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IPB 4.0 Theme Suggestions


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So, IPB 4 is nearing launch and will probably drop in the next couple of months.

They haven't released any screenshots yet, but I will go ahead and make this thread anyway so I can get an idea of what you guys want to see out of a forum's UI.

So, if you have any ideas, please share them.

I will update this post with screenshots when IPB makes them available.

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Truncating this thread now that I have a copy of IPB4 to play with.

First, I want to choose a color scheme. Please note that until I say otherwise, all screenshots are simple recolors of the default, with at most a border added here or there.

First color scheme option:

Current colors. This approach is to simply port CorneriaStar to IPB 4.

Main page:


Note that the red box around the user controls would extend all the way across like it does on this site, and the nav menu would be moved below the site title area just like it is on this site.

Topic List:




Viewing someone's profile:


Viewing your profile:


IPB 4 uses responsive themeing. Here it is on mobile:







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BTW, the avatars will be square on the live site. It's an ACP setting that I wasn't going to bother with on the dev site.

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I call this color scheme "Arwing" as it uses the colors of the Arwing. I will probably use some kind of image background with this one as all that gray can get a little bland.





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A background would definitely make it easier to look at. Though with how it's set up, I think Windows 98 before I think Arwing. It's not bad but I think the black and red is classic at this point.

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Team Starfox or Fox and Krystal, anybody? ;)

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I Tried to sign up on the site but it wont send me a activation message


Anyway nice job with the theme also i like that it is brighter then here


Edit More coherent

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You have to wait for DZ to approve your account.


Ah that explains that


I was going to post what i posted above

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