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      Someone just put one of my pictures into their HORRIBLE TRASH list, along with many other pictures that they consider "cancers" and such. Isn't that just rude?
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      Me: "I really want to draw Fox more often."
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    • fanfictiondreamer
      The Lineup for the team of the US 5 Star Olympic:
    • fanfictiondreamer
      They ran through the corridor, making their way through. Obi-wan went on his COM link. Obi-wan: “Rex, Cody, are you there?” Cody: “We’re here, sir, what’s going on?” Obi-wan: “We’ve just arrived on the Separatist command frigate not too long along. The Benders, Sokka and Suki along with myself, Anakin and Ahsoka are engaging the enemy. How are the rest of you fairing?” Cody: “We’re doing all we can to bring down this fleet. We seemed to have crippled some of their ships, but it will be a while before we bring down all of them.” Obi-wan: “Keep at it. We’re going to need all the man power we have to at the very least hold up in this fight. We’re dealing with a very serious problem.” Cody: “Why? What’s going on?” Obi-wan: “We’ll brief you as soon as we’re out of this horrible mess.” Cody: “Right, we’ll do what we can.” They kept running, soon enough, they arrived within another hanger bay. There, Count Dooku was waiting for them. Dooku: “So, you have arrived, at last.” Anakin: “Dooku!” Dooku: “So, what do you think of my hoard of Heartless subordinates?” Obi-wan: “Dooku, you must cease this terrible endeavor at once. You are playing with forces that you do not understand.” Katara: “He’s right! These creatures are nothing more than pure Darkness, they will only destroy this world and to form any kind of alliance with them is just begging for trouble.” Aang: “Count Dooku, please understand, these creatures will only cause destruction not only to the Republic, but the Separatists, as well. They’re already destroying our world.” Zuko: “The Heartless aren’t doing you any favors, Dooku. All you’re doing is aiding in the destruction of this galaxy and everyone in it, including yourself. I know what comes from a strong lust for power, I have seen first hand all the ruin and suffering it has done. I never want to see anything like that happen to any other world again, much less something far worse.” Obi-wan: “Listen to these children, Dooku. They are telling the truth. Should you allow these horrid creatures to continue running rampant within any part of this galaxy, it will suffer the same fate as all others that were badly affected by them. It’s not too late to turn back now and spare our realm of that kind of obliteration.” Anakin: “Are you really so adamant about conquering the galaxy that you’re willing to sell your soul to use these creatures at the risk destroying everything? No one should ever succumb to that kind of evil, especially not you!” Dooku: “Hmph! Your pleading words are useless. When I first witnessed the incredible power that these creatures were capable of, I could not resist them. I had to have it; they will serve greatly in this war and aiding the Separatist in overpowering the Republic.” Ahsoka: “No…you can’t…” Dooku: “There will be no stopping me now, not even these children that are from a world outside our own will be able to save you. Now then, witness my demonstration of the influence that I have towards these powerful creatures.” He raised his hand as he summoned more and more Heartless. Everyone readied themselves for battle. Katara: “Guess there’s no use talking some sense into him.” Obi-wan: “Hm, just when I thought the good count couldn’t possibly be more unreasonable, then this had to happen.” Anakin: “Guess we’ll have to fight our way out of this one. Let’s go!” From there, they began another tough fight against the Heartless. The Dark creatures spawned everywhere as the battle continued on. The group was really holding their own, fighting off many of the Heartless as they came at them. Count Dooku watched as this battle was taking place. He found the group’s struggling against the Heartless to be amusing as shown by the content look on his face. Soon enough, the Heartless onslaught stopped and the group had a chance to catch their breaths. Dooku: “Hm, not bad, I didn’t think you had it in you to handle so many of those Heartless at one time.” Katara: “Enough is enough, Dooku, this needs to stop.” Obi-wan: “She’s right, you must cease this at once.” Dooku: “Oh, but I have yet to show you the full extent of my supreme influence over these dark creatures.” Sokka: “I don’t like where this is going.” Anakin: “Neither do I, Sokka.” Soon enough, he raised his hand and before they knew it, a massive Heartless appeared before them. It was very much like one that they have seen before; Dark Side, only it was a different color. Anakin: “What the…?” Ahsoka: “Is that…that’s the other Heartless that we fought on Coruscant?” Zuko: “No, this is another that looks just like that; Dark Follower.” The massive Heartless then summoned many different kinds of Pure Blood Heartless. Everyone stood around, shocked by what they were seeing. Sokka, on the other hand, was about to run off screaming again, but Anakin grabbed on to him. Anakin: “Oh, no you don’t! You’re staying here to fight those things with us!” Sokka: “But…I don’t wanna…!!” Anakin: “SOKKA!!” Katara: “This is really bad! There aren’t a lot of people that can control a massive Heartless like this.” Toph: “Hm, I’m guessing Sith lords are incredibly powerful, which should be understandable as to how he can summon and control a Heartless of this magnitude and power capability.” Suki: “Oh, no, we didn’t prepare for this.” Anakin: “We have no other choice. We’ll need to fight this thing with everything we’ve got; that includes you, Sokka.” Sokka groaned out loud. Katara: “Let’s do this!” And so, they began the epic battle against the massive Heartless. As they fought it, it continued to summon Pureblood Heartless after Pureblood Heartless. Sokka tried to run from the fight, but Anakin made certain to stay close to him and keep him from running. The group was really pulling together to fight against all of them. The count continued to watch as the fight continued. It was a very, very long fight. The massive Heartless was difficult enough to bring down but the other Heartless that were spawning continuously prolonged the fight. There didn’t seem like there would be any end to this battle.
      Eventually, they were able to defeat the massive Heartless and it decapitated completely. Ahsoka: “We did it, everyone!” Suki: “Oh, thank goodness that’s finally over.” Obi-wan: “Yes, that powerhouse Heartless was indeed a massive challenge, but, it’s over.” Katara: “Great job, everyone, we really pulled together to put an end to that.” Anakin: “Yeah, we did, didn’t we? And all it took for Sokka to stay in the fight was to force him to not run away.” Sokka: “Oh…man…! That was terrifying!!” Soon enough, the sound of Dooku’s grunt caught their attention. Dooku: “Don’t think that this will be the last that you will have to deal with this. There will be plenty more to come. There will be others within this galaxy that can command and control these Heartless. You have but witnessed a taste of the horrors that will be brought about many like this.” Just then, there was a huge rumbling. Everyone was nearly knocked off their feet. Sokka: “Whoa! What is that!?!” Anakin: “That would be our fleet outside attacking this ship.” Obi-wan: “Guess we had better take our leave. This ship will not last out here for long.” Dooku: “Heed my warnings, everyone. We shall meet again.” Count Dooku walked off. Everyone stood by for a brief moment. Zuko: “I hate to admit it, but he’s right. There will be others that can and will command Heartless.” Katara: “I was hoping that it wouldn’t come to this, but…it was stupid to think that way, especially with the kind of scumbags that we’re dealing with.” Aang: “This is terrible…I can’t believe this is happening here, too.” Anakin: “Wait, you knew about something like this?” Toph: “We don’t want to say it, but, yeah, we did and we wish we didn’t need to. So much for that…” Obi-wan: “Perhaps you kids should tell us all you know about this special ability that we have just witnessed.” Katara: “Yeah…we’ll tell you everything we know.” Suki: “But first, let’s get out of here.” Anakin: “Yeah, let’s do that.” And with that, they made their way of the frigate as fast as they could.
    • fanfictiondreamer
      They continued on their way, facing off against more and more Heartless. Soon enough, the Heartless stopped spawning. Shortly afterwards, they were approached by Ventress. She chuckled in a sinister manner as she smiled in the same way. Suki: “Ventress!?! Don’t tell me you can control these Heartless, too!” Obi-wan: “She is a real close subordinate of Count Dooku; it wouldn’t surprise me if she could.” Ventress: “Oh, you know me all too well, Obi-wan.” She raised her hand and from there, several powerful Heartless. Sokka: “Whoa! Those are…!” Zuko: “Invisibles!” Aang: “Those are some very powerful Heartless.” Ventress: “Let’s see if your Bender friends can handle my powerhouse army.” She signaled the Heartless to attack. As the Heartless came after them, the group prepared themselves for another difficult fight. Sokka, however, withdrew his weapon and ran off screaming, which greatly annoyed the group. Obi-wan: “Oh, not again.” Toph: “Yeah, these Heartless are one of many that terrifies him the most.” Ahsoka: “Well…at least we’ve developed a much greater advantage to deal with these creatures.” Anakin: “Let’s hope it will be enough to make up for Sokka running off and abandoning us in this fight.” Soon enough, the fight began. The Jedi and the Benders plus Suki fought against all of the Invisibles. As they fought against them, they were able to find out just how powerful these particular Heartless really are. Ahsoka: “These things really are strong! I can’t believe how much it would take to bring them down.” Obi-wan: “I can understand why Sokka is afraid of these things, but that does not excuse his cowardly retreat from this battle!!” Anakin looked over and spotted Sokka, quivering in fear as a few of the Invisibles surrounded him. He was visibly annoyed. Suki: “Sokka! Come on! Pull out your weapon and start fighting these things with us.” Sokka shook his head as he trembled. Anakin, greatly annoyed, rushed over to slash away at the Invisibles that were surrounding Sokka. Anakin: “Seriously, Sokka! You really need to get over this ridiculous fear that you have towards these Purebloods! Your friends are giving their all out there and you need to do the same!!” Sokka: “But…” Anakin: “Now, Sokka!” Anakin rushed back into the fight. Sokka stood by, still hesitating. The fight continued on. They were still struggling against the Invisibles but giving everything they got without giving up. Ventress: “Hm…it seems that you guys are able to handle these creatures a lot better than I would have thought. Still…you’re greatly outnumbered and these creatures seem to have a major advantage against you, especially with your frightened friend over there cowering on the sidelines. Guess I should stop toying around with you and just finish you off.” Toph: “Oh, man, this is not good.” Soon enough, Ventress gave the signal, in which the Invisibles were about to ambush them. Sokka screamed out loud. The Jedi held out their hands and utilized their Force powers to stop the Invisibles. The Benders as well as Sokka and Suki stood by, astounded. The Jedi were struggling, but holding. Katara: “Now’s our chance, guys, while we still have the time!” The Benders and Suki rushed in and went after the Invisibles. Sokka was still standing by. Ahsoka: “Come on, Sokka! You need to get over here and fight!” He still stood by, but then, a serious and tense look grew on his face. He pulled out his weapon and rushed towards the Heartless at great speed. He was soon slashing away at the Invisibles along with his friends. The Jedi were still holding the Heartless back. Anakin: “About time you joined the fight, you idiot!!” The Benders, plus Suki and especially Sokka, were going all out on the Heartless. The Jedi were struggling more and more to the point where they lost their grip. The Invisibles broke free and came at them. Sokka withdrew his weapon and ran away screaming again. The Jedi were unsurprisingly annoyed by this. Anakin: “Sokka…!!!” With the Invisibles greatly reduced by this effective tactic, the Jedi and the Benders, plus Suki, were able to finish off the last of the Invisibles. It still took them some time, but they managed to defeat all of them. Ventress seemed a little annoyed by this. Ventress: “Hmph, you’re a lot tougher and more capable than I would have ever imagined. But, that was just a warm up. I have gathered all that I could from this fight, especially with that young man’s fear of certain Heartless. Don’t think that this is over. There is still more to come.” Ventress ran off. Obi-wan: “Yes, of course, I suspected that this was just the first round with you, Ventress.” Anakin stomped over towards Sokka and grabbed him by the back of his shirt. Anakin: “I’ve had just about enough of your constant fear of Pureblood Heartless!! You’re making yourself out to be completely useless right now!” Obi-wan: “I have to agree with Anakin on this one. Your friends are doing all they can to fight against these creatures. You need to step up and play your role in this fight accordingly.” Ahsoka: “That's right, why couldn’t you have fought along side us throughout the entire fight the same way you did when we were holding back those things?” Sokka: “I…uh…well…uh…” Anakin: “(grunt) Nevermind, let’s just keep going! And don’t think that you’ll be worming your way out of this one, Sokka!” Anakin ran off while still holding on to Sokka. The rest ran with them.
    • fanfictiondreamer
      Alright, now on to Mario, Luigi and Yoshi. Here is my selection for their Pokemon of the next 3 Generations:

      There, that should be it for now. I will post more stuff soon enough.
    • fanfictiondreamer
      Alright, now on to the rest of the Mario characters (plus one extra, I like to think of Rayman as an honorary Mario character) and their Pokemon. I shall start off with Peach and her team. Here is what I have in mind for their Pokemon from the next 3 Generations:

      So, what do you think? I've put a lot of thought into this and selecting Pokemon for these groups was not easy. I will go on to talk about Mario, Luigi and Yoshi soon.
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