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TF2 Halloween 2013


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I'm calling it right now:


First, read this: http://www.teamfortress.com/gravematters/

- Redmond's and Blutarch's ghosts decide to dump each others' bodies into a hole drilled down to hell based on advice from the soldier.

This means: RED will push a cart that contains Blutarch's body, while BLU will push Redmond.

So, the comic clearly establishes PLR as the game mode.

But why Nightfall?

Pipeline leads to a bomb point. They need to go to another world, not stay in this one.

Hightower leads to elevators. They're trying to go down, not up.

Nightfall leads to a pit. http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/File:Nightfall_Stage_three.png

If I had to pick a second-guess, it would be a heavily-modified Hightower where you essentially run it backwards but ending in the pit instead of at the base of the tower.

One or two of nightfall's stages may be eliminated. A multi-stage Halloween map has never been done, though, and it could be entertaining.

Based on the comic, I can also predict skeletons and a return of the Bombinomicon.

As far as the boss:

Redmond and Blutarch will periodically attempt to interfere with the game to stop each others' teams.

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They'll surely need Merasmus' help for this one. Unfortunately, he's still stuck in jail for murder. We can help Valve bail him out by buying hats.

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I was wrong. It's Hightower. Dammit, I felt so good about this one.

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