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Nintendo E3 Bingo 2015


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Last year I made some bingo cards for E3. Due to the positive response last year, I have decided to do it again. But this time instead of a small number of cards, I have created a script that automatically generates the cards. This way there can be a lot more cards. Also, next year I just have to change the spaces file to make next year's cards.





Reset for 2015

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It's that time again! If you have any suggestions for spaces, let me know,

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>Nintendo to acquire Capcom/Sega


fuck you DZ for putting ideas in my head I didn't know I wanted and now I know they will never be real.

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Remake of MOTHER/EarthBound, new Metroid, new F-Zero, new Pikmin (?), new Kid Icarus, SNES games like SFX1 and SFX2 on VC, new Nintendo swag, Club Nintendo's sucessor, guess I'm done here. :)

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