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From: The Unofficial Official Guide for New Users Joining Starfox - Online and an insight into the "Inside Jokes." (winky face)

Dr. Orange


These past few months have been really … different in the terms of newer users. We've had these occurrences were in place of using the Introduction Subtopic we end up with learning names through RP requests and fanfics. For the older users who have beaten around the bush, we look at these weird introductions and “gossip like crazed elephants on LSD.†And it's just bad for us all. I for one want more loyal subjects pals who share in the cult following that is Starfox.

So this is an attempt to serve as a guide for new users to this form to help and understand how have a good first impression and have a happier life here as a quality member of SFO society as well as understanding key aspects of older SFO users and learning the "inside jokes" that is SFO.

tl:dr These are the inner workings of SFO society. It is a train wreck.

  1. Read the rules. This is your map to not getting banned.
  2. A good lurk never hurt anyone. Gather your intelligence on what is going on in the boards.
  3. Your first thread should Introduction of yourself in the Introductions board. (AKA the Front Door) This should be polite and welcoming if you ever hope to make friends.
  4. Talking is a good way to know people.
  5. Starting with a RP request is a good way to become ignored.
  6. Everyone is facetious until otherwise stated. Also known as “Rob’s Rule.â€
  7. Even though this is a Starfox Board, there is little talk about Starfox.
  8. Talking about Command is the equivalent of treading a minefield.
  9. That doesn't mean you cannot have a metal detector.
  10. Assault also is has some orb around it too recently.
  11. The Rec Room doesn't record posts. Don’t take it too seriously
  12. Having Steam is the key to having a social life.
  13. Having said social life in no guarantee to being liked.
  14. Ask to join the Skype group. We hang out there and coordinate our attack.
  15. Spam only goes so far.
  16. Everyone needs to respect everyone. No questions.
  17. If you feel strongly on a topic, Argue for it.
  18. When you argue for it, the thread may be locked.
  19. When a thread is locked, then you’re out of luck.
  20. Harassment only makes you look like a wimp.
  21. Relation to the topic decreases with every single post.
  22. The Starfox team does not have metal legs. It’s the illuminati and nobody cares about seeing your evidence.
  23. Steve is the King and we must worship him.
  24. Steve Resides in Zimbabwe and everyone must take a pilgrimage in their life time.
  25. There he works on his failed experiment: Gestalt.
  26. ayy lmao
  27. You can't post do shit until you post five times. Why is this so hard for people to understand?
  28. When in doubt, the French Horn is there.
  29. When in danger, the duct tape man is there.
  30. Don’t spew your RP/Fanfic in the chat when nobody cares.
  31. You know what you should get? Sins.
  32. Everyone is furry for Krystal. No exceptions.
  33. The exception to rule #33 is if you don't like badonk-a-donks.
  34. Don’t hesitate. When the time comes, just act.
  35. Eventually everyone is in the flock.
  36. This Rule is 3soppky5u to read
  37. The soda in the Fridge is Naza’s; no touchy.
  38. Mama Redeemer loves you equally, unless you're a poopiehead.
  39. No matter how bad the situation, 8 points can make a difference.
  40. 8 points Scott, 8 points.
  41. When in doubt, worship Scrouge. He will deliver the 8 points.
  42. DiGornio’s pizza is the best, they don’t deliver however.
  43. Pass the joint dude. Stop hogging
  44. The chat room is always empty.
  45. When the chat room is full it’s only with squirrels.
  46. The squirrels are controlled by Matt Damon.
  47. Do not listen to the squirrels for they lie.
  48. Rule 51 is true.
  49. Honestly everyone here has some issue. Don’t worry it comes with knowing us.
  50. You cannot divide by Zero. Calculators rules.
  51. Rule 48 is False. OH SHI-.
  52. ????
  53. Profit.
  54. Your fan project will never be done.
  55. High Executor eats things that would otherwise kill a person.
  56. He will also cook it up for you.
  57. Any conversation will not be on topic.
  58. If it is on topic Xid will change that for you.
  59. Psy doesn’t speak because he communicates on a wHoLE NotHER LeVEl.
  60. Always calm your underage nipples.
  61. If you don’t, Dras will.
  62. Dras has no mercy when bitchslapping you with logic.
  63. Copypasta is made to ruin every last bit of originality.
  64. Copypasta is made to ruin every last bit of originality.
  65. Don't drop that thun thun thun.
  66. Rob does have an excellent rack apparently.
  67. Brake pedal is always lava.
  68. No matter who or what you are, you have a friend in me. We all are homies here.

Source: The Unofficial Official Guide for New Users Joining Starfox - Online and an insight into the "Inside Jokes." (winky face)


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