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      IMPORTANT! Is Tumblr really as bad as people say? If so, should I just bail on it now? I mean, Fanfictiondreamer used it, so...Idk. Please tell me, should I bail out of Tumblr?
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    • TheIkranRider


      *sigh* I'm on the fence on whether or not I should release the Bouncer tetralogy here. I feel like I should since it has some sci-fi elements to it even tho it's basically The Bouncer w/ DBZ. So...maybe I should starting tomorrow; that PS2 game REALLY needs some love, man!
      Also...occasionally I'd see FFD's profiles on Tumblr, which is now 1 since she deleted her Fayelons Story blog!! Why??? How am I supposed to find out what happens to her precious Fayelons?? I hope she'll still post it here, though.
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    • Quadroline


      Like tears in rain.
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    • TheIkranRider


      Hey, guys! I just came across the predecessor to Starfox Adventures, Rare's cancelled N64 game, Dinosaur Planet. I find this game to have nice potential! Wish Myamoto didn't take over w/ ideas for Adventures, even tho Sabre was much like Fox; there was a little slip-up mentioned when he confronted the SharpClaws. And if this game WAS a hit, then maybe Adventures probably wouldn't have existed, right? Kinda feel sorry for Rare, tho, especially w/ Conker since he was like a calm b4 for the storm! And Nintendo never helped w/ their bankruptcy!
      Anyway, it's available for download, despite being a beta, and here's the link for the trailer: Dinosaur Planet Trailer (Nintendo 64 Cancelled) - YouTube
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    • Quadroline


      Happy Birthday to me
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    • StarWolfLeader
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      Ok, here are a few pics I forgot to put on here. 1 is another character select, only this time it's the main women in the Yakuza Saga (Ayame, Echidna, Leann). Another was just for lulz as I used it for Kou's songpic, Jet.
    • TheIkranRider
      Behold, the enormous soundtrack for the entire Bouncer/DBZ crossover story! Too bad I can't find the peaceful theme of the Nameks, though. The Mikado Saga 1. Dragon Ball Z  - Bardock/History of Trunks Funimation English Dub Opening 2. Goku's Home (DBZ: Legacy of Goku II) 3. East District 439 (DBZ: Legacy of Goku II) 4. Episode Intro Theme (Dragon Ball) 5. Prologue (The Bouncer) 6. Sion Barzahd's Theme (The Bouncer) 7. The Escape (The Bouncer) 8. Volt Krueger's Theme (The Bouncer) 9. Kou Leifoh's Theme (Remix; The Bouncer) 10. Nervousness (The Bouncer) 11. Echidna's Theme (The Bouncer) 12. The Pursuit (The Bouncer) 13. Mugetsu's Theme (The Bouncer) 14. Aria Kaldea (The Bouncer) 15. Disquietude (The Bouncer) 16. Mikado's Plot (The Bouncer) 17. Rain, Sound of Memories - Distant Rain - The Cross Children (The Bouncer) 18. Noble Sacrifice (Full of Tears - In the Abyss of Sorrow; DBZ: Budokai) 19. Goku's Farewell (DBZ: Budokai) 20. Story Prologue (DBZ Budokai) 21. Devastation Theme (DBZ OST) 22. Sneak (The Bouncer) 23. Reminiscence (The Bouncer) 24. Kaldea's Theme (The Bouncer) 25. Battle Theme #3 (Move Forward Fearlessly; DBZ Budokai) 26. LUKIS Covert Op (The Bouncer) 27. Battle Theme #4 (Challengers; DBZ Budokai) 28. Victory Jingle (Vs Mode; The Bouncer) 29. Affection (The Bouncer) 30. Makafushigi Adventure Instrumental Full Version (Dragon Ball) 31. Dragon Theme (abridged) 32. PD-4's Theme (The Bouncer) 33. Dominique Cross' Theme (The Bouncer) 34. Guru's Theme (DBZ OST) 35. Crazy Mugetsu (The Bouncer) 36. Mikado (The Bouncer) 37. Mikado - Madness (The Bouncer) 38. Mikado - Awakening (The Bouncer) 39. More (Kai Winding) 40. Flying Nimbus (Dragon Ball OST) 41. Dragon Theme (DBZ OST) 42. Wong Leung's Theme (The Bouncer) 43. Applejack (Jet Harris & Tony Meehan) 44. Capsule Corp. (DBZ: Legacy of Goku II) 45. West City Apartments (DBZ: Legacy of Goku II) 46. Sage Music (DBZ OST) 47. Lean Caldwell's Theme (The Bouncer) 48. Forevermore (The Bouncer) 49. Love is the Gift (The Bouncer) The Drabble of Dog Street 50. The Down Town (Days of the New) The Black- Hooded Sion Saga 51. Kicks Like a Mule (The Bouncer) 52. Killing in the Name (Rage Against the Machine) 53. Evil Buu (DBZ OST) 54. Hyperbolic Time Chamber (DBZ OST) 55. Sion - Jet Black (The Bouncer) 56. Halcyon + On + On (Orbital) 57. Above the Sky (Sonic 2 OC Remix) The Yakuza Saga 58. Cha La Head Cha La (English Version) 59. West City (DBZ: Legacy of Goku II) 60. The Bouncer 1999 Trailer Theme 61. Eerie (DBZ OST) 62. Battle Theme #5 (The Battle with All My Force; DBZ Budokai) 63. Areas of Action (DBZ: Legacy of Goku II) 64. World Map (DBZ: Legacy of Goku II) 65. Bulma and the Frog (DBZ OST) 66. Military March (DBZ Budokai) 67. Battle Theme #9 (Encounter; DBZ Budokai) 68. Kami's Lookout (DBZ: Legacy of Goku II) 69. It's up to Dende (DBZ OST) 70. A Hero's Desperation (DBZ Budokai) 71. Super Saiyan 3 Ascension (DBZ OST) 72. Superbeast (Rob Zombie) 73. Holy Water (DBZ OST) 74. Character Select (Vs. Mode; The Bouncer) 75. The Light (Disturbed) 76. Show 'em What You're Made of (Backstreet Boys)
    • TheIkranRider
      Chapter 9 Hurt and Comfort As Wong and Dominique reconnected with Sion, Ayame was still sulking outside their quarters. Her old friend, the gentle pussycat, Korin, comforted her. He told her that he never noticed her resentment toward Krillin and Piccolo while they were fighting Gohan and aiding Garlic Jr., all because of some stupid prank they'd pulled. Luckily both Korin and Yajirobe were somehow not affected by the worldwide mist, and avoided its air currents. Nevertheless, it reminded her of what just transpired, as she observed the bouncers' mind-altered antics. And she's not sure whether she could forgive them or not; Krillin knew how she was feeling firsthand. Still, he did leave with 18 and Chiaotzu. "Well, it has been a few years since you've last seen them, but I wouldn't be so hasty on throwing your friendship away. Just give 'em some time. After all, you still want to work for them in Dog Street, don't you?" He did have a point there; she almost forgot about that night she reunited with Sion and Dominique while she was wearing his distinctive red hoodie. It was that piece of clothing alone that brought her back there in the first place. Ayame was so deep in thought, that she didn't notice the flight display ahead. Meanwhile, Echidna was dumbfounded on what she just saw. "Wha-How!? How in the hell can you do that!?" She couldn't comprehend how a single human was able to fly, or more specifically, Gohan. He landed smoothly on the floor. "What matters is how you control your Ki, your latent energy." The lady was still perplexed. Gohan then said enthusiastically, "Show her how it's done, Videl!" She gladly demonstrated as her vessel began to rise gradually, then she took off and beelined all over the Lookout! Echidna was just beyond flabbergasted on what she just saw. Though, something was bothering her, particularly her breasts, as they suddenly felt sore, soft and swollen. Then, she actually fell to the ground! Videl and Gohan ran to her side, and she began to look very pale and felt very nauseous. They immediately carried her inside the recovery chambers where Sion, Volt, and Kou were still resting in. "So, this is the Eternal Dragon. Shenron, wasn't it?" Sion queried as he held the miniature statuette. While Dende was showing the Dragon to Sion, as well as the Lookout's other locations, he was greatly fascinated with the place; so much so that he actually offered to train there as a way to become stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually. Being like Wong's training, but "taking it to the next level," he likes to call it. He learned about the Teleporter, the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, the Power Pole connecting to the Lookout as a means for transporting the place itself, and also Korin's Tower. Through observance, the wise white feline was greatly admired by Sion's own strength and potential, as well as his restored pure heart. He also wondered that since he's willing to train partially at the Lookout, he wishes for him to be a bona fide Z-Fighter someday. Although Dominique became worried on how he'll juggle both his bouncer career as well as his newly found training grounds. "Don't worry. I'm sure I'll find a way to prioritize both of them somehow. Besides, we used the Nimbus once before." He recalled how fast that little cloud could go, though he sometimes felt curious as whether or not he could still ride it. "But...wasn't the cloud destroyed during that aerial fight..?" The bouncers' allies did discuss about those past incidences involving the Yakuza, including the intense dogfight and how the women were stranded and the precious Orage being demolished. They were undoubtedly surprised as each of the trio couldn't recall anything lethal that transpired, until after the chase toward the city square anyway; however, unlike Ayame, they didn't feel too bad considering that they were all being manipulated by electro-transmitters. Much to their relief, Korin assured that he actually does possess several Nimbus stored together as this single large Nimbus, as he showed them a massive, fluffy cloud located at the outskirts of his Tower. He said that after Goku's original Nimbus was destroyed by Tambourine decades ago, Korin summoned the Enormous Nimbus to his Tower and allowed Goku to choose a new one from his stock. Since then, Goku used that particular Nimbus ever since, as well as his two sons, Gohan and Goten. Dominique and Ayame were thrilled, yet still the latter felt very troubled. He soon queried on how Dauragon was resurrected by the Dragon Balls since he recalled Ayame making a wish a few years ago in which it should erase all memories of his regime, excepting the bouncers and the Dragon Team. Korin rubbed his chin in thought. "Hmm... I'm guessing that this Yakuza member must've been fascinated with Dauragon by doing his research in a way." His face then lifted, "Eh, no problem, since there's no longer a chance for him to return ever again; the Balls can resurrect a person once regardless of cause." "Volt..? Volt!" Trunks ran in and ecstatically mentioned that he wanted to bring him to Echidna upon her request, but doesn't know where he is. The cat sniffed the air real quick. "Hmm... He should still be in the recovery chambers." The eccentric boy ran off as fast the wind could carry him; he didn't seem fazed at all from whatever treachery Volt pulled, nor the harm he did to Echidna and Ayame. Deep inside, she eventually went to him with Dende who recently inspected what was wrong with her body. Volt let out a groan, though he was glad to see her alive and still intact. With a large grin as she sat on the side of the cot, "Volt... I...I am expecting." " a father..?" he said groggily. She nodded in affirmation. "Yaaay!" Trunks was so excited as he leapt while he overheard the news, and soon was Goten as he ran to him at the adjacent chamber! He couldn't be anymore enthusiastic for the soon-to-be-couple as they gave each other a passionate, deep kiss of congratulations. "I can't believe Volt's going be a dad. This is definitely gonna hurt. Well-for Echidna, anyway. Heh, I wonder how they'll manage their careers..!" Kou mentioned. He also decided to lay off fighting for quite awhile, and he said the trio agreed to go on personal leave, as they had some "catching up to do." Especially with him as well Sion, Volt, and Dominique, Leann, however, was a difficult case; she seemed to be a little scorned over those catastrophes. Throughout the rest of the night, she wasn't beside Kou, but rather discussing the entire situation with the head of LUKIS and the numerous deaths of their men. "I was wondering how you're going to manage yours." Kou and Goten looked up at the authorative figure, as stern as ever when she towered over them. Their throats felt tight, and their hearts raced as they felt intimidated, as if they were going to be punished severely over all the chaos. Kou seemed more subtle, expecting probation or termination. "So...what'll happen now..?" They looked at her with anticipated, nervous expressions. "You will be relieved of your current assignments, and your position at LUKIS, of course." she said directly. She slowly walked off. Both men felt like dogs with tails between their legs. Goten became feverish with deep shame and remorse. Then, Leann paused at the chamber's exit. " what I like to say. For now, though, you will still be able to be employed within our ranks." The boy's eyes lit up as he gave off a large, gaping smile. Kou was more casual, though still surprised. "I-it's okay?!" "The Yakuza incident wasn't entirely your fault since it didn't occur under your own will. They hired you as a mole before you were captured and brainwashed by Mikado. Yet, I was still able to bring you back and keep myself alive thanks to some...honorable friends." she faced Goten with a smirk as she appreciated the help from Echidna, Ayame, and the Dragon Team's unprepared arrival. Even though most of them seemed rather out of the ordinary. "We-we're always happy to help you, ma'am!" Goten exclaimed. She actually walked up to him and rubbed his hair. "Cute little devil." He giggled some more. "Isn't he?" Kou could never forget his irresistible charm, courage, and charisma. "I just contacted LUKIS. My ride should be arriving soon." Sure enough, they heard a high whirring noise belonging to a distant aircraft similar to all those other fighter jets. With a salute, she beamed as she climbed aboard. "See ya!" Goten immediately jumped off the bed and raised his voice over the threshold, "But, hey, wait! What about that date you're going on!?" Leann just sighed. "Maybe next time, little guy. Look after him for now." He watched gloomily as her takeoff shifted gears and ascended away. "Ayame?" She looked up after she saw the distant ship leave. Dende walked up and needed to speak to her. During the exposition, she became numb. Wong, Sion, and Dominique heard her murmurs of grief and sadness as they walked on the upper pillar from the Tower. "No... No..!" Sion noticed something was wrong. Then, they made out her cries, "What do you mean..? They're gone!? My family's gone..?" He listened in as Dende laid a hand on her shoulder and informed her that she lost her family when the Yakuza attacked. He was fortunate for her as she left as soon as she did, otherwise she would've also fallen prey. Remembering his own tragic past, while Sion was just an orphan having lost his mom at the age of six due to a street gang assault, he began wandering the streets and came across Master Wong then later became his disciple. Then, when he lost Kaldea twice at the hands of Dauragon, who was also his former oyabun. He clenched his fists at the thought, but Ayame's pain seemed to soothe him a little. He next remembered his vows of never losing anyone else he cared for. Through his sympathy, he, Wong and Dominique walked slowly toward her together. Eventually, Echidna accompanied by Volt and Trunks comforted her. She hugged the troubled adult tightly and said, "Ayame? Even if the world may seem to be against you, know that I'll always be by your side." "You won't have to suffer through this alone." Dende said. "No." Volt added. "I have already lost a mentor of mine by the hands of a madman, to whom I remorsely worked for. As well as being close to ending my own life... But, I know now that I have friends who'll always have my back." "The power of friendship never fails." said Kou, as overconfident as ever despite his limping. "Besides, Sion got another chance thanks to Dominique. It's all good. Ever since she came around, he began to open to us too." For once, the android couldn't agree more. "You will always have someone to look out for you. You cannot progress as long as you keep your feelings inside, and your heart broken." Wong's words of wisdom struck a cord. Everyone, including Mr. Popo, Goten, Trunks, Gohan, Videl and Korin, gathered around her, and Ayame's best friend assured her that they can be her new family, only if she wishes to let them. She momentarily gave them a slight smile, despite her broken face and weepy eyes. "Thank you.." she whispered. She was then wrapped into Sion's arms, and the others followed suit with some other forms of physical affection, such as kisses, hugs, handshakes, and pats. Everyone reiterated they'll always be there for her no matter what, since most of them been through their own tragedies. Eventually, her heart began to warm and mend little by little through her friends' never-ending support. Heck, they could even assist her in moving starting tomorrow, to which she reluctantly accepted with slight glee.   As honor for saving the world yet again, just a few more years into the future, Goten and Trunks visited Dog Street once more and became part-time bouncers, and Ayame actually happened to live in the same place Sion used to be. Her new job was a lot more promising than any one she ever had before. Although Bulla hadn't been born yet, and Trunks just started his occupation as president of Capsule Corp. Sion still trained himself from time to time at Dende's Lookout, mostly at the Hyperbolic Time Chamber in which he admired the most, while still alternating his usual schedule in Fate; also, he and Dominique eventually got to be wedders as well as starting to know the rules of intimacy. Her reproduction still remains to be seen. Volt and Echinda became proud parents while still managing the bar to this very day. They soon had a child named Pence; it was actually thanks to Trunks' robust that inspired them to have a kid of their own. He had spiky blond locks much like his dad, as well as auburn eyes. He also shared Echidna's stern personality and Volt's valor despite having a skinny, muscular physique. He was also wearing a headband and a matching Dog Street jersey. Kou and Leann finally dated after years of waiting. And even though LUKIS and being a bouncer became a constant struggle for Kou, his partner never forgot on her promise. During Sion's and Dominique's wedding, everyone showed up for the glorious ceremony. And it wasn't too awkward considering that their friends, Krillin and 18, are also betrothed to each other. Goten and Trunks also arrived, with a few crazy shenanigans here and there. Gohan, Videl, Wong, and the others including Leann also took part. Their portrait stood proudly upon the mantle of a fireplace in Ayame's flat; Sion, Volt, Kou, Leann, Dominique, Wong, Ayame, Goten, Gohan, Trunks, Krillin, 18, Echidna, and Pence beamed as they made some poses on the stairwell outside a building. Edge was ready to behold the bouncers of the future..! Who knows what misadventures the new and improved family can possibly bring. A/N: I always wanted Sion to surpass his own skills, and eventually become something more than he was portrayed to be; that's why he's a trainee as a Z-Fighter. And why the hell not; he seems to have a Shoryuken move of his own, the fiery Tornado Uppercut, as well as learned the Kamehameha Wave and master his ki sense. Although, since I never cared for Dragon Ball Super, I can't be sure how to carry the other universe forward... So, this might be the last of the series..? But, hey, you never know. So, yeah, that pretty much does it for Part 4 of The Bouncer tetralogy. And again, I always liked the game so much, and that is primarily why I developed this small series of fanfics so that I can share my appreciation for it with some of you. I absolutely want the game to have a second shot, whether it'd be a remake so it can have potential for a sequel, or even perhaps something as small as an anime of sorts. I always wanted the game to move forward for over 19 years; if they had some partial references in Kingdom Hearts, then perhaps there'd be a chance. Seriously Squeenix, PLEASE make this happen, I implore you. Please give The Bouncer the positivity, not animosity, it truly deserves. This is the Ikran Rider, signing off.  
    • TheIkranRider
      Chapter 8 Once and Forever! In the devastated forest surrounded by pillars of cement, Gohan teamed up with Goten and Trunks, Majin Buu was like a regenerative human beanbag against the aerial fighters. Dauragon's massive chimera's strength was incredible! It was even enough to knock over the crystal dome like a kid who was having a conniption fit over a structure of blocks he hated making. The remainders of the dome and the transparent ceiling shattered into large, soul-piercing shards as they broke off bit by bit. As the building collapsed, and soon the adjacent towers like humongous dominoes, the impact caused the hanging garden to fall several feet down! The trees lost all their limbs and toppled over coincidentally with the dome. In The Lookout, Krillin, 18, Dende, Wong, and Dominique continued to watch over the earth. The guardian was in complete shock. "Damn, Dauragon's power's still increasing!" Krillin said with a tight, clenched fist. "There's just no end to this evil!" "No, but Gohan and the others know what to do. Majin Buu would also join in the fray, but he's got his hands full of Yakuza Kamikazes." 18 reiterated. "My brother's down there. But where's Sion, and Ayame?" Dominique cried. Wong held her close for reassurance. As if on cue, Chiaotzu, the women, and the comatose bouncers emerged from behind. The telekinetic martial artist dropped his victims gently to the floor. Ayame released Echidna and Leann, her arms sore from carrying so long. Krillin was indeed ecstatic to see him, he let out an enormous grin as his eyes shined with delight. "Chiaotzu!" "Krillin! It's so good to see you!" They gave each other a manly hug as they laughed a little with some high-fives. "I see Ayame and the others are here." "Yep, and so are these men over here." Chiaotzu pointed toward the heap in which Dominique and Wong were inspecting. "Dominique, wait!" 18 scornfully told her to stay away, as chances were they could still be influenced. The little warrior drew out the three gizmos attached to them. "Hey, we should have them analyzed in Capsule Corp. Are those the same transmitters that were controlling the bouncers?" "Yes, Krillin." Wong and Dominique were more aghast, though 18 was abhorred. "I can't believe this..!" she growled. "Krillin, there has to be a way to reverse the effects and restore Sion, Volt, and Kou. We better not be too late..!" Echidna said anxiously. Leann made a fist. "Ergh, I'm so disappointed in you, Kou." "No stress, princess. There is a way. We need to get the Sacred Water from Korin; he can help us. He lives not too far from here." His mind then shifted as he regretted the time when he kept attacking Gohan; apparently it was all an act, and Ayame went off on a rampage on him and Piccolo, calling the latter a monster and wishing to kill him if he wasn't a part of Kami, and the forner never getting a girlfriend again. She couldn't forget the fallout she had until Future Trunks came to be. "Eh, don't you mean like Holy Water?" Leann gave a quizzical look. "Nevermind, we gotta go." Ayame said. Chiaotzu once again used his telekinesis and carried the unconscious bouncers to Korin's Tower. The women followed as they were transported by Ayame, though Chiotzu's transfer made the process lighter. Krillin put a gentle hand on Dominique's quivering shoulder. "Don't worry, they'll be fine. We'll cover the fort from here. It's up to the Saiyan boys now." "Oh I sure hope Sion and the others would be themselves again." "They will, Korin knows what he's doing; it wasn't easy getting the stuff." Dende said. "Run along." She did with Wong, Chiaotzu, and the women as they descended to the tower. Ayame explained to Leann that Kou was caught in the crossfires, and his legs were severely crushed! Chiaotzu held Sion and Volt who were limp under each arm. He actually used his telekinesis to catch Echidna, Ayame, and Leann keeping them from falling sharply to their demise. "Boys! It all comes down to this. Are you ready?" They both nodded at Gohan's words in a determined manner. Gohan stood back and saw that Goten was to the left while Trunks was to the right with a wide range between them. In unison, they performed the secret Fusion Dance as they stepped toward each other while their arms arched over themselves with two digits from each hand were elongated. In stereo they said, "Fuuuu..." Then their arms shifted away from their bodies to the other side, while their fingers were still sticking out. Each of their left legs lifted up, "...sion." Lastly, they tilted towards each other so the tips of their fingers made contact. "Haaa!" All of a sudden, both Saiyains' bodies glowed in a huge blast of light! So much so that it was blinding Dauragon. In the neon field of light energy, it grew larger while Goten and Trunks' bodies combined! After a few moments, the light finally dissipated, revealing a single merged vessel. His hair spiked up and it was a combination of Goten's black locks with Trunks' purple do. His black eyebrows were longer and frizzier. His physique was thin but very muscular. He wore an open teal short sleeve revealing his bare chest and arms, he was still wearing Trunks' signature golden shoes, arcs of thick, bright orange slabs covered his shoulders, and he had some torn, white capris. They had to hurry, as their fused vessel is temporary. Gohan decided to fight alongside the fused fighter. This was indeed the last fight with Dauragon since people could only be wished back once using the Balls. "Let's get rid of him. Once and for all!" "Saiyans, can you hear me?" Gohan instantly knew who the message was coming from, one of his old childhood friends, actually. "Dende!" "I'm sending you this message telepathically, but there's not much time. You and Gotenks must hurry before he can separate into two within thirty minutes; his massive energy usage could only dissipate whatever time he has, so you guys must wipe out the Dauragon dragon as quickly as possible! He has an equivalent power level with yours altogether. "If you can hear me, and if you two young ones can't finish off the chimera in time, you'll be vulnerable to his own malice! Good luck to both of you. Hurry now!" Gohan then faced his teammate with earnest. "You heard the guardian, bro! Let's take the fight to Dauragon. And make sure he's Daura-gone..! For good!" "Right! You said it, Gohan!" "Give him everything you got!" With all the people they cared for racing through their minds, even the wrath that Dauragon caused to the bouncers, Ayame, Dominique, and the world, they instantaneously transformed into their highest Super Saiyan forms! Both Gotenks and Gohan's hair glowed in neon blond locks, while their turquoise eyes illuminated as bright as stars! Their bodies were not only saturated with light, but also with several lightning bolts. They charged up and lunged toward the Mikado monstrosity! At to the left and right, he was hit directly. Then, he retaliated with all his strength as he swapped them away like insects. "You two are going to pay for your insolence!" His voice boomed as it was altered to a more intimidating baritone. "YOU will pay for what you've done with our friends! Even to Volt, Kou, and Sion! You shall pay!" Gotenks spread out his arms as he let out all his rage, and rapidly fired some energy blasts in an intense velocity! The chimera just repelled them like toys of flying saucers. The boy hunched then threw himself toward the creature once more. With one of Dauragon's deadly Sonic Elbows, he forced him back. Then, Gohan came into the fray with his Ultimate Knuckle, using his back hand stunning the enemy. After that, he countered with his own Super Assault Combo, sending quick punches and kicks to the CEO's abdomen and then two roundhouse kicks. The monster hunched over in pain, but his body flashed as he made another Rushing Beat. Gohan avoided most of his blows, though while he was distracted, Gotenks opened his mouth and spat out several Kamikaze Ghosts. They swarmed around their target, then closed in on Dauragon as soon as Gohan teleported away from the melee. As Dauragon swiped some away with a spiraling hit, they exploded on contact while they accidentally touched each other or a Yakuza plane. Not many were able to make their mark. "Ergh, that didn't work. He's more cockier than I thought." Gotenks said. He tried again after he raised his right hand and conjured a large beam of golden energy. It formed the shape of a halo, as his own Galactic Donut. It wrapped around Dauragon, constricting his movement, and he struggled to break free. While the enemy was helpless, Gohan charged up and created a whitish-blue energy sphere around his entire body, performing his Hidden Potential; a technique he learned as a kid. He flew forward with his arms in front of him and shot a huge energy wave from his fists at the opponent, inflicting a massive amount of damage. However, the Donut was also weak enough upon impact, allowing Dauragon to strain then break apart the halo! Both Saiyans cringed at the display, and Dauragon was immersive again, leaving it to disperse into dissipating energy balls! "Wolf Fang Fist!" Gotenks yelled as he raised his right clenched palm. "Hey, isn't that Yamcha's technique..?" Gohan was astounded when Gotenks created the allusion of a large, howling, snarling wolf appearing at the tips of his fist. Then he closed in for the kill. His charged melee efforts were effective, though it was short-lived as Dauragon kept whacking him away with his tail, spines, and thrashing arms surrounded in a violent, violet hue. The display was horrifying in conjunction with the opaque turf, though it never flinched the dragon. Instead, he released his volley of deadly Chinese kenpo moves as he made close contact with the Saiyans, each one more quick and insanely powerful than the last. Despite their best efforts, they weren't invincible as their auras began to weaken, even Gotenks' single form. It began to flicker as Goten and Trunks attempted to separate like a person seeing double. This process caused him to lose his vital energy. As the boys backed away, they noticed he was focused entirely on offense while he was making some reckless strikes toward them; some of his punches even left craters the size and depth of houses, terrifying the duo. Then, Dauragon's gauntlet glowed a purplish flame and swiped Gohan, immobolizing him. In his berserk state, his Dragon Barrage commenced as he continued to punish him with a powerful surge of fast punches leading to an uppercut, and finally finishing off with a heel drop to the spinal column. "No! Gohan! Die, die, DIE!" Gotenks' Continuous Die Die Missile was activated. A rapid fire of compacted ki blasts spread out. He initiated this attack by shooting dozens of continuous ki blasts more powerful than the normal ones. Though Dauragon tried to repel them using his Rushing Beat again. Gotenks thrashed in using his Final Cannon, his High Speed Rush technique. He charged a yellow aura and unleashed a barrage of punches, next proceeded to kick the opponent into the air, and then knock him away. That technique was assimilated from Trunks. Unfortunately, the chimera was still standing, unwavering. Dazed, but not confused, Gohan saw Dauragon's noticeable feature, his tail. It was weird since he never had one before. But, then again, a lot of dragons possess them, even Shenron or Porunga. So, Gohan actually grabbed it as soon as he saw it swing behind his tricky legs when he teleported, then did a roundhouse kick and stomped it! That stunt caused the chimera to wail. Gotenks was unsure of what just transpired, and his fused form dissipated a little more. "Gotenks, we need to attack together! Just like you do!" "What..!?" "Trust me!" His partner reluctantly offered. Then, Gohan led the way since he was stronger and quicker as just one person. First, Gohan commandeered the fight as he ordered his parrtner. And then they combined their ki in a single Masenko wave. Gohan and Gotenks put their hands above their heads and built their Masenko attacks. Then, when they were ready, they fired them simultaneously and then merged into a large Masenko blast at the opponent, inflicting a huge amount of damage. They placed both hands above their heads with the palms facing the target and one hand in front of the other with the fingers going in opposite directions. When the user thrusted their hands forward, they screamed, "Combined Masenko!" and fired a beam of yellow energy. And finally, there was the Bros. Kamehameha. When performing it, Gohan and Gotenks each prepared their Kamehameha attacks. Then, they fired them simultaneously so that the two energy waves merged into one large Kamehameha blast. When this was not enough to defeat the opponent's might, Gohan and Gotenks put more power into the attack, overpowering Dauragon and inflicting a great deal of damage. Eventually, Mikado's body literally dissipated as the volley incinerated him inside out! After a proud pose, Gotenks' vessel kept on flashing, until... He began to separate into Goten and Trunks again. They and Gohan simply gazed out at the demolished field in complete silence. PLOP! Then Buu dropped suddenly onto the ground after fighting off the Yakuza aerial forces, sending a huge, though fast, quake. His belly jiggled a little. "Buu loved playing with Yakuza toys! Some fun! Pow, pow, pow!" Gohan rubbed the back of his head. He didn't really like him very much, but he was necessary for their defense. "Yeah...well, we need to head for The Lookout. Dende's expecting us and-" "Kou!" Goten cried and he covered his face as he burst into tears. "And Volt! We need to save them, and Sion too!" Trunks was a little stronger than his younger friend as he held him close. "You're right. Their lives are at stake here. I sure hope the Sacred Water would work on them. If Korin has it in stock, that is." He recalled how much of a hassle it was for Kami and Mr. Popo to get it from the dead, wrathful guardians at the graveyard. He then shook off those haunting memories. "Come on, guys." Following the adult Saiyan, Goten, Trunks, and Majin Buu headed toward the Heavenly Realm. Moments later, Dende stood beside Aayme, Echidna, Mr. Popo and the others as Korin applied the Sacred Water. Each bouncer rested on a separate, comfortable cot wrapped in a thick blanket. Although, Kou's severely crushed legs were being healed by Dende himself while his hands layed over them and emitted some recuperative energy. Just then, they felt a shockwave as the Lookout quaked briefly. Stepping in was the quartet scarred from the battle back on Earth. "How're they, Dende? Are we too late?" Gohan asked. Goten wiped his nose, still whimpering at times when he walked next to Kou's bed. Trunks followed to Volt's. "Hi, Buu." Ayame greeted. "Buu?" Echidna was at a loss for words by the sight of the strange creature, as if things couldn't possibly get any more bizarre. Korin explained, "All three bouncers had to be incapacitated, as they couldn't be given a Senzu Bean since chances are they're still tranced." Leann saw the little tyke beside her associate, she queried, "Are you hurt?" She then pointed toward another vacant bed, "Here lie down." "Not me. It's my friend, Kou Leifoh. Somebody help him, please!" Goten nearly sobbed next to him as he begged Leann and Dende to assist him. "He'll be fine soon, Goten." The young Namekian said. He laid his hands off of Kou's legs, then he watched as Korin finally forced him to drink the liquid's restorative properties. The bouncers received the Sacred Water, which was said to reverse the effects of mind control; both Gohan and Ayame knew all too well when she had a fallout with Piccolo and Krillin after exposure to the Black Water Mist, and after Garlic Jr. was relaunched into the Deadzone. By the time they sipped from small spindles on tiny teacups, their minds were restored before sunrise. The first person that woke up was Sion. With some groggy moans, he began to gradually open his eyes. The faint light from the cerulean sky was enough to help him see his foreign surroundings. With a heavy head, he looked around, and then he finally saw his beloved and his sensei resting by his side. He reached over and touched Dominique's delicate hand. She rose up and smiled. "Sion." He brought her over in a tight, warm embrace. She could hardly tell him how much she missed him, and how lucky he was to be back safely in her arms. Upon contact, he noticed something valueable was missing. He gasped, "My dog collar. It's gone." "I believe he has it." Wong pointed to the approaching Chiaotzu holding it with the thick dog chain dangling from it. "Thanks." His face became doubtful. "Who're you?" "I'm Chiaotzu. I was the one who brought you guys here. Welcome to Dende's Lookout." he greeted. "I'm sure the lot of you have some explaining to do." He crossed his arms in front of him. "Huh?" It was all so new to Sion. Chiaotzu concentrated on his mind which seemed to be a blank slate, as was Volt's and Kou's. Turns out they had some memory lapses. And for Sion, he was still pretty out of it, Volt recuperated shortly and Kou's legs felt stronger though still irritated from the strain. One by one, they came to, and so did Echidna, Leann, and the Saiyan boys. While Dende eventually reunited with the group, and Ayame was only sulking outside. A/N: Yeah, you DBZ fans got what you wanted. The fusion of Gotenks is finally here! The idea of having Gotenks in the wrecked hanging garden with the devastated dome was actually an idea I had several years back; as I was into The Bouncer and the Buu saga, I used to make a concept drawing of Gotenks (with the design mimicked from one of those regular playing cards) lighting up as a Super Saiyan at the dark forest with looming shadows of the threee bouncers, as well as having Dauragon as a large chimera. Unfortunately, I lost it. And having Kou with broken legs was just a random idea i conjured since he was always so good at kicking. Also, the final fight may have been similar to the BioHazard in Sonic Adventure 2, which I got the inspiration from, and instead of "Live and Learn," I want the battle song to be "Superbeast" by Rob Zombie. It suited the fight perfectly while I was writing this. Plus, the moves I came up with for Dauragon was from the Dissidia Shuffle Wiki; not much content, but hell, if The Bouncer was referred in Kingdom Hearts via Pence, then he should be a villain in another multiverse as well. He's just so epic! There were also some references to the Garlic Jr. saga, as well as my fallout afterwards; Ayame just couldn't stand betrayal, especially since she's been through it twice. I never wanted to give the series another shot while Goku was gone, until Future Trunks appeared and changed my mind! So yeah. That should be it for this chapter; soon will come the epilogue.  
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