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Nintendo Increasing Staff


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Miyamoto has stated that Nintendo will be increasing its staff numbers to create new IPs and take better care of older, nearly abandoned ones. This includes more internal developers and teams; along with more staff in separate studios like Retro and Next Level.


Nintendo seems to be listening to what people want. They need more people to work on new ideas and the forgotten franchises, and they are currently getting those people.


What do you guys think of this? It personally excites me because it shows that Nintendo is listening to the fans and critics. People have been pining for new IPs and forgotten series like F-Zero and STAR FOX for quite awhile, so this is their newfound chance to make it happen.

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Hell yeah, this sounds awesome. Nintendo was really starting to annoy me for a while now but it makes me happy to see that they are trying to make things right.

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I, for one believe there is not exactly a situation favorable in specific to StarFox since other franchises are on demand by audience, but completely ignoring the potential this means would be downright... Illogical. :P


On a serious note, that means good things. Valve learned to count to three, PS is kicking M$ the deserved... Yeah, StarFox is still in the realm of possible. Who knows? :P

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This is a step in the right direction for Nintendo. For some reason, I can't  think of many other games that have been "forgotten" per say, other than Star Fox, F-Zero, and Earthbound/Mother. INB4 Yoshi's Story 2 :P


In response to Purple:


The logic of Walugi having his own game makes perfect sense. Luigi gets his own game series, so should his rival. Look at how successful the Wario Land series was, and how it led to the creation of the Wario Ware series.


A remastered Ice Climbers game with the WiiU graphics? Sounds good. I mean, they practically did that with the Ice Climber level in Super Smash Bros Melee.



NOTE: skip to 17:46 to see what i am referring to. If implemented into a full game, I think it would sell very well.

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