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    Teaser Paragraph:


    Today Nintendo unveiled the long-suspected sequel to last fall's NES Classic. Like it's predecessor, it is a compact unit shaped like it's namesake, with a number of classic titles pre-loaded. And also like it's predecessor, it will undoubtedly be rarer than hen's teeth when it hits the shelves September 29, 2017, retailing at a nice $79.99. 21 titles have been announced, all classics: Super Mario World, Earthbound, Mega Man X, F-Zero, Super Mario RPG, Star Fox 2, etc.


    Yes. You read that right. 



    Star Fox 2, the game Nintendo has basically ignored and swept under the rug since 1995, will finally see the light of day on the SNES Classic, alongside it's beloved predecessor. Now, of course, fans have had access to the game since the late '90s, and it's pretty easy to find a completely playable ROM on the internet. However, developer Dylan Cuthbert has alluded to a different, even-more-complete build in interviews, so it remains to be seen which version of Star Fox 2 will be included. Whether it's the one we've come to know and love, or something completely different, it's just amazing that it's getting an official release. Heck, even having the original Star Fox on there is great, in and of itself, since copyright issues (and technical issues as well, I believe) have precluded it from getting a Virtual Console release until now. I am not kidding when I'm saying that I'm super hyped for this, folks!


    Details, and the full list of games, can be found on Nintendo's website



    The biggest impact the Star Fox franchise's had on the gaming world, hands down, was introducing gamers to the realm of 3D-rendered polygons in the original Star Fox title back in 1993. This was arguably the start of the biggest transition to ever occur in the history of gaming, freeing us from the shackles of sidescroller hell to let us explore open worlds at our heart's content. At the core (literally) of the game was the chip that made it all possible-the Super FX chip, which managed to math it's way into overclocking the Super Nintendo's processors. Developed by a small third-party company, Argonaut Software, it allowed for the system to run at an estimated 40x faster than the original specifications would permit. This permitted the Super Nintendo to render basic 3D polygons, allow for parallax-scrolling sprites, and even apply basic texture maps to polygons. This little wonderchip found it's way into several other major titles-Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's IslandDoom, Star Fox 2 (oh what could've been!). However, by the time these games were making it to market, Sony had already ushered in an entirely new generation of gaming with the Playstation, which could provide graphics and sounds that were lightyears ahead of what even the best Super FX titles could produce. The sudden appearance of the Playstation is what led to the untimely cancellation of Star Fox 2, as Nintendo feared that it and other Super FX titles would be negatively compared against their Playstation equivalents, and that their efforts would be better spent on developing 3D games for the N64


    This is a really fascinating video, and goes into great detail about the chip, Star Fox, and the rise and fall of Argonaut. Props to LoneWolf for digging this up!


    Teaser Paragraph:


    In honour of the 24th anniversary of the North American release of the original Star Fox on March 26th 2017, @Patch93 will be streaming himself playing the first three installments of the series developed by Nintendo EAD, including Star Fox, the unreleased Star Fox 2, and Star Fox 64.

    Enjoy everyone! (´・ω・`)

    Dr. Orange

    A little announcement on what is going on. 

    The Staff of Starfox Online has been restructured. DZ, Steve and Redeemer have all moved on to better and brighter adventures. I personally like to thank DZ and Steve for their years of service and hope their future is as great as the legacy they have left for us today!

    The new Administrators are MKGirlism, Sawtooth/Lonewolf, and myself Dr. Orange.

    There's a lot in store for the coming year. The goal is to revitalize and better support the Starfox Community 

    Stay in tune as a lot of great changes are coming!


    The big myth? Star Fox having robotic legs. Cuthbert's response: "They're just making that shit up ... They're metal boots" before completely mocking the idea of "pegleg furries in spacesuits." Well, that's even more definitive of Miyamoto's dismissal of this ridiculous claim.

    Also, Cuthbert is NOT Miyamoto's son-in-law. While yes, Miyamoto was at his wedding, Miyamoto doesn't have a daughter, so...

    Full stream:



    Nintendo of Europe revealed some small set of details about the making of Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins. It turns out that a lot of what we saw in the short were actually re-textured and re-rigged assets from the game itself.

    Of course they also had to make some custom stuff, too, but it was interesting to see this asset re-use.



    NOA tweeted that NX will be launching in March, and that the new Zelda will be given the Twilight Princess treatment and release on both NX and Wii U.


    According to the investor report, Zelda will be the only new game playable at E3, pretty much confirming that the Wii U is dead.



    The Abdallahsmash026 Star Fox Zero Choose Your Own Adventure is live! Click the image below (or here if the image fails to load) to view it on Abdallahsmash026's YouTube Channel.
    Star Fox Zero: Choose Your Own Adventure

    Please consider liking and subscribing if you like what you see!

    Alternatively, you may view it in a walk-through form here on SF-O by clicking here.

    Abdallah also has some other Star Fox Zero and Guard videos you can view here:

    SFZ Tips and Tricks

    The Battle Begins Reaction

    SFZ Bosses

    Star Fox Guard Playthrough


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