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Random Star Fox Fan vids #2

Talyl Landmaster

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First up is more vids from NicoVideo! Like I said in the last video, I got these from Youtube. The original sources for these videos come from nicovideo.jp

  Star Fox Caramelldansen





I honestly have no idea why I like these videos. Its obviously stupid.Perhaps I'm just a sucker for anything that comes out of Japan. :D Oh well, I hope you find some enjoyment out of them like I did.


Next up is a trivia video from Did You Know Gaming. These guys are responsible for sharing great and interesting facts about all things videogames (and TacoBell, but thats a different story). This video contains many facts about Star Fox that you may or may not know already.

Check out their other videos at didyouknowgaming.com!

Oh. And the narrator in this is Egoraptor. You know, that one guy who makes videos and stuff! You should really check out his stuff and his other stuff!

Star Fox - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Egoraptor


Last but definitely not least, is this really awesome vid from rikonami. This is a 4:37 long, 3D animation dedicated to the intro of the original Star Fox for the NES. You really need to check it out because this guy did a really awesome job with it.


STAR FOX Intro Redux/Tribute-Revised HD


Well. That's it again. Talyl signing out!

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