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A few members here have gotten into the habit of leaving, be it through drama or a busy schedule, then returning again. And each time, they make a new topic announcing their return.

SFO will no longer allow multiple "I'm back" threads. The rule is one thread per person, and when you leave and come back, you update that topic.

Why? Because most of the time, people leave due to drama, then they announce their return and expect some kind of welcome wagon, or, they have some kind of cryptic apology in their new thread that is just ASKING for trouble.

From now on, if members are seen to be making more than one topic in this particular section of the forum, it will simply be deleted. One topic per member. That's all you need to do.

Members that keep making topics despite this announcement will be warned for spamming, and be treated as per the 3-strike system.

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