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    • EvolutionSFox


      Hope everyone is having a good day!
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    • Krystal_Kitsune-TKN


      I honestly didn't know there was a fan star fox website, i wish I would've discovered this during its peak. ah well, anyone wanna chat about SF or give the site tour, shoot me a message! 
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    • Krystal_Kitsune-TKN


      Yes, I interviewed Fox McCloud (Star Fox Assault)

      As stated in my "about me" section, I interview voice actors.
      I don't think I'd would've gotten into Star Fox Assault If GameStop hadn't given me the wrong game that day over 12 years ago.  This game has so much meaning to me and of course, Star Fox Adventures too, despite their mix receptions. 
      Join me and the voice of Fox McCloud from Star Fox Assault, Jim Walker, as we take a ride down memory lane with this exclusive interview.   Listen as we take you behind the scenes as Jim explains how he got the role, his primary musical career, experiences voicing the character and other behind the scenes exclusives! Click the link below!

      More STAR FOX voice actor interviews coming soon, such as:
      Mike West (Fox - SF 64 and current), Jay Ward (Wolf) and maybe Lyssa Browne (Slippy)
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    • hoo


      I'm finally at 300 rep. Fear me, for I have gained like 10 in 4 years!
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    • fanfictiondreamer


      This week is the worst!! I lost my mom to cancer on Wednesday, something I don't understand WHY she even had in the first place!!! I don't know how long it will be for me to recover from this.  
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