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Twisted Metal, What if...


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Hi, i'm new here, and as the first thing i would like to ask...

What if Star Fox was asked to enter a Twisted Metal Contest?

Well, its not exactly a "what if", its more of a "what vehicles would they use". Basically, You just say what vehicle you think each Star Fox member would use if they were asked to participate. You can say any vehicle, but Earth vehicles are recommended. the layout should be like this:


Character name

Characters vehicle model

Characters vehicle name

Vehicle stats:

Speed: x/10

Armor: x/10

Handling: x/10

Special: x/10

Special description


One other thing (or a few):

Flying vehicles are not recommended

No overpowered vehicles (don't max out, or exceed any stats)


And that's pretty much it. Heres mine:



Red 2010 Ford Mustang


Speed: 6/10

Armor: 6/10

Handling: 7/10

Special: 7/10

Special attack: Fox's special would be something along the lines of his ^b attack from SSBB. 



Blue 2009 Corvette ZR1


Speed: 8/10

Armor: 3/10

Handling: 5/10

Special: 8/10

Special attack: Falco's special would be to call in an Arwing to perform an airstrike on the enemy directly in front of him.



Green 1967 Mercury Cougar

Bullfrog (I havent thought of an original-ish name yet)

Speed: 4/10

Armor: 8/10

Handling: 6/10

Special: 7/10

Special attack: Slippy's special would be to use a modified cannon from the Landmaster, but with increased firepower.



Purple 2008 Nissan 350Z


Speed: 6/10

Armor: 4/10

Handling: 7/10

Special: 6/10

Special attack: Krystal's special would probably be a powerful freeze missile that does damage to the target, along with freezing them.


And for "gits and shiggles", i'm going to throw in the vehicle of my original character:



Yellow 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle

Sabre Ultima

Speed: 8/10

Armor: 7/10

Handling: 5/10

Special: 9/10

Special attack: (this one is more thought out that the others) Kiloshi's Special is a Satellite Laser that, if it stays locked-on to the target for a full 5 seconds, fires a powerful laser from space, dealing massive damage to the target. if the lock-on is interrupted, the weapon misfires, resulting in a lost attack.


Those are my ideas. if you want to add another vehicle for another character, Star Fox or not, feel free to do so. You don't have to go into detail of every little aspect on your vehicles if you don't want to.

I would like to see your own opinions!

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I always wondered how Minion didn't win every time in Twisted Metal 2.  The guy had a god damn tank, that pretty much trumps all in these competitions because it's designed by professionals for combat.  Why doesn't everyone get a tank?  Or some kind of an armored vehicle?

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Because Sweet Tooth has to act as some kind of wildcard or dominator (for some odd reason) of sorts. And don't forget Mr. Grimm is in the competition for a bit too. Or were we only talking about TM2? If thats the case forget what I said...Sweet Tooth all the way

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