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Is there anyone else here who is dangerously addicted to a sport?


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Never been much of a fan of pro sports, but college stuff is an entirely different ball game for me. I must admit, sometimes I get extremely angry over coaching decisions in football games. Oddly enough, actually winning or losing doesn't have much of an effect on me that much. Its just how you get there that pisses me off.


Another thing I would admit, is nervousness. I have been so nervous for a football game that I shake or become physically sick from all the stress.


Is there anyone else here who is as borderline insane about it as I am?

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I don't know - I don't really find an emotional attachment to sports unless I'm directly involved. I think it's so much more satisfying to be the one on the field/rink and working your hardest.


While I enjoy watching professional hockey players, the behind-the-scenes decisions and info on the team don't bother me. I'm just there to watch a group of people lucky enough to make it to the top, and possibly learn from their techniques. If their coaching staff make poor decisions, then that's just a shame.


I would agree with you that college/university and the sub-professional athletes can be the more interesting ones to watch, although with hockey, it's not with the same publicity that college football has in the US. University sports are a first step into the world of being a professional, so it's interesting to see a mix of great athleticism and 'normal life' so to say.


It's been noticed by many older and former athletes that professional sports are becoming more a simple entertainment factor, and when you watch sports like college football and (Really only AHL and NHL) hockey, the idea behind all the fancy lights and decorations is to create a grand entertainment experience beyond just a simple sports game.

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NCAA hockey....nope nope nope. I'm not even joking here, I honestly believe that CHL hockey has better players and teams and coaching staffs. If only they aired CHL games on tv in the US, guess what I would be watching to get my hockey fix. Certainly not Boston College, Princeton, Yale, Wisconsin, Air Force (although I find it interesting they are better at hockey than football), Minnesota, Notre Dame, Dartmouth and a few others every single year in the NCAA championships. I would much rather watch teams with players that actually have a good chance of getting drafted in reasonably high draft spots...and goalies who don't let in 4+ goals each game lol


But other than my rage about how behind the NCAA is to a junior (technically sub-semi-pro since the players are generally not old enough to go to college in the CHL when they start out) league....yeah I'd say im a casual fan :lol:  I guess I could leave it at that, unless you want me to give you all the "old time hockey" speech about why today's players are complete wusses in comparison to way back in the day...or maybe I shouldn't XD

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