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    • Quadroline


      Someone sent the promise land and I grabbed it with both hands. Now I'm man on the inside looking out.
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    • Quadroline


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    • Lord O' Donnell

      Lord O' Donnell

      I changed my name from Lord Shen to Lord O'Donnell since I wanna feel a little like a fan when I visit the site.
      Lord O'Donnell was my first username here and I still use it to sign into steam.
      I might go to Gestalt in six months.
      Gestalt was my third username here. More people know me by that name. As you all know the emporer of lylat/the shaper gave me that username like in 2012 or something because basically I had gotten into the habit of switching between spamming the forums sometimes yet being a little bit more formal at other times. Since a Gestalt is one of those images you have to look at twice.. he had thought that it defined my persona very well. 
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    • Monokuma


      Roughly 7 years, and still sporadic use of this place, if not just to lurk around now. Holy heck. Might as well update what info I have in the profile after that amount of time-
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    • fanfictiondreamer


      So, how about we bring some livelyhood back to this site? I have left DA, so now this site shall return to being my main site!
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