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The Lisa Simpson Chronicles Part 4: The Story Lives On



Coming up with this story was fun and I do think about it from time to time. I came up with crazy ideas like Lisa developing a crush on Sonic, calling him her “Dreamhogâ€. They did have a relationship with one another for a time and it dragged on throughout the entire story. It was probably the first time characters from 2 different worlds were involved in any romantic relationships and I most certainly had fun with it. Even after coming up with my greatest creation of all times, I’m still expanding the Lisa Simpson chronicles. At age 10, I got into the Powerpuff Girls and they started out in the Ultimate Story but I decided that it was fitting for them to appear in this story because of their age. But it didn’t end there. That was also around the time my brother got the first Super Smash Bros. and I started incorporating all the characters in that story as their official first appearance to my stories. This eventually led on to a lot of ideas. The Lisa Simpson Chronicles may have not been an Ultimate Story tale, but it did become the foundation of the Ultimate Story, kind of like a pilot that official creating events that would eventually lead up to it.


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