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About this blog

In the rare event I actually update or provide some guidance here, which to be honest; is quite a long time. I will be posting about general life stuff, rants, game talk or whatever the heck to be read.

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Played through a few more levels in Star Fox Zero tonight. Boy has the game gotten a bit tougher. While yes the controls are a bit to get used too, I find myself switching between both screens and after failing several missions a few times I have yet to throw my Wii-U controller across the living room. The setup I have in my house is rather exciting. In the Main room, we have a 5.1 surround setup with an HD projector broadcasting it's delicious glory onto the motorized projector screen we h





Hey all, Friendly FoxMcloud here, Some may know me, some may not, former Moderator/Staffer here at SFO. It's been a heck of a few years. Especially after playing a bit of Star Fox Zero and shenanigans with Friends. How is everyone doing tonight?!



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