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Banjo Kazooie: Grunty Land--Rumor, or in the making?


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Okay, so supposedly there's been this "leak" about upcoming games for the XBox One. This particular image has been floating around the Internet, and there's a bit of a buzz from the hopeful Banjo Kazooie fans if this is legit:




There are also articles talking about it, this being one of them:




On the one hand, there are games in that image that are, in fact, confirmed. There have also been other articles mentioning that Rare is working on a game for the Xbox One that the fans have been waiting for... a "historic franchise"...




However, all that said plus the image by no means confirms the the trustworthiness of all this. It's still labeled a rumor for right now. There is that chance though.


Being a Banjo Kazooie fan myself, I'm somewhat hopeful that Rare would make a new Banjo Kazooie game thats gameplay originated from its retro background. I am fearful that "Grunty Land" sounds like some spin off minigame thing. But, perhaps not. You guys can be your own judges on this and post.

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And here I was getting excited about a new Banjo Kazooie game and then Purple has to come in and "Naw bro, it's Kinect"


All those feels... >:(


I would even rather have a rehash of Nuts and Bolts over something Kinect based.  

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Dunno bout you but I really doubt they're gonna go back to its roots, this is Microsoft you're talking to here. One of Rare's members in fact says they got an idea for Banjo-Kazooie...using Kinect.




Wouldn't surprise me if that Grunty Land game used it.


But.... what happened to the freakin' CONTROLLER... :(

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You can but like I said, its very doubtful that its going to be a good game when


A. Most of Rare's old team are gone. No Grant Kirkhope, no David Wise, no Robin Beanland...you name em.

B. Microsoft still owns Rare and their games haven't really been good

C. One of Rare's employees has an idea for Banjo and Kazooie with Kinect

D. Nuts & Bolts didn't really go back to B-K's roots, may say the same about this one

E. Rare made those Xbox Live avatars along with Kinect Sports


Personally, I see no reason to be excited over Rare's new games (Killer Instinct especially, or as I call it "Killer DLC") since they're not going back to what made them good. They're going to listen to Microsoft and get those Kinect games out so people who grew up with Banjo-Kazooie can get them too.


I mean Grunty-Land implies that its something like an amusement park. Perfect setting to play those Kinect minigames with your favorite bear and bird duo.


Yeah... that about sums it up.


It saddens me greatly to think that Rare really was awesome when they worked for Nintendo, but ever since the Microsoft transition... *sigh* ...everything went downhill from there...


I guess you can say I'm still hopeful, but not expectant...

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I know it is the epitome of franchise fandom which you described...but I really will be happy to see Banjo-Kazooie still kicking after so long.  Crappy game or not (hopefully not crappy though) it does show that the franchise is still alive and not completely forgotten.  Perhaps it can still be salvaged into something that will at least persist through time until someone will treat the Bear and Bird with the respect it deserves.  Then again, you may say my bar is set pretty low since I did enjoy Nuts and Bolts...and really any adherence to the original wits and jokes with a palatable gameplay will make me happy (enough).  

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I enjoyed Nuts and Bolts too, to an extent.


The thing I hated about it was that it wasn't a Banjo Kazooie game. The whole vehicle thing was totally out of place. It should've been another adventure/platformer game, but it wasn't.


But as for just being a game, it wasn't horrific. I thought building things was rather entertaining. 

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Look, the glory days of Rare are over. Don't be expecting anything beyond meh from them. Their time is over, and their core devs have moved on. If you want decent games, seek elsewhere, or just play the old ones you love. Yes, we'd all like to see a brand new B+K game but it probably won't happen.


Rare pretty much only makes Kinect games now anyways.

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