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    • Rusakov


      Can you tell which is Stephen King in my avi? (Hint: one of them looks like he's never smiled once in his entire life).
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    • Alyson


      Hi, friends. I always forget about this website, but I never forget about Star Fox. I love it, and on depressing days like today, I want to do nothing but play through Star Fox Adventures or complete my favorite missions in Star Fox Assault and 64. I just wanted to check in and say hi to you all, and I hope you play something Star Fox related soon.
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    • valkiriforce


      I am the latest post on this forum ever. Just try to outclass me in this achievement, I dare ya!
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    • SIdeways


      Possibly looking at hosting a highscore competition here on SFO. 
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    • Arminius H O Fiddywinks

      Arminius H O Fiddywinks

      It's almost 2019 brothers and sisters. Break out the Kool-Aid!
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