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    • mattdawolf

      mattdawolf  »  Vixette

      I hope you're doing well? It's certainly been ages!
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    • UAZ-469


      Somehow DA-artists always seem to whip out "Commissions closed until further notice/No time at the moment"-journals whenever I send them a PN for a commission.
      I either must have terrible luck or they are doing this deliberately to get rid of me.
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    • SF Alba

      SF Alba

      I've been working on my web development skills. This is a result of a few hours work. Any feedback is welcome.
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    • Snes1993


      I checked in a room at a motel 6. The cleanest one I've ever been in.
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    • fanfictiondreamer


      What I give to be able to share my Ultimate Story 2 with MasaeAnela, but I don't know how to really get her attention. Just trying to reach out to her is very difficult, she gets so much attention.
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    • fanfictiondreamer
      I have finally posted the last chapter of Ultimate Story 2: Dinosaur Planet, the first story of Ultimate Story 2. I will be posting the next story, The Stay on Dinosaur Planet. I have yet to reveal what is in that story, so there is still things left to be revealed and mentioned and I can not wait to share them on here. Get ready, Ultimate Story 2 really has begun.
    • fanfictiondreamer
      Ok, that's the end of the story. I did write out an epilogue, but it will spoil a lot of the important stuff that occurs within the next story that came after this. I remember when I first wrote it. I loved this game so much but the ending of it was very anticlimactic and I really wanted it to continue. So, I did just that. I'm thinking about creating another forum involving that story and have this one just for chatting about this story. Either way, I will post my next story on here. Keep your eyes peeled for the sequel to this story that I called The Stay on Dinosaur Planet. Wait till you see it. It's going to be amazing.
    • fanfictiondreamer
      Chapter 22-The Final Battle’s Over, but the Adventure’s Just Begun.        After Andross exploded, the Krazoa Spirits flew back to Dinosaur Planet, restoring every fallen piece back to the planet. At long last, the planet was restored and never fell apart again. Falco: “So, Fox, aren’t you going back to the Great Fox with me?” Fox: “Nah, I can’t. I have to meet Misty and the others back on Dinosaur Planet.” Falco: “Suit yourself, I’ve got some reuniting to do.” Fox: “OK, then. See you later, Falco.” Falco: “So long Fox.”            Fox flew back to the planet while Falco headed for the Great Fox. Inside, Falco entered the main room. Falco: “Hey, guys. I’m back. Did you miss me?”            Unfortunately, the team wasn’t very happy to see him again. Falco: “Uh, guys, why are you staring at me like that?” Slippy: “Falco, you jerk! Don’t you even realize what damage you’ve caused after leaving the team?” Falco: “I don’t know. What sort of damage did I cause after leaving?” Blossom: “First of all, you crushed Buttercup’s heart. For the many months that you’ve been gone, she’s been in her room crying like there’s no tomorrow.” Falco: “Dang! Was Buttercup really that sad because I left? I never knew. I should go apologize to her, right now.” Peppy: “Ah, ah, ah! We’re not done with you, yet, Falco.” Falco: “What, now?” Peppy: “The second thing you did was leaving without doing the oath of our crest. Because of that tiny mistake, every single one of our powers disappeared from our hands.” Falco puts his hand over his eyes. Falco: “Aw, man, the oath. I knew I forgot something but how in the name of Star Haven did I forget about “the oath”?” D.W.: “Well, that doesn’t matter at the moment. What really matters now is correcting every single mistake that you’ve made, starting with Buttercup.” Peppy: “Good idea, D.W. Blossom, you go and get Buttercup.” Blossom: “I’m on it.”            Blossom flew to the door behind Falco.            She entered the bedroom section of the Great Fox. She floated to Buttercup’s room, where Buttercup was still crying for Falco. Blossom: “Um, Buttercup?” Buttercup: “Go away!” Blossom: “Um…Buttercup…I…” Buttercup: “I said go away!” Blossom: “Buttercup, I need you to come out, I have…” Buttercup: “What part of go away do you not understand? I’m not coming out of my room! Falco left me! He’s never coming back!” Blossom: “But Buttercup…” Buttercup: “Leave me alone! I said I’m not coming out!!” Blossom: “BUTTERCUP!!! Get out here right now! Falco came back!” Buttercup then looked up toward Blossom. Buttercup: “What? He did?” Blossom: “Yes, he did. He wants to see you and apologize.” Buttercup: “Yeah, right! That’s a good one, Blossom! He’s not coming back! He hasn’t answered any of my email or my messages. He’s not coming back! He…he never is.” Blossom became even more furious. Blossom: “That does it!!” She flew over to Buttercup and grabbed on to her. Blossom: “You are coming out of this room right now!” Buttercup: “No! Let me go!!!”            Buttercup fought Blossom as she was being pulled out of her room.      When Blossom finally got Buttercup reached the main room of the Great Fox, Buttercup couldn’t believe her eyes. In fact, she was constantly rubbing her eyes to see if she was seeing  what she thinks she’s seeing. She saw Falco standing right in front of her. It was no illusion or hologram. It was Falco, himself. Buttercup: “F-Falco?” Falco: “Hi, Buttercup, I’m sorry.”            She flew to him and knocked down on the ground. She had her arms around him, crying with joy. Buttercup: “Falco! I can’t believe it! You ARE back. I’ve missed you!” Falco: “I’ve missed you, too, Buttercup.”            Buttercup was gently hitting Falco on the chest. Buttercup: “Falco, you fool, don’t you realize how badly I’ve missed you?” Falco: “I know, Buttercup, I know. I wish there was some way I could make it up to you.” Buttercup: “Don’t ever leave me again. I’m a wreck without you.” Falco: “I’ll try.” Blossom: “Aw, isn’t that the sweetest thing you’ve seen?” Peppy: “Not exactly, Blossom but it’s sweet enough. Now that that’s been taken care of, all we need to do, now is find Fox and do the recovery oath with him to restore our powers. It’s been long since I’ve seen the rabbit of speed on my hand.” Slippy: “Yeah, and I can’t wait to see the snake of invisibility back on my hand again.” D.W.: “And once the horse of recovery is recovered to my hand, I’ll be able to fix my broken arm in no time.” Falco: “Come to think of it, I always wanted to see the rooster of levitation back on my hand. I’ve missed that power.”            Just then, the General’s hologram projector appeared in the middle of the room. General Pepper: “Outstanding job, Fox. You and your friends have…huh?”            But as the holographic head of General Pepper looked around the room, he could only see Slippy, D.W., Blossom, Peppy, Falco, Buttercup and Rob. General Pepper: “Uh, guys, isn’t Fox and the others suppose to be here?” Falco: “Well, actually, the last time I saw Fox, he headed straight for that planet that just reattached itself.” General Pepper: “So, they’re still on Dinosaur Planet, huh? Well, I’ll contact them from there right away. Pepper out.”            The general’s hologram turned off. Slippy: “Hm, that reminds me; where on Dinosaur Planet is Fox, Misty, Bubbles, Princess Peach and the others?” D.W.: “Oh, guys, come check this out.”            Everyone gathers around D.W. as she zoomed in to the South East section of Dinosaur Planet on her laptop and displayed the map of Cape Claw. Then she zoomed in to the round beach of Cape Claw to show Fox and Misty lounging on the beach on lounge chairs while wearing sunglasses as Banjo and Rayman snooze on a beach blanket and Princess Peach shade the boys with her parasol and Bubbles plays happily in the sand with Pikachu and Tricky. Then, Falco and Buttercup started laughing. Falco: “Get a load of those guys. What a bunch of lazy saps. (Laugh)” Buttercup: “(Laugh) Yeah, I know. (Laugh) Is that what they’re doing right now? Oh, man, what a load off.”            Falco and Buttercup continued laughing. Peppy: “Will you be nice, you 2? Fox and his friends have been living it rough these past few days. They deserve to relax after what they been through and I believe that they’ll be getting plenty of it.”            Meanwhile, back in Cape Claw, Fox and his friends were happily relaxing. Just then, General Pepper’s hologram popped up right in front of Fox and Misty. General Pepper: “Outstanding job, Fox. I don’t know how you and your friends did it but you’ve saved the Lylat System from Andross, once again. I was surprised that he was able to survive after what happened 8 years ago.” Bubbles: “Not as surprised as we were.” Fox: “Well, as you can see, Andross learned about the ancient power of the Krazoa Spirits.” Misty: “By trapping Krystal who was able to channel the spirits, he was able to use their power to revive himself.”            The general was silent for a while. General Pepper: “Well, hopefully, we’ve seen the last of that tyrant.”            Pikachu responded in a cute and happy way. Fox: “Yes, let’s hope for all of our sakes.” General Pepper: “Well, guys, I’m done here. I’ve managed to transfer your fee to the others back on the Great Fox. Contact me anytime. Enjoy your vacation. Pepper out.”            The general’s hologram disappeared. Bubbles: “Uh, Fox, what if we didn’t see the last of that nasty Andross?” Fox: “I don’t think we’ll ever see that monkey again, Bubbles but just in case he does show himself, I’ll just fly back up there and kick his butt. No sweat.” Misty:” Oh, speaking of “tyrant”, whatever happened to General Scales? Fox, do you think we’ll ever see him again?” Fox: “You’ve got me. I have this strange that we will meet again. On the other hand, I’m not sure if he’s alive right now or not after what happened at the palace.” Misty: “Well, I was hoping you would say no.” Fox: “But Misty, why?” Misty: “Well, because I felt terrified after what he said to us, especially after what he said to me. What if he does come back? Who knows what revenge he has planned for us? Who know what even worse revenge he has planned for me?” Fox: “Misty, calm down. It’s OK, there’s nothing to worry about, even if he does come back. I’ll protect you from him no matter.” Misty: “You…you will?” Fox: “I promise.” Misty: “Oh, Fox…” Once again, you see them staring into each other’s eyes. They should have figured it out by now but no. It was still kept a secret from them. I hope they would figure it out soon because the end of this story draws near, very near.            
    • Robert Monroe
      Well I mean Peppy says the records of Sauria call it magic energy too so what can you do, there's just too little too vague information in the long run of things.
    • mattdawolf
      meh. So many bittersweet memories.
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