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IPS 4 is Here



SF-O is now running on the IPS4 platform.

IPS4 brings a modern, responsive, design as well as a bunch of new features, such as at mentions (IE @ROB64 ).

This also marks the beginning of SF-O.net 4.0. SF-O.net 1.0 was the old phpBB days, then we went to SMF and Wordpress with SF-O.net 2.0. SF-O 3.0 was IPB and Wordpress, 3.5 was complete IPB.

SF-O.net 4.0 will be the first complete content rebuild since the original wordpress site was designed by @Mr. Krystal. My goal with this update will be to finally make SF-O reach my vision. It will be a lot of work, however, and I cannot do it alone. I ask the community to please assist in this effort. Remember: This is your site, too!


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