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    My Newest Love

    So, let me get started on talking about something that happened recently. A few months back, I watched an LP of the very well known franchise called Mass Effect. I don't know how many of you here are fans of that game series, but if you don't know what it is, go check it out whenever you feel like it. So, anyway, I decided to watch it to see what it was about. The first game I didn't get into because it was kind of bland in my opinion, but I was quite intrigued by the different elements of it. I liked the different races and their unique qualities, I liked the different places and planet, oh my goodness, so many of those places were so beautiful, especially the views from the surfaces of those planet. Stunning, breathtaking, I'd love to see those places. The game, itself, is like a sci-fi dream come true of sorts, the desire to go into space, live in space as well as on different planets, meet with the different alien species and sorts. It was incredible. Again, I really didn't get into it, but I went on to watching the second game since the first one kind of ended in a cliffhanger, pretty much telling you that there's still more to the story. Well, come the second game, I really got into it. During the second game, I became hooked. A lot of the different elements in the first game felt like they were enhanced, it was amazing. I really did love the interactions between the characters, the many different things that took place in the game, especially the space travel, it's one of the reasons why I became enamored with the game. I've loved it and I have watched the LPs of the game multiple times. So, what does this have to do with creative work? Well.....I'm a little coy about admitting this, but.....I've been writing a fanfic of sorts....well, actually, it's more of a coping story than a fanfic, at least I believe so. You see, my....personal issues have kicked in again and I have been writing another story to deal with it. It's an unorthodox one....and one that I believe is a little unorthodox for a Mass Effect story. Regardless, the stuff that I have put into this story I've added for good reasons. Ideas like this are what have kept me sane for a long time and I would be worse off without them. Please understand that I do what I must for my mental health even if what I do seem mental. If you would like to check it out, here's the link for an account of mine that I have been writing the story in: This story is a challenge all on it's own. I do whatever I can to not stray away from the elements that make Mass Effect for what it is. I love a good challenge and it can be fun to work on something that can be quite hard to do. This is something that comes naturally for me and I have exercised this for a very, very long time.
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    In the Flesh?

  6. SF Redd

    SF Redd

    We need your help, Star Fox! Stagnation has declared war, and is invading Star Fox communities across the internet!

  7. fanfictiondreamer

    The Ultimate Story Scrapbook

    So, let me continue with what I have been discussing in the previous posts. Several years back, I got into the tv show, Totally Spies. It's a show about 3 teenage girls who live a double life as ordinary high school students getting involved with average high school stuff. You know, boys, classes, the annoying nemesis mean girl that nobody likes. But they are also spies of a secret organization called WOOHP, World Organization Of Human Protection. They go on awesome adventures and face off against maniacal masterminds devoted to causing all sorts of terrible things. Sometimes, their spy work coincide with their daily lives and a few times, they connect with one another. I admit, as much as I hate boring, teenage drama, I was really hooked on this show. A while afterwards, I made it a part of my story, I love it that much. Soon enough, the girls of WOOHP became recurring characters in my stories and they have been a great fit. Also, the girls have become good friends with the Starfox team. Well, it was perfect, I mean, how could I resist? In my story, their lives of Totally Spies is a tv show. The girls are stars who look younger; they are actually adults. During their first appearance in Ultimate Story the Missing Link, they are 19 (Alex), 20 (Sam) and 21 (Clover). However, they are also live double lives as spies of an outer space organization named GROUP (Galactic Representation Of Universal Protection), (I know, these girls have crazy lives). Their employer to coordinates their missions is Larry, who is the identical twin brother of Jerry, who works in the show as the same role that his brother plays on Totally Spies. (Yeah, I have mentioned this before and yes, I did mention that how crazy this is) After meeting with the Starfox team for the first time, they have stayed in touch with them. Also, General Pepper has become like another employer to them, which they did like. This was revealed in Ultimate Story 2 when the girls were sent by the general to investigate the strange occurance of Dinosaur Planet and why it fell apart while the Starfox team was sent to try and fix the planet. The girls continue to remain close friends to the Starfox team and even do some things with them on their spare time. This has been a lot of fun to come us with. Well, I think that should be all for now. I will mention a bit more about this whenever I can.
  8. Quadroline


    Catch the Rainbow

  9. Rozurabu

    Adventures model ripper [UPDATE v0.4.1]

    It has recently come to my attention that the only working download link is, again, dead. -> Here's a new one. <- I should've responded sooner; I was going to suggest Google Drive, since those links seem to last the longest. And, as a shot in a dark, if @Pharrox ever sees this, the source could would be incredibly useful, even if it hasn't been "cleaned up" yet.
  10. hoo

    The Banned Game!

    Banned because happy belated birthday to you too!
  11. SkyHunter95

    StarFox 2 Lore Discussion:

    A general discussion topic about the in-universe logic regarding stuff that appears on the map in StarFox 2. First thing. The Brain Scramblers in StarFox 2, they appear on expert mode and hijack the Orbital Cannon that auto-defends Corneria for you. They turn it around and start firing on Corneria, but how exactly does it work? I'm thinking that the most likely thing is that it takes over the minds of those on board the station, if true that gives me a lot of room for my dumb headcanons. The idea of mind-control in the StarFox Universe seems a little bit wild, so I was also thinking that they just hack the computers of the station and take it over that way. Though I think the mind-control thing is 90% likely what it is just going off the name "Brain Scrambler" alone.
  12. SkyHunter95

    StarFox: Wings of Lylat (fancomic)

    Hello, this is the beginning of my on-SFO link archive for my comic titled above. It is meant as a continuation of the 64-Command continuity taking place about a year and a half after the events of Command. I try to put a heavy emphasis on consistent storytelling, world building and character development with this, and I will try to keep updates on it as frequent as I can, with as good of quality as I can. One of the goals with it in particular is to merge character casts of the various timeline and give them all a decent amount of attention, and in particular I've basically made Krystal the co-protagonist to try and develop the character the way I think she should have been. Mainly here this will be an archive of the pages in order, but comments and discussion are welcome here too, thank you :^). ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter 1: Page 1: I wanted to heavily reference the tactical map from StarFox 2 with the very first panel, I love how the Astropolis is shaded and ominous looking, the shadows disrupted by the lights on the structure gave it a cool mysterious look, and it was visible throughout the game, showing the players exactly what their end-goal target is. I tried to give it as ominous an appearance as I could for Panel 1 and 3, keeping it in the dark. I also tried to get the twin stars from SF2 the same look. Since the layout of the Lylat System has literally never been consistent, I decided to go with the binary solar system thing that seems to be implied given the two stars visible in SF2, and they are blue like in SF2, as how the sun appears either blue or white in 64, Assault, Zero and I think Command? In Panel 3, the entry-way into the Astropolis is based on the design from the Sargasso space station in Assault, the Venomian cruisers visible in Panel 1 are based on the Battleships in StarFox Assault as well. Though I didn't draw them too well... The hangar bay in panel 4 is meant to resemble the interior of Sargasso in Assault, and panel 5 is meant to look like the shiny interiors from StarFox SNES to the best of my drawing ability. I hope to drastically improve later down the road. As for those Venomian troops, I gave them a design to resemble those ruffian enemies on the Sargasso mission from StarFox Assault, off-brand monkey stormtroopers, what's not to love? Lastly, I included Andrew and Algy on the StarWolf team, Algy was retconned after SF2 was cancelled and replaced with Andrew in SF64, so I decided to imply some kind of rivalry between Algy and Andrew. A "I was replaced by this dunce?" type of deal, a meta element that I want to make a theme of with the characters going forward with this comic.
  13. Quadroline

    What are you jamming to?

  14. fanfictiondreamer

    Another Fanfic by Me

    Better post another one:
  15. AvaikaofStarfox

    The Banned Game!

    Banned for posting that 9 days after my birthday! >XD
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    What are you jamming to?

  17. OneUnder

    The Banned Game!

    Banned for commemorating the occasion here.
  18. AvaikaofStarfox

    The Banned Game!

    Banned, because HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY! >8D
  19. Snys93


    Hey, it's been awhile. Popping in to see how everything is going.

    1. OneUnder


      Rather quiet around here.  The Discord is consistently active though.

  20. hoo

    The Banned Game!

    banned for posting that on my birthday
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  22. fanfictiondreamer


    I finally did something that I've always wanted to do. I've started a list of sorts of the characters that I've been having this experience with. It can be found right here:'s_Showitious This makes me very happy to get this out in the open. It feels like I'm actually seeing this issue right in front of me rather than just inside my head. It feels so vidicating, like I'm putting so much of my burdens out there for everyone to see.
  23. fanfictiondreamer


    So, I've been starting this new series of vids involving me commentating Emile's LPs. I was nervous about it because I've been worried about it being something that may make me creepy. Here's the start of the series that I'm doing: I hope that this is OK for me to do.
  24. AvaikaofStarfox

    The Banned Game!

    Banned because YOU live. XP
  25. fanfictiondreamer


    So, I made these after finding this Inkling model website. Let's start with: My Inkling model (Not my real hair and eye colors) That is followed by: Emile aka Chuggaaconroy. And then, we have: MasaeAnela. So, what do you guys think?
  26. Kurt

    The Banned Game!

    Banned because I live
  27. hoo


    I'm not going to lie, I miss this place a lot. Seeing it this empty just feels really depressing. All good things must go away eventually.

    1. OneUnder


      There are dozens of us that still visit.  DOZENS!

    2. Terramax


      Not enough Star Fox games being made, that is why, damnit!

  28. specifically the orchestral arrangements as heard in the anniversary concerts/symphonies and Symphony of the Goddesses Ganondorf boss theme from "Wind waker". as heard here. skip to 7:34 The Boss medley Some of the Dungeon Themes, especially Temple theme from "The Adventure of Link" as heard heard here. skip to 6:05 for the music. Some themes from Link's Awakening Some themes from "A Link to the Past" Gerudo valley theme Ballad of the goddesses
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