of the other floors. All of a sudden, a bunch of stuff and people are suspended in gravity. The home communications and safety/security system features this gravity leveling program that everything is suspended in. Now, I was nervous that it would fail, and I'd go plummeting to my death. I never really like the idea of my life being held at the mercy of some possibly glitchy computer program--like living in the space station, and all of a sudden, someone spills their Space Coke on the motherboard, and the computer decides it wants to suck the oxygen out into space. No ma'am. But they company thought of everything. There was a fail-safe system in case the power went out or something, these portable gravity levelers would come out and keep everything suspended. And also, like, you could register your personal/portable electronics so that they could float in mid air while you used them. So, then, a family moves into the home. Either I am now part of the family or I am playing various roles in the family. They're setting the house up how they want it and I come to learn that you can set the system to an alarm and have it lower you to the ground floor so you can wash up in the bathroom or eat breakfast in the morning. Now, the family itself was wealthy (because you'd have to have some money to afford such a sophisticated home/system) and either they adopted kids or the family had a really close friend, because there was this one black kid who was all up with them and stuff, but whatever. The patriarch of the household--played by Christopher Meloni (my dreams often star famous people lol) bought the daughter some kind of foreign Toyota/Volvo SUV, which I drove for some reason. Then all of a sudden, there was this car accident, where someone was trapped under the hood of the (daughter's) car, there was this whole scandal where the police was called, and the person almost died or something. (As you can see, I'm starting to forget stuff... lol) So, the dream closes with some kind of radio news coverage of the car accident, which somehow made no effing sense, because one person was expressing how it was one parents' fault, the someone else blows up going on about how both parents are responsible, they both need to take responsibility, and a bunch of other stuff. And thassit. But yeah. I wanted to entomb this in time before I forget it, as well as share this with you guys. I'm not sure why though. Perhaps someone has the talent of interpreting dreams and can tell me what it means? Or maybe you could just use this thread to post a dream that you had and we all could talk about it. Whatever the case might be... Thanks for reading!