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    • fanfictiondreamer


      To anyone who had bee paying attention to my scrapbook:
      I need someone to guess who the mastermind of the Descendants of Darkness is. I just have a few clues that could help.
      The mastermind is a supposed spouse of the Shaman Emperor, so the mastermind is a female
      Also, think paper thin, like literally
      Can you guess who SHE is?
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    • StarFoxFanGurl


      Heya again. Hope everyone is doing well.
      Anyway, at this point, I feel like I may no longer come here as much anymore. I honestly feel like I can’t make myself join along. Not sure how to explain... But anyway, hopefully this doesn’t affect y’all. I mean, I wasn’t so active from the beginning.
      Thank you for welcoming me along. Take care now everyone. You guys are amazing.
      Star out~
      · 2 replies
    • fanfictiondreamer


      Say, I'm anyone reading my Ultimate Story spinoff Powerful Harmony? Just making sure because I don't have any way of knowing and this story means sooooooo much to me, SOOOO MUCH!!!!
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    • fanfictiondreamer


      Attention, everyone!! This is taking place right now:
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    • fanfictiondreamer


      You know, I would really love it if Steve Malpass would read my beloved Ultimate Story 2 story. I wonder what he would think of it?
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    • fanfictiondreamer
      Chapter 8-A Farewell to Dinosaur Planet, Don’t Worry; We’ll be Back           The next morning, Fox had officially decided it was time to leave Dinosaur Planet. Everyone was more than ready to leave. Well, everyone except Bubbles. Bubbles: “Well, Tricky, this is it. I knew that this would happen eventually, but I sure am going to miss you, anyway.” Misty: “Having a hard time letting go, isn’t she?” Fox: “Yes. I don’t want to do this to her but we all know this is what we’re suppose to do. That’s how life is.”           He walked up to Bubbles and Tricky. Fox: “I’m sorry, kid, but we have to do this.” Bubbles: “(Sob) I understand.” Tricky: “I really am going to miss you guys. You’re the coolest bipeds I’ve ever met and you’re also my best friends.” Fox: “I feel the same way. We’ve been through a lot together. I mean, without you, our mission would have failed, so I got something for you.”           He pulled a cool looking pin with the team’s second emblem on it. Bubbles: “Can I give the pin thingie to Tricky, please?” Fox: “Oh, alright.”           He handed the pin to Bubbles and she attached the pin to Tricky’s forehead. Fox: “Prince Tricky, Earthwalker. You are now an honorary member of the Starfox Team.”           Bubbles giggled gleefully. Bubbles: “Congratulations, Tricky!” Tricky: “Whoa! Awesome! I’m a member of Starfox!” Tricky then looked at the Arwing. Tricky: “Do I get my own spaceship?”           Fox, Misty and Bubbles laughed at Tricky’s cute question. Misty: “Sorry, Tricky, but you need opposable thumbs in order to own a ship.” Tricky: “Oh…”           Bubbles had her arms behind her back. Bubbles: “That’s Ok, Tricky. I don’t have any opposable thumbs, either. As a matter of fact…”           She pulled her arms out from behind her back and holds them up. Bubbles: “I don’t have any fingers, at all.”           Misty laughed. Fox just smiled. Fox: “You don’t have any hands, either.” Bubbles: “Yes, I do, they’re just, uh, balled up into fists all the time. I…think.” Fox: “Right. Let’s get out of here.”           They were all about to leave. Bubbles: “Wait! Can I have another pin thingie for Beauty, too?” Fox chuckled a little. Fox: “OK.”           He gave another pin to Bubbles so she can attach it to Beauty’s head. Bubbles: “I didn’t want Beauty to feel left out, that’s all.” Fox: “I understand. Let’s go.” Bubbles: “Bye, Tricky. Bye, Beauty. See you both real soon.”           And they finally left.           Back on the Great Fox, Fox and Misty returned to the main room of the ship, hand in hand. Their friends were waiting for them there. Falco: “Finally, What took you guys so long?” Fox: “Sorry, we were just saying our goodbyes.”           D.W. let out a small giggle. D.W.: “I understand.” Slippy: “So, where to next, guys?” Misty: “Hm…how about Earth. I checked one of my clocks and it’s almost Saturday there.” Peppy: “That is a good idea, Misty.” D.W.: “Sure thing.” Falco: “Heck, yeah.” Slippy: “Yes!” Fox: “OK, then. Rob, set a course for the planet Earth.”           The Starfox team made preparations as the Great Fox immediately head for Earth. Falco: “Ah, yes, Earth. Thought I’d never live long enough to see that planet again.” Slippy: “Oh, planet Earth, at long last, you and I will be reunited once more, beautiful, blue planet of the Milky Way Galaxy.”           Falco was freaked out a bit. Falco: “OK…” Krystal: “Planet Earth? What is this planet you guys speak of?” Fox: “Earth is the home world of Misty and some of our friends. Blossom it is where we were born.” Slippy: “It is also where all of our human friends live.”           He blushed. Slippy: “Like 3 of G.R.O.U.P.’s top spies, Sam, Alex and Clover.” Krystal: “Sounds interesting. I would be delighted to check it out for myself.” Misty: “Oh, you’ll love it, Krystal. There are lots of nice people, like Professor Oak.” Fox: “However, there are some people who are bigger jerk than Falco.” Falco: “Hey!” Krystal: “Sure thing. A friend of Misty and my brother’s is also a friend of mine.” Fox: “OK, then and Krystal?” Krystal: “Yes, Fox?” Fox: “Now that you have become one of us, there are a few ground rules that I need to set up.” Krystal: “Ok.” Fox: “First of all, no calling me your “baby brother” in public.” Krystal;” Alright.” Fox: “Second of all, no showing strong affections for me in public, meaning no constant kisses, no smothering, no long, affectionate hugs, no DEATH hugs.” Krystal: “Right.” Fox: “And lastly, no going all overprotective on me. Princess Peach has done that to me enough and I don’t like it.” Krystal: “OK, I understand you, brother.” Fox: “Listen, I know how you feel. I can understand that you’ve searched half the galaxy for me. I understand that it’s been many years since we were separated. I even understand that I was still a baby the last time you saw me, but try to control yourself, OK? I have spent many years being a strong reputation and want to keep it.” Krystal: “Yes, brother.”           Then, without warning, Krystal grabbed her brother and held him very close. Krystal: “Oh, Fox, I can’t believe I’m with you, at long last. After so many years, I can finally touch you again.”           Fox then pushed himself away. Fox: “OK, that right there is one of many things I do NOT want you to do to me. But, I’m willing to make an exception for now since were not in public and around friend’s who have no reason to embarrass me.”           Then Fox realized was holding out a digital camera at the time. Falco: “Oh, man, this is perfect blackmailing material.”           Peach then had Rayman swipe the camera out of Falco’s hands. Falco: “Hey!” Peach: “Sorry, Falco, I refuse to let this picture fall into the wrong hands. Besides, I think this picture is just so adorable, I’m thinking about putting this in one of my private rooms in my castle, where no one can snatch it, or even see it.” Falco: “Grr! Darn it!” Fox: “Thanks, Peach.” Peach: “Oh, it’s no trouble, at all, Fox. I just hope this makes up for how I’ve been.” Fox: “It’s…close enough.”
                Minutes later, Fox found Bubbles staring out the window, watching as Dinosaur Planet slowly fades away. Fox went on to join her. Fox: “Um…hey, Bubbles. Listen, we don’t…I understand how hard this is for you, but I promise you we will come back, but we can’t do that if we don’t leave. I bet even Tricky would say the same.” Bubbles: “My sadness of leaving that planet…”           She jerked her head towards Fox with a smile on her face. Bubbles: “Are being drowned out by the joy and excitement of coming back next week. I can’t wait, but I will anyway. Fox: “Atta girl. You’re really starting to grow up and understand a lot more things. I’m proud of you.” Bubbles: “Thanks, but it really wasn’t that hard.” Fox: “You sure?” Bubbles: “Sure, positive.”           Later on that day, Fox met up with Krystal again. Fox: “Uh, Krystal? There’s…something else that I need to do.”           He then pulled out the staff and held it up to her. Fox: “This staff, I’ve been meaning to give it back to you.”           Krystal closed her eyes as she shook her head, then opened them again. Krystal: “No, brother. You keep it.” Fox: “What? But…it’s your staff; I was just borrowing it!” Krystal: “I want you to have it.” Fox: “No…I…I can’t take it from you. It…it’s just…not fair…” Krystal: “It’s OK, brother. You don’t have to worry about that. I’m OK with this.” Fox: “I…but…it just…doesn’t seem right…” Krystal: “Hm…I have a better idea.”           She pulled the staff out of Fox’s hands and placed it on his chair. Both he and Krystal stood in front of the staff. Krystal: “Let’s undergo a little challenge.” Fox: “Challenge? What kind of challenge?” Krystal: “It’s somewhat of the duel that will decide who the staff belongs to.” Fox: “Um…OK, so, how does this duel work?” Krystal: “We will grab on to it at the same time. From there, the staff’s powerful magical energy will surge through both of us. This will continue until one of us lets go of the staff. Whoever does must surrender the staff to the other person. Are you OK with this?” Fox: “Well…if you think this will help to decide on who gets the weapon, then sure.” Krystal: “OK, then, on 3, we will both grab the staff at the same time. Ready? 1, 2, 3!”           And with that, they both grabbed the staff at the same time. From there, the magical energy surged through their bodies, just like Krystal said it did. This went on for a while, but then, Krystal let go of the staff. Fox was left shocked as he held the staff in his hands. Krystal was able to recover from the ordeal. From there, she smiled at Fox. Krystal: “Congrats, brother. The staff is yours.”           Fox stood speechless for a bit. He then looked at the staff and then back at Krystal: “Thanks, sis. I…really…don’t know what to say…” Krystal: “Think nothing of it. Just take good care of that weapon, OK?”           He smiled at her a little and then nodded once. Fox: “Sure, I will.”           They both stood by, still smiling at each other.           And so, the Starfox team finally arrived on the Earth after many days of space travel. A lot has happened within the next 24 hours. They reunited with Professor Oak after he and his grandson returned shortly before the KrazoaPalace incident. They were able to reunite with their Pokémon, especially Falco. They spent the rest of the day with their Pokémon, reliving old memories. Krystal, who was unfamiliar with everything her brother and his friends considered “good times”, wanted to receive a taste of Pokémon training by wanting to catch and train Pokémon of her own. She looked forward to having battles with real trainers. She really wanted in on the Pokémon world. Nothing could make her happier at that moment. Then came the hardest part of all. When the day was over and the team needed to return to their home world, Corneria, it was time for Fox and Misty to say goodbye. This was the first time that they had to part after finding out that they were in love with each other. They had their farewell kiss and Misty sang her goodbye song, a beautiful melody that Fox had never forgotten. Then, Fox left Earth with dreams of reuniting with his new girlfriend. Misty also dreamt of a reunion with her beloved Fox, with tears in her eyes. Their lives were changed forever. The End
    • fanfictiondreamer
      I soon returned to my cousin who was waiting for me. Atem: “So, how did it go?” Yours truly: “It went better than intended. I made them a deal to return them to their homes in return for helping me out.” Atem: “Helping you out? With what?” Yours truly: “Atem, I feel that the Shaman Emperor did not work alone, so he indeed had help. I don’t know who but if what I feel is true and something happens to the Lock Crystal and do whatever it is they did before, then we must be ready for when it comes time that he does attempt to break out again.” Atem: “Tikal, are you certain of all that?” Yours truly: “Yes, I am. That is also why I needed to talk to the spirits. How Ly was unable to catch this, I do not know. Regardless, we must always prepare for the worst and do whatever it takes to stop this travesty from happening again, for everyone.”  
    • Terramax
      Actually, a racing game in R-wings would be freakin' awesome, as far as I'm concerned! Sign me f-ing up if this game turns out to be true. I'm actually more than happy to see the franchise go in different directions and play with genres, just so as long as it's not so ambitious that it doesn't have the resources to fully realise itself i.e. an open world game made on a shoestring budget. I didn't see this news so thank you for bringing it to our attention. P.S. maybe it hasn't been discussed as it's merely in the rumour stages.
    • fanfictiondreamer
      After I have finished, they began to fill with a great deal of sorrow and deep regret. Falco: “Whoa…I had no idea…” Krystal: “No wonder why we were sent here. Tikal, I feel terrible.” Fox: “We’re sorry we never did our part to prevent this Rifter. Thanks to us, everyone’s dead.” Yours truly: “Well, not exactly. Like my world, yours has survived the Rifter. All life is starting over again. And I was able to save this.” I then shown them something that was very well known to all of them. Fox: “No way! Is…is that…?” Yours truly: “Your world? Yes, I believe it is. I was able to save a portion of the world you once knew. With it, I can revive everything you have ever known and everyone you have ever cared about. That is, if you want me to.” Fox: “Yes, Tikal, please. We must return home.” Yours truly: “Believe me, I wish I could, but I fear that it is not that easy. I don’t have enough power to revive your world. Even if I could, I would not be able to send you back. However, I am willing to offer you a deal.” Krystal: “We’ll do anything, Tikal.” Yours truly: “I feel as though something is not right. Something tells me that the Shaman Emperor could not have broken out of the Shadow Realm by himself. I feel that someone was helping him and caused the corruption in many worlds to have unleashed a large amount of dark energy to free him. If what I feel is correct, even the Lock Crystals will not be able to hold him back forever and he will try to escape again. Ly has lost so much of her powers from holding back his assault. If he does break free, it will be over for all of us.” Fox: “So, what do you want us to do?” Yours truly: “I need you to assist me in preventing his escape. I’m not sure what we should do and how we are going to do it, but I need you to heed any order that I give you. If we succeed, then I will send you home.” Fox: “I don’t care what you tell us to do. As long as you keep your end of the bargain and return us home. And if what you say is true, then this is not completely our fault.” Yours truly: “Thank you, kindly, my friends. Now then, I feel as though I need to tell you something else. You are more than capable of making the most of the many things you can do as spirits.” Falco: “Wait! Spirits? You mean we’re…!?!” Yours truly: “Dead? Somewhat. You were merely separated from your bodies. It was the only way Ly can save you all. But, not to worry, do as I say and you will be returned to your mortal husks.” Fox: “You can count on us and thank you for giving us a second chance.” Yours truly: “Think nothing of it, my friends. Now then, I must return to my cousin, Atem. I will see you again whenever I can.” Fox: “OK, see you, Tikal.” And so, I left the Realm of Nothingness.
    • fanfictiondreamer
      I arrived at the Realm of Nothingness, where the heroes were being imprisoned. You may remember their names as referred to Fox, Falco, Slippy, and Krystal. Yes, these names do sound familiar, but I assure you, they are not who you think they are. No, my friends, they are indeed very different. I found them with a sleeping barrier on them as an addition to their punishment. Yours truly: “I am sorry to do this, but I need to speak with you.” With a wave of my hand, I removed the sleep barrier. Instantly, I watched as they began to move. Slippy: “AHHH! THE DARKNESS!! MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOP!” Falco: “Slippy, will you stop!?! We’re just fine!!” Slippy: “We are?” Falco: “Yeah! At least…I think we are…” Fox: “Where are we?” Krystal: “What? What is this place?” Yours truly: “This is the Realm of Nothingness.” They all looked towards me as a spoke. Yours truly: “This is the holding chamber for all those who have disobeyed Ly. Look around, notice that we are the only ones here.” They did as I have told them to do, it did not take them very long to find that there was indeed nothing else. Fox: “Yes…I see that. But, weren’t you sent here, too?” Yours truly: “No, my friends, and I fear that I shouldn’t be here, at all. I am Tikal and I came here because I feel that it is unfair for you to be punished without knowing the truth.” Fox: “The truth? What do you mean by that?” Yours truly: “It all started many, many years ago…” And so, I told them the same story that I have mentioned earlier.
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