• Star Fox on Android device.

    Fox McCloud
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    Thinking of a way to get all of the star fox games on mobile devices. ( without an emulator )

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    That Ain't Falco


    This is... Not a thing we really need. Mobile emulation reliably sucks, largely due to controls. Even if they were made stand-alone, it really wouldn't be doing Nintendo, Q-Games, or Argonaut any real respect. This seems to be more of a leeching than a tribute.


    Besides, can you kids and your fancy smartphones even fit an entire GameCube onto one? Think of the control issues, especially with Assault! You'd need to, somehow, without a controller (if a controller exists that can emulate the triggers), properly emulate the GCN's triggers, ALL of its buttons, and then whatever emulation quirks there were. Lofty goals don't raise anything into reality. Also, literally the only way to do what you're saying would be emulation, unless you're going to cannibalize five different consoles, one of which has yet to be emulated, and create hardware to run the game ROMs. It would be lengthy, expensive, and unnecessary, due to, oh boy, emulation.

    Your options are hardware emulation, software emulation, or duct taping a SNES/GCN/N64 to an android device, carrying around power for it, and redirecting the video to the screen on the device. I omit the DS and 3DS from this because they're already portable, so the point would be forfeit, unless you somehow have the cash to create this sort of thing, but not a copy of Command or 643D. 

    (I say this all with the foresight to know someone will likely come along and pick it apart)

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